National Black Book Festival


Friday, September 30, 2011

I screwed up again!

Once again, my pictures did not come out.  I'm losing it and hopefully I 
will get it right.  A picture of my dog Tommy.

He went on the long, long 10 hour drive with me to DC for the National Book Festival.  I love that dog, but he got some issues.  Would not drink from his doggie dish until I took it out of the car and filled it with fresh water.  Then he would jump from the back seat and drink.  Now, I asked him, "what the hell is wrong with the water in you doggie dish in the car," can't you see it's raining!!  You silly, silly dog."  He just looked up at me and I'm sure he said, "And!!!  What a life that dog has, a damn and spoiled good life.  On to books.  I have lost my "what ever it is called" link to Amazon to post books, so I'm going to do it the old fashioned way until I can figure it out and this time I saved my pictures on my computer.  Let me know if I screwed up again!!! That's the Nissan Cube I was trying to provide a picture of.

I know you heard about it and I know you read about it in Essence, Black woman possibly marrying or dating men of other races.  My opinion, there just are not enough black men to go around, so if you want to try, give it a try, if you don't, keep looking.  There are good black men out there.  They do exist, believe me.  Don't worry about your age or if the "baby monitor is screaming at you," just take your time and be yourself, it will come.  What do I know, I don't, I'm not an expert.  I'm going by what I see and hear, know and feel.  Here's his book:

RALPH RICHARD BANKS - IS MARRIAGE FOR WHITE PEOPLE?: HOW THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MARRIAGE DECLINE AFFECTS EVERYONE - $12.99 - - - No need to explain, either read the book or don't, but don't judge a book by it's cover.  Give it a chance.  You always, always learn something you never did before.

GLORIA NAYLOR - LINDEN HILLS - $10.24 Paperback - - - You know I just happen to have had a discussion with someone (people who actually read books and you would be surprised how many people know every ding dong thing, but don't read nothing and trust the Internet and other people instead of finding out for themselves, Lord help us!!), and we got into the best books every read and why.  It just came to me this book.  This book came out in 1986 from the same author who wrote "THE WOMEN OF BREWSTER PLACE" which was done as a movie with Oprah Winfrey and it was one of the best TV movies ever!!.  Black folks with money and lots and lots of hidden agenda's.  It makes a TV reality show look like the three stooges or Desperate Housewives on crack!!! Lots of laughs

What does that have to do with black and white relationship, I don't know, I'm just out there at the moment.

STEPHANIE MORRIS - A MATTER OF HONESTY - $5.99 - - - Lauryn Anderson is unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. One night away from having to move into a homeless shelter, Lauryn plans to enjoy her last night by staying in a low cost motel. The last thing Lauryn expects when she awakes is to be trapped under a tree waiting to be rescued. Steve Mitchell becomes her hero when he reaches in and pulls her to safety.

Steve Mitchell is taken by Lauryn the instant he gets her to safety. Yet, she is definitely not the type of woman he wants in his or his daughter, Hannah's life. When he realizes just how much she is struggling, he makes Lauryn an offer she can't resist--to become his housekeeper and nanny for his daughter. It isn't long before the attraction between he and Lauryn blossoms. Still, he can't help but wonder what she will do when she discovers the secret he is keeping from her.  Sounds like a Westmoreland Man (Brenda Jackson, just love that woman!!), but he is white!!!

SEAN A. WRIGHT - A GANGSTERS MELODY - $2.99 - - - Loving the one who loves the streets is a dangerous game. There's a war brewing. Bodies are piling up. Money is being stacked up. Loyalties are being tested. How will a displaced small town girl handle the pressures of living the big city life and all that comes with it when the trail of murders, drugs and blood-money leads to her doorstep?  This books has gotten over 30 customers reviews and all of them say just about the same thing, they could not put it down.