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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Black History - Interracial

I met two very beautiful and intelligent black women over the weekend.  They were having a girl friend weekend and just arrived from Columbia, SC.  They asked me, “Hey, where are the black men around here? and where can we meet them?  Also, where’s a good place to eat and listen to some good music?  Since they were only here for a few days, I recommended they check out Mercato’s restaurant and listen to some jazz.  Ms. Ann Caldwell is singing tonight and you will truly enjoy her.
Now, your first question.  I am not going to bash Charleston, SC because they don’t have a huge amount of eligible black men, that’s world wide.  When this economy went down two years ago, it got harder, so chin up and either accept a man who may work at McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts or as Michael Baisden has stated a few times, try White men.  Yes, we do have many black men with drugs, baby mommy drama, women who give up the cookies on a moments notice and men who, now this has been my issue, don’t have teeth or I think they have forgotten how to brush their teeth.  I remember I met a guy at a club my friend was hounding me to go with her, The Venezuela.  Say it long “The Ven ne zu swella,” and a short guy, I’m 6 feet tall, with not only missing three front teeth, but gold on the rest, tried to pick me up with only his smile.  I was just about to laugh in his face, but thought, just tell the man no thank you.  I did and he still caught an attitude.  I figure he knew he did not have a chance to even try to climb this mountain, but he was going to give it a try.  Another thing, he had on a jacket that was trying to resemble leather, but it cracked under his arms.  Don't ask me what was going on under there, I was just scared!!
I did tell them to let it go!! What ever feelings you have about black men, especially the negative ones, let them go.  No, there are not enough black men to go around unless you move to another state and/or city, until you find what you are looking for.  If you are not able to move, then accept the fact that he is out there for you, but he may be “white.”  

You know, God has a way of answering.  While we were talking, a white man and black woman walked up to the Mexican restaurant we were standing in front of.  You know, they were cute and he took her hand and held the door for her.  I told those women, "Ya see, they look OK, don't they?  
It’s not the color you should be looking for, for some it is, but we got to let go of the negative and see what God has for us, I think he knows.  Now, let me give you some books on the subject.
THAYER KING - FRIENDS - $4.99 - - - Romance between white guy and black girl, but isn’t there always a twist.  It hit me while searching for books and I thought, why not, that’s the theme for today, so I brought it and finished in that night.  Kind of short but very, very sweet.  Kayla and Joshua spend the night together, but Kayla is feeling pretty bad because their are partners not “friends with benefits.”  Joshua on the other hand has looked forward to this for a long time and now he has got to try to get Kayla on a permanent basis.  
J. J. MURRAY - I’M YOUR GIRL - $4.47 - - - I read this a while ago and whenever black women talk to me about how come they cannot find a good black man (they do exist, we just have to keep looking, but in the meantime, stop complaining!!), I suggest these types of books.  Of course the women character in this story is a librarian and I love libraries.  Diane, the librarian, and Jack, a widowed, meet in the library while Jack is doing research on his next book.  It just so happens that Diane, a African American Book Reviewer, criticized his first book and when she meets him at the library, she is wondering why is this white man researching black literature.  Hey, they know a good thing when they (white men) see it.  Black is beautiful!! Isn’t it!!
J. J. MURRAY - THE REAL THING - $7.99 - - - Former boxing champion Dante "Blood and Guts" Lattanza is being featured in Personality magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" issue, and reporter Christiana Artis has the scoop. There's just one hitch: she'll have to fly to her elusive subject's home in Canada. But once she lays eyes on Dante's chiseled physique and sultry Italian looks, she decides it was worth every mile. Too bad his icy demeanor doesn't match his hot body.
Since he lost his last fight ten years ago, Dante has led a reclusive life and he never gives interviews. But he's making a comeback, ready to prove to the world and his ex-wife that he can still win a championship. He gives Christiana an ultimatum: if she can perform five tasks, she can ask him five questions. And then she can be on her way. Yet Dante's always had a weakness for beautiful black women (I told you!!! Black is Beautiful;!!) and seeing Christiana everyday is enough to melt his defenses. (This sounds like one of those Westmoreland
Now this next book is what I call, “OK, I need me some of that and soon!!!, like now!!!)
