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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keep Fighting the Battle to Win Breast Cancer!!! We can win it!!A

What a day! What a long and excruciating, long day at work, but I’m home now with my dog Tommy.  It’s quiet at home.  No TV, except I’m going thru my old VHS tapes to see what I recorded years ago, yep, Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote.  Even recorded a 1983 Oprah show on women dating after 35.  Boy, if that scenario was kicking ass then, imagine it now.  With Steve Harvey’s advice, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Straight Talk, No Chaser Straight Talk, No Chaser, and other online or TV or radio experts on "dating for women over 35," what is it like now.  According to some of the men on the show, they do not date women over 35, even though they are over 35.  They want young women so that one day they can have kids.  Now, how’s that craporator!!! One man in particular stated he wanted a chance to get to know the woman, date for a year, get marry and a year later, start having kids.  Did women think that also?  I think I did? I thought I would get marry, wait a year or two, have two or three kids and we would raise them together, with struggles, I’m not and was not stupid to think there would not be any struggles, but still be married 20 or 30 years later.  Not!!! What the hell was I thinking that I would be happily every after like that damn Cinderella.  That bitch pisses me off and she is still hanging around stomping on my and others dreams.  Stop it, I say!! Stop it.  
Did I just mentioned I had a long and unbearable day?  Sorry, I have a tendency to ramble on and not get to the point.  It was a long day and now on to my “world” of books.  “Just breath, honey,’ just breath”
BETTY GRIFFIN - A KISS OF A DIFFERENT COLOR - $3.49 - - - I have mentioned her a few times and do love how she writes, not too much sapping, but smooth and flowing slowly down my heart strings (Hey, that sounded pretty good, didn’t it?).  The one I really like is, THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR - $4.47 - The People Next Door. Lisa and Darrell buy their perfect house, but don’t realize it until later that’s it’s right next door to Lisa’s first husband.  I would run as far as I could and take my man with me.  The story does take a while to get to the point, slow really, but if you are on the plane or a long Bus ride, who does that anyway? Cheap people like me, it’s a good read.  Let me get you ready, many people did not like the ending and thought the book was boring.  I always say, give it a chance, everyone’s taste is different.
Now her newest book - - - After nine months of unemployment, physical therapy assistant Miranda Rhett leaves her home in Racine, Wisconsin, to take a job in employment-rich Bismarck, North Dakota, despite the city's startling absence of African-Americans. Once there, far removed from anyone who would tease her about her dream of ballroom dancing, she signs up for lessons, providing the school can find her a partner. The school comes through in the form of handsome, sexy Jon Lindbergh, a recent transplant from Minnesota. 
Jon is as charming as he is agile on the dance floor, and Miranda soon finds that her romantic daydreams about falling in love in the arms of a handsome partner on the dance floor spilling over into real life. But Jon's family history of four generations of failed marriages has made a non-believer out of him. His primary interest seems to be hooking up with someone with whom to spend the bitterly cold North Dakota winter. (I say' I think I would look for that too!! - It's cold in North Dakota.  I know, I've been there and don't won't to go back.)  Miranda doesn't believe in pursuing failure, and an even bigger obstacle is their learning they have the same employer, who instituted a strict no-dating rule in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. Both of them have plenty to lose, especially their jobs.  Miranda paid her own relocation expenses at considerable cost, and while Jon, a director, was reimbursed for his, he has invested in a house. He feels that no one will be the wiser, since he works at corporate and she at the rehabilitation center. Miranda is not so sure. But with the magical sparks that pass between them every time they look at each other and with an average high winter temperature in the single digits and frequent dips below zero, what's a girl to do?

If she's Miranda, she does what comes naturally and tries like hell to be the one to make a believer out of him.

You know you need to pre-order CARL WEBER & ERIC PETE - THE FAMILY BUSINESS (FAMILY BUSINESS TRILOGY) - $13.63 - - - It does not matter what it’s about, it’s by CARL and in my book that’s a funny ass author and one of the best story tellers around.  Pre-order it so that Amazon and other websites selling it that you cannot wait and you want them to print more copies then what they usually print for white authors.  Get the book!!! You will not be disappointed!!!! The first 4 chapters are on Face book.  

