National Black Book Festival


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boy! There's just too many books!!!

There are just too many damn books!!! I am reading JAMES W. LEWIS - SELLOUT - $99 cents - - -  This is James’ debut novel about three individuals--a black woman, black man and white woman--facing the consequences of interracial dating. He says he found that people sometimes have strong reasons for dating outside the race, which include negative stereotypes (i.e., black men are players). He once knew a black man who was in the middle of divorcing a black woman and he told him would never date another black woman again. James thought that was sad and interesting at the same time. In this book, he is exploring the root cause of the characters' racial dating decisions by delving deep into their psyches. What makes a person completely ostracize their own race and "jump the fence?"   I’ll tell you why, there just aren’t enough black men to go around.  A Sister got to do something and I am just a few pages into the book when white gril friend meets a black basketball player (he’s not one yet, but close, or maybe he is?) and having sex with the man the first night because she just wanted some “blackness.”  Her father was one of the original KKK members in my book the way he has raised her and told her to stay away from "those people."  I got to finish this just to see what girl friend SELLOUT answers are and the black guy who gave up on black women.  Whoa!!! Momma!!

And reading, STEPHANIE MORRIS - CUTTING TO THE CHASE - $5.99 - - - Another black and white romance novel between two friends (long ago friends from kindegarten), and they meet up again.  So far the reviews I have read say the book is slow and a little boring, but since I liked her other two books, STAKING HIS CLAIM - $5.99 and HER EVERY FANTASY - $5.99, I thought I keep on going.  Most of the ones I am reading are interracial and that’s OK with me since I will read anything and everything as long as it’s good, funny and with a little bit of murder and suspense.  I’m not a big fan of Romance because I still see the cover with some woman with her long ass hair flowing in the wind (from the wind machine, I’m sure) and some big, burley, six-pack stomach man leaning over her with his hand around her waist or like on the cover of "Every Fantasy", the girl and guy don’t to me, seem to fit the characters in the book.  I enjoyed the story but still don’t quiet believe how his kids brought them together.  I guess it’s possible, but come on!! How many times does that happen to you or your friends.

And reading, CARL WEBER - UP TO NO GOOD - - - I went to this book because I needed to find out more about Mr. James and his slick ass ways.  I found out about him in THE FIRST LADY - $6.64, and I have been trying to get back to the beginning of Bishop T. K. Wilson.  What a rip roaring read.  That’s the book I got by my bed at night.  Dirty, Dirty man!

I have become the biggest fan of Carl Weber and cannot wait for the next book - THE FAMILY BUSINESS (FAMILY BUSINESS TRILOGY) - pre-order it now.  It will be released on January 13, 2012.  It may seem to be a long time away, but we (stores and others) are already putting Christmas decorations out. !!

And reading a new author - KELI GOFF - THE GQ CANDIDATE - $11.99 - - - I was in Barnes & Noble and saw the cover, looks like a young Obama and I do enjoy a good political book, but with black folks.  So far, so good.

Next in my kitchen, Oh yeah, I got books throughout the house in every room just in case I get stuck there doing something or another and got to read something.  Carry books in my car, just in case I get stuck some place else, usually some place I ain’t supposed to be, but what the hell, I need to read is all there is!!!
Next in my living room, another romance, I guess I’m hooked, JACQUELIN THOMAS - YOU AND I - $3.82 - - - Another place they “meet” on a romantic Mediterranean cruse.  Have you every been on a Mediterranean cruise? Neither have I.  Maybe we should try it once we become millionaries!! 

“Moonlight, open seas, kisses under the stars. It's everything Cherise Ransom ever dreamed of and so is Steven Chambers. Passionate, driven and attentive, Steven sweeps her into a whirlwind courtship and before she knows it, Cherise is engaged! (Ok, I have been engaged before, for about a minute and then he dumped me.  His damn lost, not mind.  At least that’s what we say in our minds!!!) But her past just might derail her chance for happiness before she makes it down the aisle.  Once he meets the sensual, voluptuous counselor, Steven knows his bachelor days are over. The celebrated architect (my guy worked at a train dump refueling it with coals.  Don’t laugh.  At least he had a job!! or a job I could stomached) has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Except Cherise is keeping a secret. (Some ding dong somebody is always, always, always keeping secrets.  Don’t they get tired of that!) He hopes their love is strong enough to overcome anything but she's got to be willing to take a chance and trust in their future together.  I’m still going to read it when I get back to the living room.

Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
SUSAN VAUGHAN - A GAME CALLED SALISBURY: THE SPINNING OF A  SOUTHERN TRAGEDY AND THE MYTHS OF RACE - $5.99 - - - I realize that you may not be interested in a book about a murder committed in 1906 of two black men and a teenage boy accused of killing a white family on the farm they worked on, it just shows how the past continues to haunt us and the impact it and other crimes of racial conflict has on today’s courts, communities and families.  Named after the lynching games children played in the aftermath, A GAME CALLED SALISBURY is more than a story about a racial tragedy. It’s how the politics and the press affected the lives of the men, wrongly accused, the family who was murdered and the people who reported the story and I’m sure lied about many of the facts.  And how it has effected the mind of us (African American) and others in todays society of race and racial un-representations.  I’m a history bluff and I did not know this story existed.  Try reading BEBE MOORE CAMPBELL - YOUR BLUES AIN’T LIKE MINE - A NOVEL - $11.16 and see if you don’t see the similarities.