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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Number 47

This has been one long, nutcase week.  I worked every day and each day there was something or someone, pissing me off.  Why, because they feel it’s their obligation to drive others insane since they are not able to get their life in line, so they kick people down and keep on kicking.  I will go down, as most humans do, but I will get up and start fighting like a bull on crack.  Nobody, and I mean nobody is going to rain on my parade, drag me down, kick my hindpot, knock me over or continue to keep me down.  I got too much GOD in me and the Devil be hell.
Whoa!! that felt better, now on to my review.  People have asked me over the past weeks how I find time to promote, buy and read books.  Simple, my TV watching is less than 4 hours a week.  I work, walk my dog, play on the net, update my blog, volunteer and watch old and new DVDs.  I’m sure I’m not like other people, but then I have always been “out there”!   My grandmother and I did not get a TV until I was about 9 years old.  I just wanted to go to school and go outside and play.  When my daughter was born, her Dad and I only had one TV and it was in the basement.  She watched a few cartoons, but most times she was kept too busy with school, outside activities, and of course books.  I did let the child eat and sleep now and then! 
There are only 24 hours in a day and if you stop to think about it, you sleep 7 hours (I usually sleep 8 hours, got to get my beauty rest).  Work 9 hours, if you are living in DC,MD,VA,or NY, that is probably 11 hours, 1 hour each way to and from work.  I know about traffic, I drove the mixing bowl in Virginia daily and don’t let it rain or snow, it’s then 12 to 14 hours Monday thru Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, the traffic is still messed up.  When you work and drive in rush hour traffic in DC, MD and VA, you know how one feels at the end of the day.  It’s brutal, more than brutal!.  When I use to drive back to DC from SC, I did not run into traffic, even on a Saturday or Sunday, until I got just a bit pass Kings Dominion, an amusement part in Doswell,Virginia, but over the last two years, the traffic has increased two fold beginning at the Virginia line.  Bumper to bumper. Man, it’s a good thing that I’m never in hurry.  I figure I get there when I get there, just as long as I’m safe.  
I have lived in Charleston, South Carolina for the past 8 years, and I still can not believe there’s no traffic.  It takes me from 20 to 30 minutes each way to work and I don’t see any problems.   I’m sure there are some pockets of bad traffic, but overall, it’s no way, no way, compared to other cities.  Can you imagine what they went thru in SC when It snowed?  They just about freaked. They also don’t have much of a parking problem either, except in Downtown Charleston, but they can pay for parking in many lots and it don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Whereas in DC,MD and VA, you pay big time.  Where I work there is no parking fee.  It’s a huge parking lot with nothing to pay.  Can you believe it!! Don’t have to pay for parking and many people here at my job complain that they have to walk a bit from their car to get to the building.  They don’t pay for parking.  “Shut the hell up!!! You don’t know how good you have it!”  “So, drive, relax and listen to the radio, iPod, or, more importantly, books and more books.
I just finished reading and listening to KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY - The Best of Everything - $9.99 - - - The Best of Everything  
Now I’m at a disadvantage because I usually find books while on my rounds through book fairs, book sales, library and other venues, but this book caught me by supreme surprise and I brought it.  While volunteering at the library on Tuesday, I borrowed the audio version.  Read the book on my lunch break and listen to the audio while driving.  I just could not get my head on straight until I finished it.  When I did, I did not realize it was a continuing story, so I have gone back, way back to the beginning books and brought them all.  
thru those white teeth, blaming her father for her infidelity and bad spending habits, she has not learned a damn thing, which pissed me off.  
Roby’s christian attitude writing is simple and reminds us about how the past’s bad behavior of one’s parent can haunt later, but it was not enough for me.  That child should have received a but whopping from day one and that man she married don’t figure it out until it’s too late.  I enjoyed the book more because of her elementary writing and I don’t mean a grade school level writing, I mean it flowed smoothly, fast and to the point.  The narrator, Caroline Clay, is not one who changes her voice to try and match the characters, but she did a very good job of keeping her voice consistent and steady.  I would recommend this book because I need to go back and read her others. I love christian fiction, even if the bad guy or girl don’t get enough retribution for me.  Roby is just easy on the eyes and mind with a little help from GOD and that’s a good thing.  Oh,yeah, Mr. and Mrs. King will have you laughing.  It's so hard to keep a good marriage going, so hard
Here are her books, from the beginning:
HERE AND NOW - $2.90 Paperback - October 2001 
CASTING THE FIRST STONE - $6.99 - Paperback - July 2002 - - - The beginning of the awesome, well dressed and thrill seeking lifestyle and oh so handsome, he should have a reality show (A reminder of Creflo Dollar and I’m not saying it’s him) Casting The First Stone
TASTE OF REALITY: A NOVEL - $9.99 - January 2003 A Taste of Reality
IT’S A THIN LINE - $6.99 Paperback - October 2003 It's A Thin Line
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - $11.71 Paperback - October 2004 Behind Closed Doors
TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING - $11.19 - Paperback - February 2005 Too Much of a Good Thing
THE BEST-KEPT SECRET - $10.29 - Paperback - January 2006 The Best-Kept Secret
CHANGING FACES - $9.99 - January 2007 Changing Faces
LOVE AND LIES - $9.99 - January 2008 Love and Lies
SIN NO MORE - $9.99 - February 2008 Sin No More
THE BEST OF EVERYTHING - $9.99 - January 2009 - - - My review above.
ONE IN A MILLION - $9.99 - June 2009 One in a Million
A DEEP DARK SECRET - $9.99 - October 2010 A Deep Dark Secret: A Novel

