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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm working on more books!!

I may not read every single book, but boy I’m going to try.  Especially the ones that when I see the book cover or read the flap or read on websites.  Something about the cover will get me closer to exam it and many times when I’m in a book store, I have to feel it and touch it to see if I can get into it.  That’s the problem I’m having now.  So many books and I try to buy them all to support and promote my blog and to help the authors by buying even more books for give-aways to let people know they are out there.  But there are times where I just cannot get into the mood.  It’s like sex, you don’t care about the size (or maybe you do), you care about the before, during and after.  Do you tingle?  Do you feel something inside that makes you want to either go there or get deeper into it.  Maybe this is not quite like sex, but right now that’s in my head and when you write, you try to write what’s in your head. I don’t know, you think it’s Book Burn Out!!! Nah!! It can’t be. 

I log into the computer every day, check my library and libraries all over the world to find books I missed.  It’s doesn’t matter who it's by, usually look for African Americans, it matters did I feel something, anything to make me want to go there.  Below are a few where my taste of urban lit, romance, mystery, etc. flow.  Some writers are really good at getting the story across and others, just plain crazy or nasty.  Some have the same old plot, but they may have added a new twist.  Some just down right, “My goodness, again with the sex, abuse and man hating,” give it a rest, try contemporary, classic, make-believe, illusory, mystery, the Twenties to the Nineties, Black folks did exist during that time.  Try World War I, II and Iraq.  Have we covered everything on this planet? 

Yeah, we have, but there are times we have gone too far and it scares me.  An example of a book someone gave me and I do not remember the title, but the first chapter was about a 14 year old girl being raped by some older jackass who was going to stop because she was crying and he hollers back at her that he thought she was a woe’ hanging around other young girls who prostitutes themselves.  She tells him she is a virgin and he says he could not stop and continue to rape her.  I did not get far with that book and won’t post it on my blog even if I knew the title.  It continued with something about why she became the way she is as an adult.  I could not stomach it.  Not a child being raped.  It reminded me of THE KID - SAPPHIRE - $12.99.  It was my book’s club read last month and I could not finish it, it hurt, I cried and got angry.  I’ve see that type of destruction and don’t won’t to go back there again and see it, it bothers me too much.  Let’s move on to something else, something different, but crazy just the same.  
If you are tired of Vampires, I’m not, they are crazy, try Harkness’s book, and this author is not black, but I’m willing to give it chance since everyone I know says it’s good, but then, don’t listen to me, feel the book and/or story, you know what you like, you like my blog don't’ you?  I do try to cover everything out there, at least until my drugs wear off!!
DEBORAH E. HARKNESS - A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES: A NOVEL - $14.99 - - -  It all begins with a lost manuscript, a reluctant witch, and 1,500-year-old vampire. Dr. Diana Bishop has a really good reason for refusing to do magic: she is a direct descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch Trials, and her parents cautioned her be discreet about her talents before they were murdered, presumably for having "too much power." So it is purely by accident that Diana unlocks an enchanted long-lost manuscript (a book that all manner of supernatural creatures believe to hold the story of all origins and the secret of immortality) at the Bodleian Library at Oxford, (I got that app for my ipad and I just may try to go to Oxford and visit there) and finds herself in a race to prevent an inter species war. A striking debut written by a historian and self-proclaimed oenophile (a connoisseur of wines, I like that already), A Discovery of Witches is filled with a mix of history and magic, mythology and love (hey, the aforementioned vampire!), making for a luxurious, intoxicating, one-sitting read. 

