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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black Kindle is very sad - FRANCIS RAY


This is heartbreaking news:  Francis Ray, New York Times best selling author died.  This is a huge lost to the world of Romance.  I did not get a chance to read all of her books, 54 in total, and I’m sorry I missed some of them.  It won’t happen now. I plan on getting all of her books.  

Please check out her website, and read her bio.  She was an amazing woman who wrote beautifully romantic and realistic books and a big supporter of women involved in domestic violence.  I’m going to personally miss her.  I met her once with Brenda Jackson, another exceptionally great romance writer, and it was a pleasure to just hear her soft tone voice.  She looked and sounded like a  very romatically giving woman.  Here are some of her books on Kindle.  Please buy one or two and enjoy the warm and soft ride.