National Black Book Festival


Friday, February 4, 2011

It's still Black History Year

Number 49
I have received some comments about my reality TV Blog Show, “Life without my mother and the sufferings of a Du jour, bookworm daughter who is living with Dad and a Grandma who stalks.”  They think I’m kidding.  Not so, my little dumpling, not so!  I lived with that woman, my mother, for a little while, but was raised by a grandmother who lived in small, one bedroom apartment in the Lincoln Heights projects in DC, with exposed, slightly off white color, fat pipes wrapping around in the ceiling.  We did not have a TV for a few years and when we did get one, it was similar to the one below.  
With a round black and white knob to change the channel.  Can you wonder how we use to change channels by turning a wheel completely around.  That there were only 5 to 9 channels to select from, compared to pushing buttons today. Your but actually had to get up to change the channel and now you can sit on the toilet, be in the kitchen and anywhere else in the house to see what else is on TV.  Sitting on the toilet watching TV!  Oh, yeah! right! I got a friend who has a TV in his bathroom.  That room stinks!  Now, you are pissed because we have over 700 channels and not a got damn thing good is on!  What the hell have we come to!!! 
Back to our small apartment, we had sparse pieces of furniture, clothes, papers and books stacked up high in every room.  When, and if, you opened the door to my grandmother’s bedroom, I slept on the sofa in the living room, it opened less than a foot because something was blocking it.  It took me years to get in that room and when I did, I do not know how she managed to lived and sleep in there.  It had a huge queen size old fashioned bed with a high stack of clothes on one side and on the other side she slept.  Those hoarders from that TV show got nothing on her!  A beautiful soft and shinny black credenza filled with clothes, books, lotions, deodorants, perfumes and other items.  No one was allowed in that room.  When something was needed, she would slide in there, her slippers always made a scratching noised when she walked, open the door, fumble and move around and the rustle of papers and books being moved, slide back out and give the item to me.  Today it may seem weird, but to me, it was my heart and soul.  It was our world and no one came in.
OK, I went down memory lane for a while, so I will get back to my Du jour daughter later.  Now, since I did not have the best of weeks, I wanted to read drama, vampire, mystery and one of the books, the cover scared me.  My girl hanging on the cover like a porn star, my, my.
LUTISHIA LOVELY - All Up in My Business - $9.99 - - - With the week I have had, the title is perfect.  All Up In My Business
TIA McCOLLORS - Steppin’ Into The Good Life $8.39  - - - Need some Christian right now, because I want to hurt someone.  Shelia Rushmore thought she'd be the last woman standing when it was time to fight for her man. Instead Ace, her boyfriend of two years, chose to reunite with his ex-wife, leaving Shelia emotionally devastated. It's a year later when Shelia is convinced that sneaking into their wedding ceremony will put closure on the gaping hole in her heart. But it's on the back pew of the church where a new relationship begins for Shelia. She can't explain the touch she received from God on that day, but she's determined to be a better woman - a woman of faith. Since high school, Shelia has been chasing her definition of the good life.  It's left her with no home, no man, and no money. But now that's she's living life for God, things should get better, right? Shelia learns that living a faith-filled life isn't always easy.  Steppin' into the Good Life
ANN CHRISTOPHER - DEADLY PURSUIT - $4.47 - - - DEA agent Jack Parker, quietly masquerading as a fry cook, helps brilliant criminal defense lawyer Amara Clarke stop a carjacking. When footage of his heroics hits the TV news, it alerts Jack's longtime enemy, drug kingpin Kareem Gregory, to his location. Forced to take Amara along for her safety as he attempts to stay underground until Gregory's next trial, Jack struggles to fend off their mutual attraction and Amara's investigative instincts, hoping she can someday go back to leading a normal life. Meanwhile, Kareem digs into his own difficult relationship issues and conflicted sexual tension with his good-girl wife, Kira. Deadly Pursuit
Now, please don’t tell me this does not read like some “woman gets kidnapped and falls in love with her capture.”  Haven’t I seen that on Fabio’s book cover?
STACY HAWKINS ADAMS - Dreams That Won’t Let Go: A Novel (Jubilant Soul) - $8.59 - - - Indigo Burns is excited. Her wedding preparations to the man of her dreams are under way, her photography career is a success, and her family seems to be doing better than ever, all except her brother Reuben, who nobody has seen in years. But that's about to change. When Reuben decides to move back home to Jubilant, Texas, he hopes to find healing with his sisters. But Indigo isn't so sure their relationship can be mended. And when younger sister Yasmin makes a life-altering choice, it seems like only a miracle can put the Burns family back together. Will they ever be able love unconditionally and release each other to live their dreams?   
L. A. Banks - Minion (Vampire Huntress Legend) - $7.99  and The Awakening (A Vampire Legend) - $7.99 - - - I know this young woman and started reading her kick-ass Damali Richards vampire slayer.  If you are a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, then you will love this.  A sister with power!  We have known that for years.  

ERNEST HILL - CRY ME A RIVER - $4.76 - - - At age 40, and after 10 years, Tyrone Stokes has been released from prison. He returns to his mother's home in Louisiana to learn that his 17-year-old son, Marcus, is in jail on death row for the rape and murder of a young white girl. Tyrone does not really know his son nor has his wife, Pauline, allowed their son to communicate with him, yet he is convinced that Marcus is innocent. With only eight days left before the scheduled execution, Tyrone is hellbent on proving his son's innocence. He begins interviewing people and discovers some interesting facts that put the case against his son in question. Tyrone is willing to put his own safety and freedom in jeopardy to end the suffering that his son, wife, and family have endured because of his incarceration. Keeping his son alive becomes his daily mantra, but just as important is his desire to make up for his absence and put his family back together.   Cry Me A River
VegasClarke - SNITCH - $9.69 - - - Snitch is a sexy urban tale that will make you think twice about who you can trust. It all begins with Cesar Lopez aka Drape, a savvy street hustler who thinks he’s on top of the world. He has no plans of relinquishing his crown as King Pen of the Streets; but the love of his life Diona has a different agenda. The dope game becomes a gamble when fast money, sex, and violence all collide and the chips fall hard. Love, trust, and loyalty are tested in this wild tale of sex and deception. Eventually, Drape’s back is against the wall and classified information gets exposed. Who will be this hustlers downfall?
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  Remember, we are celebrating Black History all year and every year:
ZORA NEALE HURSTON - THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD - $9.99 - - - This is one of my heart and soul books.  “It was the time for sitting on porches beside the road. It was the time to hear things and talk. These sitters had been tongueless, earless, eyeless conveniences all day long. Mules and other brutes had occupied their skins. But now, the sun and the bossman were gone, so the skins felt powerful and human. They became lords of sounds and lesser things. They passed nations through their mouths. They sat in judgment.”

Get the movie with Halle Berry and Michael Ealy.  If you saw Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girl movie, Ealy was the Vietnam vet with an alcoholic problem and a damn good actor.
The seed that fell among the thorny weeds is like those who hear God’s teaching, but they let the worries, riches and pleasures of this life keep them from growing and producing good fruit.  If you pray about the things that are worrying you, your faith will produce a burst of growth, joy, productivity and significance like you have never seen before.