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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black History - I made A Boo Boo! - January

Number 48
NOTE:  If and when you finish reading a book, please submit comments to the author's website or on Amazon or where ever you shop.  Also, comment on my blog.  Let me know if I have driven you crazy yet or just bored you to death or if you want something more.  It does help.
I made a Big Boo Boo when I submitted my review of Roby’s book.  So here’s the corrected version and I should know better, but when I make a mistake, I will apologize and correct it.  I'm sorry, but no use getting upset, just fixdo it!  
I just finished reading and listening to KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY -  $9.99 
Now, I’m at a disadvantage because I usually find good books to read while on my rounds through book fairs, book sales, libraries and other venues, but this book caught me by surprise and I bought it.  I have heard about Roby’s books, but with so many books to read and so little time to read them, I never got around to her.  This time,  I just bought the book on impulse.  
While volunteering at the library on Tuesday, I borrowed the audio version as well.  Read the book on any breaks I could get and listened to the audio while driving back and forth to work.  I just couldn’t get my head on straight until I finished it.  When I started it, I did not realize it was a continuing story, so I have gone back, way back, to the beginning books and brought them all. 

Kimberla Lawson Ro...

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Alicia Sullivan, a spoiled and gorgeous 22 year old, is the daughter of the unscrupulous, dashing and always impeccably dressed, Reverend Curtis Black.   She shops like she is one of these’s Wall Street money Diva’s.  She is married to a good man who practices the Dave Ramsey Mantra and doesn’t even understand why.  Get’s all mad and decides to have an affair because no one understands that she has to be dressed and be presented in the most expensive items for show.  Gets caught up with a known drug lord, gets robbed at gun point and finally on top of that, blames her father for her infidelity and bad spending habits.  Fundamentally, she has not learned a damn thing, which pissed me off.
Roby’s Christian attitude writing is simple. It reminds us about how the past’s bad behavior of one’s parent can haunt later, but that was not enough justification for Alicia in my mind.  That child should have received a butt whopping from day one and that man she married doesn’t figure it out until it’s too late.  I enjoyed the book more because of her elementary writing and I don’t mean a grade school level writing, I mean it flowed smoothly, fast and to the point.   
On the audio side, the narrator, Caroline Clay, is not one who changes her voice to try and match the characters, but she did a very good job of keeping her voice consistent and light.  I would recommend this book because it makes me need to go back and read her others.  It is that good.  I love Christian fiction, even when the bad guy or girl doesn’t get enough payback for me.  Roby is just easy on the eyes and mind with a little help from GOD and that’s a good thing.  Oh, yeah, one other point.  Another married couple who comes to the church for guidance on a drama mama problem, Mr. and Mrs. King, will have you laughing.  It's so hard to keep a good marriage going, so hard.
Now, we can get some more dram mama single big woman or slim woman and men problems with the one and only CARL WEBER.  His latest book, THE CHOIR DIRECTOR - $9.99 - - - The Choir DirectorpastedGraphic_2.pdf  came out today and he will be at Books A Million on January 28 at 7pm in Northwoods Mall in Charleston, SC and my book club members, The Literary Divas of The Lowcountry will be there to support him and I have sent e-mails to every single person I know to get them there.  We don't have enough writers coming to Charleston, especially our African Americans, so I will push to get them here. 
The last one we had here was Omar Tyree and it was the saddest book signing I have every seen in my life.  There were less than 30 people there.  30 Black women!  Where in the hell were the men!  and Where in the hell were our black folks!  They won't get away with this again.  You can be sure of that. I will haunt, cajoled, campaign, promote, trick, what every it takes to get these books out and brought.  I may be down now, but no way am I going away. 
I have purchased all of Weber's books because he is another one whom I don't know how he managed to get out of my grip, but I got him now, and look many of his books are less than 5 dollars!!! Five dollars!  You can't beat that price to load on you Kindle, iPad, whatever you got, load it!!!
LOOKIN' FOR LUV - $4.47  Lookin' For LuvpastedGraphic_3.pdf
BABY MOMMA DRAMA - $4.47  Baby Momma DramapastedGraphic_3.pdf
THE FIRST LADY - $4.47  The First LadypastedGraphic_3.pdf
THE PREACHER'S SON - $4.39  The Preacher's SonpastedGraphic_3.pdf
SHE AIN'T THE ONE - $4.39  She Ain't The OnepastedGraphic_3.pdf
MARRIED MEN - $4.47  Married MenpastedGraphic_2.pdf
UP TO NO GOOD - $4.76 Up To No GoodpastedGraphic_4.pdf
SOMETHING ON THE SIDE - $7.99  Something On The SidepastedGraphic_2.pdf
SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN - $4.47  So You Call Yourself A ManpastedGraphic_4.pdf
TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS - $8.80 - - - Torn Between Two LoverspastedGraphic_5.pdf  I read this one and with two men after you, Loraine was trying to stay focus on her marriage, but when your husband is hiding a secret and your lover is hitting home, what is one to do?  What is one to do!!! Run!!! "Run, I said." 
BIG GIRLS DO CRY - $8.49  Big Girls Do CrypastedGraphic_2.pdf
PLAYER HATERS - $4.47  Player HaterspastedGraphic_3.pdf
A DOLLAR AND A DREAM - $6.64  A Dollar And A DreampastedGraphic_5.pdf

More books for your bucks!!


COME SUNDAY MORNING - TERRY E.HILL - $9.66 Paperback - - - According to Cyrus Webb of Conversations Books Club, "What a remarkable confession, and it is one that no matter what your profession many can relate to. How many of us have given up what we really want just to go after what we feel like will make us look the best to the world. Pastor Cleaveland showcases that not only do we have the potential to destroy ourselves but those that we have involved in our facade of a life sometimes with irreversible consequences. It is also important to realize that with much of life, what's done in the dark will ultimately come to the light. Come Sunday Morning is just the kind of book we needed to start off the year, not just because it is an entertaining read, but as any literary work worth its salt, it sparks a much-needed discussion. Kudos to Terry E. Hill for once again showcasing that some things get better with age. This is a book that will be talked about for some time to come. 
Got to stick on one for Black History this month:
WALTER MOSLEY - DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS - $10.99  - - - I know you remember Denzel Washington playing the main character, Easy Rawlins?  He looked Damn goooooood!!!!! and the story is great too!