National Black Book Festival


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yep!! Black History is here to stay!!!


I’m back from taking my daughter to DC to live with Dad and start graduate school and work.  We drove from Charleston and, of course, made our usual stops for Starbucks coffee (I know where every Starbucks is from Miami to Maine and DC to Houston, Texas.  I got it marked in my iPad.  I need help don't I).  We also stopped at JR.  It’s on exit 97 on 95.  They sell the largest selection of cigarettes and cigars, as well as clothes, food, a huge perfume selection (I did not know every single singer or reality star has a perfume or cologne on the market.  Damn, I bet that stinks after you smell them all.  Whoa! Brother! what a smell!), candy and books.  
For a few years of my traveling from Charleston to DC and when we stopped at JR, I would call my mother and asked what perfume she wanted and look over some books.  They had some good kids books and a few mysteries I like, but very little African American books, until about two years ago.  They now have a large selection of books by African American and here’s a few I brought for $2 to $7.  Hey, it was a bargain.
Have you every gone to Amazon’s Instant Video, well, while looking for books for my blog, I ran into a movie that you can rent for $2.99 or buy for $9.99, “FINDING ME,” a movie about a young gay black man’s journey to self-discovery.  Of course I said, Whoops, that’s not what I was looking for and noticed half way down the advertisement for the movie about 7 more black gay movies.  I didn’t know it was that many out there.  You never know do you, Oh, well, go back and find the book I was looking for.
DERRICK MOORE - IT’S POSSIBLE: TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY - $9.99 - - - This is the Kindle version price, but at JR, I got it for $2.00.  What a bargain! What a bargain!  It’s really about getting your dream back on and staying on it.  If you can dream, and feel God in you, then you can do it.  It really is possible to reach your dream and putting a little faith in it too.   Try it, we all need more faith.
RICHARD YOUNG - THE JOURNEY OF T.D. JAKES - - - $15.59 Hardback  Got it at JR for $7.00.  It’s not a longer biography and it talks about his Potter House ministry, his family life, his wealth and affluence, and his entry into movies.  It’s another inspirational book about reaching your dreams, and the bottom line, you still need God.  

VICTOR McGLOTHIN and J. D. MASON - SLEEP DON’T COME EASY - $9.69 - - - I have heard a lot about J. D. Mason from book clubs and friends.  They say the girl can write, but I’m behind some of her books and plan on taking care of that soon, especially since I got this book for $4.00. 
Here’s a review from “The RAWISTAZ REVIEWERS - - - SLEEP DON'T COME EASY is the combined efforts of JD Mason and Victor McGlothin; they pen separate mysteries that are enticing to those who appreciate a good thriller. 
"The Lazarus Man" by JD Mason is an intriguing whodunit surrounding the death of Toni Robbins. She was murdered on the streets and there was an eyewitness to the crime, an insane homeless man called Lazarus.  Lazarus can't trust what's real and what's not as he deals with moments of mental clarity plaguing him. Will he be able to identify the killer and will his testimony be credible? 
"Tomorrow's Edge", Victor McGlothin's tale, has a twist. Vera Miles, a private investigator, is approached by a man who wants her to help identify him and the person he murdered. The investigation takes her on the path of drug dealers, crooked cops and a FBI cover-up. Vera starts to wonder if she's gotten in too deep. Who is this mystery man who has turned her world upside down? 
I am a fan of both JD Mason and Victor McGlothin, and it was great to see them come together in this genre. Although these were short stories, the delivery left me feeling as fulfilled as I would have been reading a full-length novel. Mason's plot engaged me while McGlothin's colorful characters kept my interest piqued. I would recommend this one.
Hey, they got my vote.
VICTOR McGLOTHIN - SINFUL - $4.39 - - - Everybody's got a weakness and Chandelle Hutchins' is a love of material possessions.  A love that is causing serious trouble in her marriage. Chandelle's latest object of desire is an expensive new house. Her husband Marvin knows they can't afford it, and he also knows he can't talk Chandelle into giving it up. With their relationship crumbling under a mountain of debt, it may just be easier for Marvin to walk away. But with Chandelle's scheming cousin Dior in town, money may be the least of the couple's problems.

Dior's weakness is her insatiable appetite for causing trouble and her latest target is her cousin's marriage. When the time is right, Dior would like nothing more than to seduce Marvin on the rebound. But Dior is being trailed by her own troublemaker: a crazed female employer who refuses to release Dior from her twisted duties as nanny to her children and late night mistress to her kinky husband. Fortunately for everyone involved, the Lord works in mysterious ways. For despite a tangle of lies, manipulation, and mayhem, a series of unexpected events is about to bless everyone with a much needed second chance.
Well, Ding Dong! What the hell is going on in this book!!
CAROLIVIA HERRON - THEREAFTER JOHNNIE - $5.11 Hardcover (includes shipping) - - -  I have a first edition of this book.  You know I found it on one of my travels and saw her.  Even then, years and years ago, I would by any book from an African American author.  I did not care what the story was about, I figure I would figure it out later.  It was so rare to see and now there are so many to chose from, but still not enough for me.
I want to see us on the New York Times Bestsellers listing every month and not scattered through the year.  I’m not giving up.  I’m going to push this blog into every face I find.  I’m going to travel these here United States.  Not just to increase my subscriptions, but to get the word out that “WE ARE GOOD!!!
This intricate and fascinating first novel tells the story of several generations of an African American family in Washington, D.C. The central character, Johnnie, is the daughter of an incestuous union between her mother and grandfather. Through her eyes, light is shed not only on her own quite complicated family and social relations but on the very workings of history, religion, and identity in the community in which she lives. The unusual combination of classical epic structure and riveting, sometimes shockingly frank language is particularly striking and makes for an intense reading experience.