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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some of those Urban Street Fictions are really good!! and history

Remember last week I told you about  ALFRED ADAMS, JR. - PORT CITY - $16.95,  It’s not sold in Amazon, but you can go to his website - and find this one as well as his others, which are on Amazon, but in paperback, and since I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina, I am always looking for local African American authors and this particular book was given to me, so I figure I give it a try.  Well, I just completed it and I did not think I would enjoy it because on it’s cover are four high school "Beyonce's looking girls", yeah! me reading about kids when I should buy a few copies and give it to some kids.  Man! I could not put the damn book down.  I was up so late for three days and tired at work.  Four high school girls who are professional shoplifters with a mouth that would make a rap singer proud.  They meet my man, Alonzo “Zo” Simmons, who happens to be a brother to one of the girls and he gets them involved in distributing drugs, his business.  These kids are not from some bad neighborhood or abused families and one of them is the niece of a serious drug lord who is in jail.  One of them is just stupid and mind blowing when it comes to clothes and money, all in all, these are good kids but I would not run into them at a night club and start a fight.  One of them carries a switch blade and knows how to use it.  Between going back and forth to New York and other cities in South Carolina, still stealing, of course, they have the ride of their lives and enjoying the fancy cars and big money.  As times goes by, one becomes a Christian, one gets hooked on crack due to boyfriend who is a big time booster and dropped out of high school, one marries another drug lord, yeah, It ain’t Cinderella Romance here and one gets killed.  
I am sorry to say that who ever his editor is, they need to go back to school and learn some grammar.  (Hey, I can’t talk too much, I find errors in my own blog and kick myself when I do). It was horrible reading it at times and the short paragraphs were not need.  Alfred is a good storyteller and there is a second book to this and I’m going to get it because I need to know when “Suge” is getting his ass kicked, again.  Lesson learn, sure, will it work in the black community, no, but it’s still a good read and I really did enjoy it.  
For those who watch Basketball Wives, Single Ladies, and the Wendy Williams Show, you may like Tu-SHONDA L. WHITAKER - MILLIONAIRE WIVES CLUB: A NOVEL - $11.99 - - - Evan: Married to a pro-football star who isn’t in love with her anymore and Evan is digging her freshly manicured nails in ever deeper as she fights to keep the husband who loves someone else.
Milan: Half Dominican, half black, and beautifully exotic-looking, Milan is watching her has-been husband’s fortune fade fast, while her romantic attachment to Evan’s husband is heating up.
Jaise: Divorced from a former boxing star who’s now married to a white woman, Jaise is trying to raise her sixteen-year-old son on her own. Will her huge alimony checks keep her from falling in love?
Chaunci: Editor of the hottest black women’s magazine, Chaunci is now engaged to the high-powered man who helped finance her magazine when she was just a struggling single mom. But when a onetime passionate flame reignites, Chaunci may not be able to resist its charms.
When these starlets’ private lives run as wild as their emotions, their relationships with one another inevitably turn into high-profile catfights. Through it all, the cameras never stop rolling on TV’s guiltiest pleasure, where power and diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. I don’t see the point, but if you do, go for it.

JAMES M. McPHERSON & JENNIFER L. WEBER - COPPERHEADS: THE RISE AND FALL OF LINCOLN’S OPPONENTS IN THE NORTH - $1.99 - - - Since I’m living, ‘in this here Carolina,” over the last few years, I have been learning as much as I can about this state, since it's a huge part of our history.  Sorry to say, many black folks here don't bother to learn and they live there.  I happen to find this book for $2.00.  So I brought it and will start reading it later this week.  The Civil War has been covered in history books, but it is always a different story from someone’s else perspective. 
If Civil War battlefields saw vast carnage, the Northern home-front was itself far from tranquil. Fierce political debates set communities on edge, spurred secret plots against the Union, and triggered widespread violence, such as the New York City draft riots. And at the heart of all this turmoil stood Northern anti-war Democrats, nicknamed "Copperheads."

Now, Jennifer L. Weber offers the first full-length portrait of this powerful faction to appear in almost half a century. Weber reveals how the Copperheads came perilously close to defeating Lincoln and ending the war in the South's favor. Indeed, by the summer of 1864, they had grown so strong that Lincoln himself thought his defeat was "exceedingly likely." Passionate defenders of civil liberties and states' rights and often virulent racists, the Copperheads deplored Lincoln's suspension of habeas

Disgraced after the war, the Copperheads melted into the shadows of history. Here, Jennifer L. Weber illuminates their dramatic story. Packed with sharp observation and fresh interpretations, Copperheads is a gripping account of the fierce dissent that Lincoln called "the fire in the rear."
INC THE STAFF OF ENTREPRENEUR MEDIA - START YOUR OWN BUSINESS (ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINES’S STARTUp) - $1.99 - - - Do you want to start your own business?  Have you thought about it?  With the economy the way it is, we do need people to get on the bandwagon and stop listening to those drugged introduced people on the Hill and those Wall Street protesters, I’m still trying to figure out what they hell they want.  I heard on the Bill Maher show (I have the podcast because I have no cable.  Too damn expensive!!) from Jonathan Franzen, the writer of FREEDOM, A NOVEL (Oprah’s Book Club) - $9.99, Freedom: A Novel (Oprah's Book Club) said on the show after Bill stated they, Occupy Wall Street Protesters, needs a spokesperson to help focus, so how do we help them focus their caused?  Franzen stated, (Now, I don't remember word for word, but) “I understand what they are protesting for, it’s not completely clear, but what they are saying is that they resent the people getting millions of dollars for salary and that jobs are disappearing.  We are addicted to cheap food and cheap gadgets and we are not making those products here, but in China and they can, such as the Apple Co. make money here as well, but Wall Street recked the economy and no one is going to jail for the it.  And, with 24 million people without jobs, 50 million people who cannot afford a doctor, 47 million need government help for food, and 15 million families losing their home and cannot sell it because the value has sunken, then yeah, I’ll be their spokesman.”  People in the audience started clapping their hands for a long time and thanked him for saying it.  What do you think?  We all know about the bad news, can’t help seeing or hearing it if you look at TV and such, but then you listen to a Dave Ramsey  The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness (3rd Edition Revised and Updated) - $8.99 and Michelle Singletary,  The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom - $9.99 and they say, fix it yourself.  Get yourself out of your hole.  Do what ever job is necessary, even working at McDonald's to get out of debt.  Folks, I’m working on that now and wished I had listen to my grandmother more when she said, “What’s goes up will damn sure come down, so get your but ready and save for a rainy day.”  Good God!!