Not one sitting for me, I’m getting into it because I love history and it is actually catching my attention.  I read all of the Twilight series (remember I do have a kid who reads everything under the sun like her mother and I told her I would give it a try.  I did and now I’m hooked on Edward.  As a matter of fact, I am dragging my book/writer friend to a Twilight marathon at the theatre that serves food and drinks while you watch the move.  We are scheduled to start at 5pm to Midnight and at Midnight watch the premiere of Breaking Dawn.  Yes, yes, I’m a sick, sick person, but I love me some Edward and that Jacob looks damn good without a shirt).  
I also love certain “slut” books, hence the name on my T-Shirt, “Book Slut,” JACKIE COLLINS -  LUCKY - - - This is the second book in this series about Lucky Santangelo, daughter of Gina Santangelo, crime boss.  While reading it, I had to go back and read the first one CHANCES - $6.99 (you can probably get it for $4.99) or at your local library.  One of the biggest reasons I enjoyed these two books is because one of the main characters were black and Jackie always add a main black character to her books who are not thugs or drugged out nuts.  I also like them because it’s a soap opera with crime, sex, love, politics, Hollywood and more.  I have not pick up her latest, GODDESS OF VENGEANCE - $12.99, but going to.  
I’m in the mood so I have added, 
J. TREMBLE - BEDROOM GANGSTA - $9.99 - - - Hey, I did say “Slut” but in this case, “Street Urban Lit” - - - Seven, a gorgeous, retired exotic dancer is fed up with her broke and boring lifestyle, oh, parish the thought!!. The dreams promised by her husband, Bryce aren't coming true, and Seven’s heart longs for the endless supply of cash she was forced to give up. When the bills aren't getting paid and they soon face eviction, Seven wants to return to her old ways, but Bryce refuses. However, unbeknownst to him, Seven has a scheme up her sleeve that involves prostitution even though she won t be the one turning tricks. Once the money starts to flow, vows are eventually broken, and unconditional love gets put to the test. This gritty tale of love vs. money will be sure to leave you speechless.  We will see won’t we?
KEVIN BULLOCK - IN THE CUT - 99 Cents - - - After Manus is released from prison, he soon discovers that he has a seven-year-old son. While struggling to get his feet planted deep in the dope game, he becomes attached to the little boy. Being affiliated with other hustlers and robbers eventually jeopardizes his life as well as the child's. When enough guns go off and enough bodies get laid to rest, Manus better have enough money to buy his son from the woman who threatens to separate them forever.
TOYE LAWSON BROWN - NAYLA’S DILEMMA - THE ENDS OF JUSTICE - 99 Cents - - - The sequel to "Obsessive/Obsession,"  District Attorney, Nayla Smith concentrates on the main reason for her return to Cleveland.  Unraveling the mysterious death of Ramona Franklin cost Nayla more than she bargained for.  Did she dig too deep to get to the truth?  Follow the elite team of Cleveland Homicide Detectives as they work with the FBI to get their number one suspect.
TOYE LAWSON BROWN - OBSESSIVE/OBSESSION - 99 Cents - - -  This is the fist book before Nayla’s Dilemma - - - Who is trying to bring the family down and at what cost? The Lofton sisters had it all, money, success, and happiness. Now someone wanted a part of it. Follow the lives of the four sisters as they unite to unravel the mystery of who is stalking them. The romance and intrigue the sisters endure is captivating. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat; the humor will have you laughing out loud.  I did buy this and read it and could not wait for the second book, which it finally did.  I’m just sorry the books cost 99 Cents, but then I’m not sorry because I can buy books all day long and not break my budget and these are some damn good stories.  We got some good writers out there!!
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
JESSIE REDMON FAUSET - COMEDY: AMERICAN STYLE (MULTI-ETHNIC LITERATURES OF THE AMERICAS - $15.37 - - - Fauset was one of the Harlem Renaissance critic, poet and editor.  She taught french in an all-black school in Washington, DC, Dunbar High School
Recounts the tragic tale of a family's destruction--the story of a mother who denies her clan its heritage. Originally published in 1933, this intense narrative stands the test of time and continues to raise compelling, disturbing, and still contemporary themes of color prejudice and racial self-hatred. Several of today's bestselling novelists echo subject matter first visited in Fauset's commanding work, which overflows with rich, vivid, and complex characters who explore questions of color, passing, and black identity.