J. J. MURRAY - CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE - $6.99 Paperback - - - In her search for Mr. Right, Erlana Joy Cole has met lots of prospects, but she's never been able to narrow it down to just one. (OH, isn’t that a damn shame.  I could be so ding dong lucky!!) And why should she? After all, you can't ask a woman to have only one pair of shoes, or one book, right? So why settle for just one man?
Instead, she's got herself her own "Earth, Wind, and Fire" of men. There's her "Earth," Roger, a white soul brother with a sweet mind and a wicked touch. There's "Wind," Karl, a tattooed entrepreneur who's straight out of Erlana's roots. And as for Juan, well, he's pure "Fire," fierce and passionate and hot as they come. Put them all together and a sister's got everything she could ever want (You can tell I don’t like her!!! lol) not that she would ever put them all together. Huh-uh, no way. That can NOT happen.
But now, Erlana's juggling act is getting too hot to handle. And sooner or later, a girl's gotta make a choice while she's still got a choice to make. 
I am not going to feel sorry for this girl.  No Ding Dong Way!!
I’m on a roll and will bring more interracial books on my next blog.  In the meantime, GOT TO GET ONE IN FOR BLACK HISTORY - - - - 
My great grandmother, grandmother and mother introduced me to FRANK YERBY.  From the covers of his books, white people, I thought they were just making sure I read everything and anything, not just black authors.  Wrong.  A few years later while traveling to book fairs and such, I found more of his books and brought them.  It was not until later that I figured out that this author was black.  Remember, books in the 40s and 50s did not have many of us on the cover and if the author was black, they did not tell you that or the author hid his roots from the publishers and I'm sure other reasons as well.  
I like adventure books and reading them as a child. I enjoyed the conflicts of Muslims and Christians in Moorish Spain, romance in the Roman Empire (That is one of the reasons my major in college was Roman History), Yeshiva (Jesus), historical Christianity and such.  I’m reading the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon - First one is Outlander for $8.99 on the Kindle.  Outlander: with Bonus Content
If you like adventure and romance with some history, try his books.  It will expand your knowledge and expand the daredevil in you.
FLOODTIDE - $7.32 Hardcover (Amazon also has one for one penny with shipment for a total of $4.00) - - - Here’s a funny review from A. Woman - Not a dull moment in the book.   From the stately plantations of Natchez to the dangerous jungles of Cuba, and all bedrooms in between. Ross Pary was born in Natchez-Under-The-Hill, where the poor low life's live. But he has the drive and ambition to make it up on the Hill, where the rich folks live. Ross is in love with Jennie. No, wait, he's in love with Morgan. No, wait, he's in love with Conchita. No, wait, he's in love with Cathy. No, wait, he's not REALLY in love with her. Oh, make up your mind already! 
Morgan is your standard, cat-in-heat younger wife of an elderly Southern gentlemen. She's Ka-ra-zy with a capital K, yet all the men in Natchez still keep swarming around her. That's because they're Stupid with a capital S. Want an example? While Ross is passionately kissing Morgan, she shoots him in the side with a small pistol. What does he do next? Why, he drags himself home and starts composing music inspired by Morgan's uninhibited dancing. Because that's what you do when you've been shot, dont'cha know. 
While the time period is just ten years before the Civil War, the main concern of the book seems to be with the peasant revolution going on in Cuba. Ross follows one of his lady loves to the island and endures all sorts of horrors and hardships. While the experience does change him a bit for a better man, he's still a love slave for Morgan, who is certifiable. This woman needs some serious therapy, I'm tellin' ya. They all need some serious therapy. 
So why am I generously giving it two stars? Like I said, there's always something going on. There are no lulls, no dull spots, and surprisingly there are a few characters worth liking. Oh, but as usual concerning books written around this time, do NOT expect any political correctness. No race is safe, and no woman of any race is safe. 
She is right, books written in those days did not want to be politically correct and just did not give a damn what you thought.  Hey, that’s why some of the books were that good!!  Man, this guy sounds like he was making many a "booty" call to me, even in the 17th and 18th centuries.