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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Books!!!

Just books today.  Now is the time for all good woman (me) to just shut up and talk about books!!!

I love the Westmoreland men (Brenda Jackson’s series) and now I find a new set of glorious men to ogle at, The Wolf Men!!
MAUREEN SMITH - TREACHEROUS (THE WOLF PACK SERIES) - $2.99 - - - Sterling and Celeste Wolf have been married for sixteen years. Although Sterling is the ideal husband and father, he can’t give Celeste the material trappings she secretly craves. And then she meets Grant Rutherford—a sexy, brilliant surgeon at the hospital where she works. Grant is everything Celeste has ever wanted in a man, and the sizzling chemistry between them takes her breath away. But she loves her husband and children, and the last thing she wants to do is hurt them. But when she and Grant succumb to their mutual attraction one night, Celeste is forced to make a heartbreaking choice between the life she and Sterling have built—and the life she has always yearned for.
MAUREEN SMITH - TAMING THE WOLF (THE WOLF PACK SERIES) - $3.99 - - - Can a Wolf be Tamed?  (I hope not!!!).  With Samara Layton’s community outreach organization facing bankruptcy, she turns to wealthy attorney Marcus Wolf for a bailout. The only problem is that Marcus is the same sexy, gorgeous man she turned down at a fashion show in New York. Little did she know that she would soon need his help to rescue her business. As she sets out to seduce him, she quickly discovers just how pleasurable it can be to tame a wolf.  From the moment Samara steps onto the runway in a breathtakingly sheer gown, Marcus is captivated. When their eyes meet, the electricity between them is enough to light up all of Manhattan. But while Marcus would like nothing more than to bed the exotic beauty, he has no interest in pursuing a serious relationship with her. But when Samara comes to him for help, she makes him an offer he can’t possibly refuse.
MAUREEN SMITH - RECIPE FOR TEMPTATION  - $4.35 - - - A two-month sabbatical from her high-powered career is just what the doctor ordered, especially when Reese St. James eyes the hunk of her secret fantasies on the menu. From the moment she walks into Michael Wolf's world-famous restaurant, she's given the VIP treatment. And the sexy celebrity chef's mouth-watering kisses have her eating right out of his hand and hungry for more.  Furious at discovering Reese isn't the food critic he expected, Michael vows to teach the delectable deceiver a lesson. Seduction is the first course as he turns the tables on the sensual doctor. But once he tastes her passion, he goes straight from the frying pan into the fire. He wants to trust her, but what if he gets burned? As their sizzling affair flames into a culinary feast for all the senses, will love be the final course?
PATRICIA HALEY - BROKEN - $9.99 - - - Don Mitchell is certain the Lord has a plan for him to reconcile his family, when his younger half brother, Joel, suddenly resigns as CEO of their father’s company. The gesture comes after Joel has nearly sent the enterprise into bankruptcy. Don’s first order of business as newly appointed head of DMI is to bring his estranged older sister home. It isn’t easy. Tamara has been running from the past for years. But once she is home, she plans to claim her rightful place in the multimillion-dollar family ministry—no matter what it takes or who gets hurt. Joel, meanwhile, is regretting his decision to step down and is doing everything in his power to resume his path to greatness. As Don finds himself waist-deep in the corporate mess Joel left behind, his love life is also in flux. He must balance a complicated friendship with Abigail, his right-hand woman at DMI, with a budding romance involving his beautiful business partner in South Africa. Just as Don begins to realize that forgiving and forgetting may be his greatest weapon, a terrifying ordeal rocks the family to its core, and they must turn to God and to one another for the answers.
Xavier Knight – THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE - $9.99 - - - Ten years ago, Jesse Law were a twenty-year-old with the world at his feet. After surviving a painful, often lonely childhood as the youngest child in a music dynasty, he forged a high-profile career, blazing a path on the charts later followed by the likes of Usher and Justin Timberlake. Those heady times are far in the past now, and Jesse's life is far richer thanks to his emerging values, the love of his wife, Dionne, and a lower-key but fulfilling career as lead singer of the gospel group. As far as he has come, though, Jesse's days are burdened by a shameful reality.
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
PEARL CLEAGE - JUST WANNA TESTIFY: A NOVEL - $12.99 - - - Another one of my “old” favorite writers.  The sister is bad.  Here’s a comment from Publishers Weekly, “In her return to the West End, that fictional Afro-urban paradise in Atlanta, Ga., Cleage (Till You Hear from Me) has the ever lovin' mysterious Blue Hamilton, "godfather" of the neighborhood where crime is unknown, pitted against the Too Fine Five, Amazonian African-American supermodels whose arrival in town spells trouble. Serena Mayflower manages the girls, or "vamps" (vampires, get it?), who are all part of a group that has moved its headquarters from New Orleans to an island near the West End. The good thing is they drink tomato juice instead of blood, the bad is that they are looking for some appropriate stud muffins for breeding purposes. They've hired five Morehouse College men for generous compensation, but the men neglected to read the fine print in their contract and have come to Blue for help. Seems that when the vamps are done with the men, the men will be done... for good. There's moments of kick butt fun, and although the plot veers toward hackneyed and the "Say what?" ending is a groaner, fans will be pleased.