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR: A NOVEL - $9.99 - January 1, 2011Be Careful What You Pray For

LOVE, HONOR, AND BETRAY - $11.99 - - - The family that prays together is at it again, but this time a child is involved.

Now on to other authors:
ALAN CRAMER - GOD HELPS THOSE - $1.00 - - -  The year is 1983, Marcus Dupree is on his way to the top. He has it all, the great job, the girl of his dreams and a chance to live the truly good life. But Marcus has a secret, a secret that soon becomes to big to hide. He struggles to keep his family together, but it looks like it's all about to come crashing down. Only God can save him.

TOI MOORE & T’ La JUNE - NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH - $4.95 - - - The Ding Dong cover alone will make me buy it, but here’s a little tease.   Not Quite Good Enough is a page turner where erotica meets comedy with a bang!  The story combines five women and one gay man together for fun, laughter, and sex! The women believe they’re not quite good enough to catch a good man, or that the men are not quite good enough for them.
KAYLA PERRIN - THE SISTERS OF THETA PHI KAPPA: A NOVEL - $11.86 - Paperback - - This is one of the books I promoted on my blog before and read it again.  Ms. Perrin has  great descriptive writing a story about four friends who you either like or hate like the dickens.  One of them got on my last nerve and the other  pissed me off to no end. Now, that's what I call a good story when you get upset at the characters.  The plot of the story is about four friends and the secret that will kick their but. You will start to read it in the morning or night and before you know it, you can't stop. It's worth the money.
Got to stick on one for Urban Fiction:

TRACI BEE - TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET - $2.99 - - - Betrayed by her cold, callous mother and abused by her alcoholic stepfather, eighteen-year-old Simone Woodard is kicked out of the house like a bag of trash and left to survive on her own. While struggling to create a life for herself, her beauty and innocence captivated Kevin Kennard, a handsome, hazel-eyed felon with an addiction to all things illegal. For the first time in Kevin's life, real love has him rethinking his criminal path. But the action on the streets refuses to take a backseat to Simone. Who will win the tug of war? "Two Tears in a Bucket" is a soulful novel that reminds us how powerful and lasting the bonds of love can be, even among the harsh realities of life.

Got to stick on one for Black History this month:
LORRAINE HANSBERRY - A RAISIN IN THE SUN: SHMOOP STUDY GUIDE - $1.56 or the paperback version for $4.79 - - - Did you like Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs playing Walter Lee and Phylicia Rashad playing Lena Younger? A Raisin in the Sun: Shmoop Study Guide