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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey, I'm back on Track: BOOKS oh, lovely BOOKS!

OK, it worked.  My pictures did reflect on my blog and clear form and so far no one has claimed I took a “compromising” picture of them and sold it to the highest bidder.  I have such pictures from my past and should write a book about them, but you don’t won’t to hear about those minor infractions, it’s boring and since I was probably drunk when they happen, who the hell knows.  If they try to blackmail me, I will get “Perry Mason” from the grave.  Have you ever watched Perry Mason?  I am one of the biggest fans of that show.  Yes, it was before my time, but it was part of my mother and grandmother’s Sunday ritual.  Wash my hair, my back to Africa hair, try to comb it, it was a struggle, while sitting down on the floor between my grandmother’s legs while she watch Perry Mason.  I got hooked.  Years later, I’m trying to find and buy all of the series because there was one Black judge (don't know which show), one black guy, (“Perry Mason: The Case of the Nebulous Nephew)  who was on trial, but with a white guy and that black guy was played by Ivan Dixon.  You may remember Mr. Dixon a few movies and TV shows, “Nothing but a Man,” “A Raisin in the Sun,” with Sidney Poitier (Who I love in “In the Heat of The Night.” In that one scene when that white guy smacked him for the never of his (Sidney Poitier’s character) asking him a question about a murder case and Sidney smacked him back.  Brilliant!!!), also, “A Patch of Blue,” “Ironside,” and “Hogan Heroes.”  He died in 2008, but I will look to the ends of the earth to find that particular Perry Mason show with him and that black judge.  I never saw a black judge and I got to find him.  Now you know there were not enough black folks in TV during the 60s when I was a kid, but that’s another of my hobbies, besides writing this blog, looking for TV shows with black actors and where are they now.  Not going to stop looking either.  On ward Prancer!, On ward, Vixen!, On ward Blitzen! and On ward Books!!!  No, I don’t remember all of the reindeer names, who does?
EYONE WILLIAMS - LORTON LEGENDS (DC BOOKDIVA Presents) - $9.99 - - - As someone who knows a lot about the Lorton Prison in Virginia and a few of the more famous drug dealers who went there, I had to get it just to remember my old neighborhood and how we survived or did not survived.  It’s sad, but true.  I knew so many of them and they were handsome and very intelligent men who got caught up in the stupid, stupid drama.  Here’s a recap:
The Lorton Correctional Complex was one of the most notorious prisons in U.S. history. It housed convicts from Washington, D.C. Known for violence and corruption, it shaped and molded every man, or woman, that experienced life on the inside. Sent to Lorton at age 17 for armed robbery, Ronald Mays is introduced to a world where only the strong survive. In prison he is forced to better himself as a man he learns to read, he drops his heroin habit, and becomes a father. Being a loyalist at heart, Ronald gets involved in a feud with older convicts that can cost him everything. A survivor by nature, Ronald makes it out of Lorton alive and returns to the streets of D.C. with his mind focused on doing bigger and better things with his life. He leaves all of his old ways alone and pursues his dreams of becoming a pro boxer if he succeeds he wins for all those close to him. No matter how hard he tries to avoid the drama of the D.C. streets, it comes his way hard and fast. Ronald finds himself fighting his yesterdays in order to attain his dreams of tomorrow. Like most real men that survived Lorton, Ronald is driven by his will to succeed and his demand for respect. Nothing will get in his way. An epic story of struggle, adversity, and accomplishment.
ANGELA WINTERS - BACK ON TOP - $9.52 - - - Hey, I’m buying it because anything to do with my hometown of DC, has got some serious drama and issues.  When it comes to joining the ranks of Washington D.C.'s glamorous elite, no social ladder is too high for these ambitious ladies to climb.  Sherise, Billie, and Erica will do anything to penetrate the capital's shimmering social circle of movers and shakers, even if it means engaging in some risky business. Sherise's dangerous game with a ruthless power broker is putting her on the White House fast track-and derailing her marriage.  High-powered lawyer Billie will use any weapon to battle her sexy ex-husband between the sheets so she can move on after heartbreak.  Erica's prestigious new promotion at the Pentagon means bad news for her former-hustler boyfriend that may wreck her dreams for good, and when drama even these divas never saw coming turns explosive, they'll have to fight fire with fire, and prove their loyalty to each other because in D.C. you always need someone to have your back.  You think!!
GLORIA NAYLOR - BAILEY’S CAFE - $10.21 Paperback - - - Another book I brought years ago because I loved her other book, Linden Hills.  This time this is not one of those reads in a day or so, it’s very slow at first and can be a bit long, and you wonder when, but the people who come into this cafe, church lady, a pimp, a mystery wanna be Miss Marple, a man who likes to dress in women’s clothing.  All of these characters and more talk about themselves and their lives and what lives they have during!  Bailey’s Cafe is set in a dilapidated  neighborhood in Chicago after World War II.  It is also a reminder of other books about past lives and how to either forgive or forget and move forward, which to me reflects why books of this type still draws people to them because we still don’t really forgive, maybe forget a little bit until we see the person who hurt us, but I do not think we really forgive and move on.  It’s like the Pastor said at my church Sunday, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other person.” It don't, it kills your spirit.
GAIL McFARLAND - THE SETUP - $1.00 - - - Ah! De Ja Vu!!! You have read this before, romance, love, setup and before you know it, you are the set up tee!! Ah!  Love!!
KAREN L. SYED - DARK SHINES MY LOVE - 99 Cents - Romance again, but on the cheap!
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
ROSALYN McMILLAN - KNOWING - $12.99 - - - Yes, she is Terry McMillan sister and her writing isn’t bad, but the reviews are killing her.  I say give it a try, well maybe not for $12.00, but I am always willing to listen to someone else give me their reviews.  Maybe they see something I don’t or did not understand.  Here’s one reviewer’s point by Sara of Plano, Texas: The story lines had a lot of potential. There were definitely too many parts to this book. It should have been a miniseries with one book about each character because she had enough information for at least three different books here. If you're looking for a good ending, this is not the book for you. I kept wondering how she was going to tie this book up in 4 pages, and she just didn't. All of a sudden it was over, without any telling description of where they were headed.  Everyone’s opinion is different, draw you own.