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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a new year and a new day!!!

Number 44

I’m not going to tell you to have a Happy New Year and start some New Year resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking, attend church more, stay close to friends more, get out of debt, seek guidance in whatever you want, volunteer more, talk softly more and listen more.  It's enough of that crap on TV.  You get the picture, do what ever you think is right for you.  Take your time and do your best.  That’s the crutch of advice I can give.  
I did not have much of a good year and so far, it’s not coming up roses for the new year.  I’m trying, but it’s hard.  With watching TV, listening to people, friends and family talk so bad about every got damn thing wrong with this person or the world, I’m getting a headache.  What more do they want?  How come some people can piss off and start some crap every single got damn day.  Are they that miserable?  Are they that angry?  What more do they want?  I’m sorry for being so down, I guess I’m beginning to feel and talk like them.  I’m just tired of being sick and tired and if it wasn’t for that world (Reading Books) where I can go into and cut off the noise, I would lose more and more of my mind.  I’m already crazy.  It’s just not “the best of times, it’s the worse of times” and I got to figure out a way to climb out of this dark and small hole with no light.  It’s just too dark and that bitch the Devil is sitting next to me laughing his head off and enjoying it.  “Not today, I tell him.  I'm climbing out with help from you know who.” 
DEATRI KING-BEY - Picture Perfect - $6.99 - - - I received this comment from my friend Flashette who received it from Teresa Beasley of the APOOO Book Club.  Flashette and I are members of The Literary Divas Of The Low country Book club.  They are a beautiful group of African American women who read everything and I enjoy their company.  
It amazes me that behind closed doors there can be a lot going in a family. Outside looking in readers will not believe there is anything wrong with the Reynolds in Picture Perfect by Deatri King-Bey. Anna Reynolds cannot take her husband’s stubborn and inconsiderate attitude. Anna realizes that if things are going to change in her life she will have to take matters into her own hands.

Jacob Reynolds loves his wife and son very dearly. Jacob’s past family issues have found their way into his present and he is not able to recognize the difference. Jacob is losing a battle with himself and once he discloses to his wife the reason the Reynolds’ life changes drastically.

Junior Reynolds is a gifted student who has found love across the street. Junior keeps a straight face but is dealing with his family issues in the wrong way. Junior will do whatever it takes to keep his family intact even if it means breaking ties with those around him.

Picture Perfect is a story about a family trying to get over their generational curses. However, while going through them they learn the true meaning of being a family. Readers will become frustrated with some of the characters’ behaviors and actions, but everything happens for a reason and the ending makes the frustration worth it. I recommend this book to others.

MARILYN LEE is a white woman who writes interracial romances.  Now, don’t get your drawers in a bunch and freak out, she actually has some pretty good books with simple love stories.  Hey, Black Women of American, we have been told by aliens that there are not enough black men to go around, so we may have to “go to the other side.”  Here are a few of her books:
WHERE YOU FIND IT - $5.99 - - - A chance meeting on a train leaves single mom, Jennifer Smallwood fantasizing about a handsome stranger. When her young daughter introduces her to her cute, "old" friend from the park, Jennifer is shocked to find he’s the hunk from the train.  
Mick Reilly is divorced and tired of denying his natural preference in women and of being single. When he and Jen succumb to desire during their third meeting, he knows he wants more than a casual fling with her.
Although Mick's pursuit leaves Jen longing to surrender to him, she’s determined to retain complete possession of her independence and her emotions. Mick is just as determined to win her heart and to convince her she can safely lean on him.
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER - $3.99 - - - When the car his wife was driving was totaled by a drunken driver, David Jordan lost both his beloved wife and his faith. Diana Stuart accepts the challenge of helping him find his way back to the Lord. Along the way she hopes David will realize that his young daughter needs a step-mom.
The only problem is that David has made it clear the pretty, but full-figured Diana has no chance of being that step-mom. Diana sets out to change his mind without losing her own faith.

ONE SWEET NIGHT - $2.99 - - - I have been reading on her website and Amazon, come clips of each of her books.  I got to tell you, the woman scares me.  She is getting pretty close to Zane and that’s a hot and lush one there.  I’ll stop looking at the pictures of the men and get to this book, yeah, right!
After struggling to accept the end of her ten-year marriage, Jule Grey's best friend convinces her to start dating again. Finding the dating prospects for forty-year-old women thin, Jule reluctantly agrees to a blind date. One look at the sexy, delivery boy, Daniel, and she's certain the coming night will be very sweet.
Daniel surprises Jule by his insistence on extending their one-night stand beyond the weekend. Despite their mutual attraction, Jule battles her fear of Daniel's reaction to the secret that ended her marriage. She doesn't know that Daniel is also guarding a secret he's reluctant to share with her.

BRENDA JACKSON - BACHELOR UNLEASHED - $3.89 - - - She’s back with more good looking, intelligent and just sooooooo! beautiful men.  Ah! men! such good looking creatures. 
They had a hot, fleeting affair Farrah Langley has never forgotten. Attorney-to-the-rich-and-famous Xavier Kane was tender, sexy, attentive—and ravished her body. Everything she ever wanted in a lover. Getting together with him again in New York is a fantasy come true. She certainly doesn't expect the footloose bachelor to change his ways. And the burned-by-love mediator isn't looking for forever.
But Xavier is.     There's something about Farrah…something that touches him deep in his soul…something that keeps him coming back. So when fate brings them together again, Xavier's ready to pick up where they left off. But this time around, he wants more. Can he convince the lean, leggy beauty that he's finished playing the field? That he wants only one woman in his bed, in his arms—in his heart?

But my favorite Brenda Jackson books are TAMING CLINT WESTMORELAND - $3.25.  Taming Clint Westmoreland   Damn, that Clint Westmoreland and his attitude with his steaming lips and chest.  Damn! Damn!  Ding Dong!! and another favorite, THORN’S CHALLENGE - $2.68.  Thorn's Challenge   I read this particular one three times because I still could not get over the motorcycle scene.  Believe me, you are gonna want to read.  That boy will kill a woman, in a good way!
BEVERLY JENKINS - MIDNIGHT (AVON) - $7.99 - - - She is also back.  Love is in the Air and my heart. 
In Boston, revolution is in the wind—yet none would ever suspect Faith Kingston of treason. But under cover of darkness, the beautiful daughter of a Tory tavern owner becomes the notorious spy “Lady Midnight,” passing valuable secrets to the rebels. Dedicated to fighting British tyranny, she’ll let nothing distract her— until a dark, mesmerizing stranger enters her life.
A reckless, worldly adventurer, Nicholas Grey has returned to troubled Massachusetts seeking revenge for the death of his rebel father. He suspects a local innkeeper, but it’s the man’s breathtaking, ebony-skinned daughter who has truly captured his interest. Nicholas burns for the sensuous, secretive lady—and Faith cannot mask her own blazing desires. But when destiny unites their causes, the passion that draws Midnight into Nicholas’s arms is as dangerous as it is glorious—and it could spell disaster for them both.
From Pastor Jamal Bryant - Did you know that last year African Americans spent 29.3 billion on clothes & only 321 million on books!!! Please buy some books.  Help a brother or sister out.