I don't mean place the book in your cart.  I mean buy the book on Amazon.  You might as well get it over with because you may be looking for this book at Barnes & Noble when it comes out and they have to order it for you because they ran out and that will cost you more money, more money, more money!!! (In Living Color!!!!)
DANIEL WHYTE III & MERIQUA WHYTE - ...AND FAMILY DRAMA JUST WON’T STOP - $2.99 - - - The title got my interest and for $2.99, I’ll bite.
Every family has its issues.  How will these church families handle the sins of their past and the challenges that life is giving them?  Stacy Wilmington is on her way to college when a devastating secret from her father’s past threatens to ruin her relationship with him and causes her to commit a sin of her own. In hiding his past for so long, will Stacy’s father lose the two most important people in his life — his wife and his daughter?
Terrence Montague, a man committed to providing for his wife, Stella, and daughter, Monica, finds himself caught up in an illegal drug delivering business that he knows is against the law and against his Christian convictions. Will he choose to love God and be true to his family over loving money?
Meanwhile, the new assistant pastor of New Mt. Zion Missionary Evangelical Church, Dwayne Reynolds, believes he has left his past behind, only to discover that it has found him again. Will he choose to face it head on or hide it from the congregation that has come to love and trust his family?  In the middle of all this drama, is Reynolds’ son, Jonathan, and Montague’s daughter, Monica. What does the future hold for them?

Man, I just love drama in the church.  They are too funny and crazy.
RACHEL BERRY - FAMILY PICTURES: WRITTEN PHOTOGRAPHS OF JEALOUSY, LIES & SECRETS -- ALBUM - $4.99 - - - A story about two women, family secrets, and the ups and downs with those people they call family.  
I found this book at Barnes and Noble. 
MONIQUE MILLER - QUIET AS IT’S KEPT - $7.99 - - - She may not get as many orders as those selling for 99 cents to 5 dollars, but everyone deserve a chance and maybe the books is that damn good.
Will Tracy is a good, God-fearing man who had a shaky childhood as he watched his father abuse his mother. But now he’s grown and feeling confident and secure that he has finally met the woman he’s been praying God would send him to be able feel the security he’s always craved. Morgan is beautiful and appears to be the perfect Christian woman. But once Will pledges his life to her, he nearly loses his.  After a series of strange, inexplicable “accidents” plague him, he starts to wonder if the woman he married is all that she outwardly appears to be or if he’s indeed sleeping with the enemy. He continues to honor the vows he made to God and to Morgan. But is this wife of his really a gift from God? Or is she the devil in disguise?
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  We need to laugh!
MARSHA HUNT - FREE - $4.99 Paperback - - - From the Library Journal, “A novel about freed slaves and their children living in Germantown, Pennsylvania, in 1913 is potentially compelling reading. Teenotchy is the timid 19-year-old boy who works as a house cleaner and gardener in the Quaker home where his mother had worked. When Teenotchy was five, he witnessed his mother's rape and murder, a devastating event that has left him incapable of intimacy. When a young aristocratic Englishman, visiting relatives in Germantown, falls in love with Teenotchy, the results are disastrous. There is rich material for a novel in this unusual plot, but stilted writing and awkward phraseology make it difficult for the reader to sympathize with the characters. The most vivid, and painful, scenes are those describing the sexual abuse of Teenotchy's "Aunt Em" (actually his grandmother) at the hands of her white owner when she was young. It's a shame that this strong subject didn't evince a stronger novel.  I read this book so many years ago and just found it in my library."

MARSHA HUNT - JOY - $3.99 Paperback 
I didn’t know, but she is the mother of Mick Jagger’s child Karls.  Was in a paternity battle with Mick while fighting breast cancer and is an actress and activist.  To me, she still does look beautiful with her very short hair and for a woman who is 62, Tina Turner, you better watch out. 
Joy is about a woman who grew up to join a singing group reminiscent of The Supremes before dying an early death. Set in a posh New York  apartment in the course of one day in the spring of 1987, the novel contains frequent flashbacks that describe life in a black neighborhood in the 1950s and 1960s. The book also deals with stardom in the music business and some people's inability, despite their riches, to make their own American Dream come true and to lead fulfilled lives. Hunt indicates that within her novel, all the characters are victims who are also guilty, a reflection of real life where.  She says, “we get hurt, but we're also hurting each other all the time."