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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Romance and Urban to Boot!!

I guess I’m still in a “romance” mood because I just read both of KIMBERLY KAYE TERRY’S books.  The first, TO DESIRE A WILDE - $3.99 - - - As I told you before there are three brothers, African-American (Nathan), White (Holt) and a Native American (Shilah), this one is about Shilah Wilde.  Kimberly, from what I have seen on Amazon, writes multiracial romances, which in 2011 is probably what a lot of black women may become involved it.  Now, don’t go and say I’m saying, “black men are no good,” their are plenty of good black men.  There just isn’t enough of them to go around and maybe, just maybe, “dating” another race could be a good thing.  Nothing beats a failure but a try, so try it.  I guess I shouldn't talk.  The last time I dated a white guy was in college.  Went out a few times with other white guys, but nothing panned out.  So who knows, one day I might go back or not.  Either way I'm just happy being single with my dog Tommy Pickles (yes, my daughter was going thru her Rug Rat phase when she named him).
Back to the story.  These three “brothers” were adopted from an orphanage and raised on a huge ranch.  After their father’s death, they continued in the horse-breeding and successfully made the ranch one of the largest in the world.  Shilah met Ellie as a child when she had an accident (notice how there’s always some “accident” that these lucky women meet the men of their dreams!), and his was the first eyes she saw when she woke up in the hospital.  He didn’t say anything, he just looked at her and he was only a child at the time.  Years later when he saw her again, he remembered her from the hospital and fell in love with her then and more now.  Yeah, Yeah, I know, but its kinda of kooky and cute.  They play “will I give in to him” and “will I give in to her” romance game until they realize they are truly in love.  There is a dark side to the story and it’s the “bad” guys trying to take over the ranch with Ellie’s help as a USDA agent, she’s not aware of the “bad” guys plot.  Sounds like some Hallmark movie.  The book has a pretty good writing style and Kimberly even adds a little twist with a “killer.”  It’s all good and sweet and for $3.99 if you are traveling on a plane, train, or the slow Greyhound bus, perish the thought will yah!, you will enjoy it.  Like I said before, Mrs. Terry’s sexually scenes should not be read in bed or around a man unless he is your husband.  It will give you some ideas so he better watch out.

The next one TO TEMPT A WILDE - $3.82 - - - Now this one I enjoyed a lot. It starts out with Althea running from and hiding from some nut and that nut is watching her from a window in a run down apartment she escapes to.  She is not able to sleep and gets a “feeling” that something is wrong and starts running again.  She ends up on the Wilde's ranch working and meets Nathan, the African-American of the three Wilde brothers.  He avoids her until he cannot get over those lips and her other features (that’s a better word than what I had in my mind!! lol).  He also knows she is hiding something.  You see, he can feel it (Sure!).  He is another man who was hurt by some woman who did not want to live on the ranch and she left him.  Poor baby!!  “Whenever he was around, the back of her neck would tingle, a slow heart invading her entire body, something she’d come to understand signaled that he was near.  Unable to look away, her heart would thud slowly against her rib cage as she stared across the distance at him, watching as his muscles bunched beneath his work shirt. . . . . it was like some invisible thread connected them together. . . and that tingling awareness would sweep over her, and her body would respond on cue.”  See, I told yah
, watch out, you might get attached to one of these boys!!  Believe me when I say half the book is Nathan and Althea in the “mood,” if you know what I mean.

The nut who has been watching and following her will show up and that’s when the book gets a bit interesting, especially when Nathan and his brothers kick but, now that’s romance!

Reading these books also put me in the mood for a movie.  I sat in my big old comfy chair with Tommy Pickles, my dog and watched “Jumping the Broom”  Jumping the BroompastedGraphic_2.pdf with Angela Bassett (I still love that woman in “Waiting to Exhale” and “What’s Love Go to do with it” especially when she finally kicked “Ike” ass, played all too real by Laurence Fishburne).  Paula Patton (married to Robin Thicke.  See, you may want to try a white guy or maybe not, it’s your choice) and my favorite preacher, T. D. Jakes.  There are other great actors in the movie.  A funny Mike Epps and a serious acting sister Loretta Devine
.  I just enjoyed the smooth feel and soft music and story.  It was pleasantly sweet.  Get the movie.

Got to move off Romance and into some “urban”  SEAN WRIGHT - A GANGSTER’S MELODY - $2.99

RAN WALKER - B-SIDES AND REMIXES - $2.99 - - - Chauncey “Cool” Brown has just been named one of Soul Sista magazine’s 25 Most Eligible Bachelors and the news couldn’t have come at a better time. His business, C&J’s Rare Grooves, is struggling to stay afloat, but Soul Sista
has a suggestion that could change everything: write a column for their website where he documents his dates with three women selected by their readers. Cool signs on, but he quickly learns that he might have bitten off more than he can chew. Now, in addition to trying to save his business, he finds himself facing an even more daunting challenge: opening himself up to the possibility of falling in love."

Got to stick on one for Black History Year. 

EVELYN COLEMAN - WHAT A WOMAN’S GOTTA DO - $5.45 Hardcover - - - Romance, Urban, Christian and Murder.  Just about all of my favorite.  I brought this book years ago because it was another black woman mystery writer.  As you can tell, I love me some mysteries.  I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie and Pamela Samuels-Young, I just love those women, so, while going thru
my massive collection of books, I found this one and could not quite remember if I read it, but will go back and read it.  I have been buying books since I was able to and it makes my heart soar when I see I have so many books by black writers.  It’s my soul, my passion and I would not give this up for nothing.  

There were not many good reviews about this book.  Some said the plot was boring and not as good as they hoped.  I say, always give a book 50 pages before you dump it.  So, don’t dump it until you try.

A review from Candace Ccottrel - I have to give hats off to Evelyn Coleman. I honestly can't say I've ever read a book quite like this one. She gives the readers all the elements they could ask for: a classic Whodunnit
, a history lesson, and a love lesson so deep it brought tears to my eyes. Give this one a try.