National Black Book Festival


Monday, June 28, 2010

Continuation of Urban Books

I stayed at that school for a year and half. My job sometimes requires people to volunteer and move temporary within the US or overseas, but I left the books with the school. Luckily, the Director and Assistant Directors actually liked my idea and created a small library of these books to keep the interest of their students, especially the black men. It’s not easy in 2010 to be black and male. Yes, every day or month or week there’s something on the radio, TV, somewhere, harping about how bad they are, but I know a lot of good black men who no one seems to remember. My ex-husband is one of them. We divorced a few years ago and we have one daughter. It was hard for a few years for me to raise my daughter by myself, but I managed. My job relocated me from Washington, DC (My home Oh!!! My home) to Charleston, SC. Man, I got down here and thought I entered some kooky phase of the Civil War. I was mad, broke, and scared. I had a new job in a very old-fashioned, confederate society thinking mentality with women still dyeing their hair blue. It was creepy--no really creepy. Not many black men or women working where I was at, but the few white people I did get to meet were really great people. After some time, it got better. I’m a history buff and learning more and more about South Carolina, I have found so much history about us and what we have done.

There will be times that I will give you some books that may not be up to your esoteric mode, but you may know someone who is. Point being:

Taylor Siluwe - A TASTE FOR CHERRIES - $.99 – Eroticism

Urban Books:
Omar Tyree – FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY: A NOVEL - $11.99
Tinisha Nicole Johnson – UNEXPECTED - $2.49
K. C. Hall – A FOOL FOR LOVE - $3.99

Romance Books:
Maureen Smith – RECIPE FOR TEMPTATION - $4.52
Alex Hairston – FOR LOVERS ONLY - $9.99
Yahrah St. John – PLAYING FOR KEEPS - $4.32
Yahrah St. John – THIS TIME FOR REAL - $4.32
Xavier Knight – THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE - $9.99
Posting from Amazon - Ten years ago, Jesse Law were a twenty-year-old with the world at his feet. After surviving a painful, often lonely childhood as the youngest child in a music dynasty, he forged a high-profile career, blazing a path on the charts later followed by the likes of Usher and Justin Timberlake. Those heady times are far in the past now, and Jesse's life is far richer thanks to his emerging values, the love of his wife, Dionne, and a lower-key but fulfilling career as lead singer of the gospel group. As far as he has come, though, Jesse's days are burdened by a shameful reality.
Sandra Kitt – FOR ALL WE KNOW - $5.04

David Corbett – DONE FOR A DIME - $9.99
David Corbet – THE DEVIL’S REDHEAD - $5.59
David has obviously been around for a while. He has a few books out and from what I have read, he’s good. Gritty, drug dealing, about an ex-con’s getting back to his life and back to his girlfriend. It isn’t easy for a black man to come back to real life after prison, he’s got to pay a few friends and get back into the game before it gets him. Here’s a write up from Publishers Weekly from 2002. You see, there are books out there by our brothers who can tell a story with grime and with an intriguing set up that you’ll want to read:

“Corbett thunders out of the gate with this gritty, moving debut about an ex-con's readjustment to freedom and his efforts to reunite with a former lover. Ten years after being sentenced for drug dealing, Dan Abatangelo emerges from prison with one thought in mind: finding Shel Beaudry and rekindling their relationship. Abatangelo is a changed man harder, less patient, and prone to bursts of violence. Despite the advice of friends, who warn him that no good can come from reuniting with Shel, he pushes forward. He eventually finds her living north of San Francisco, beholden to a drug-addled, mentally unstable man named Frank Maas and the crime ring that employs him. When Shel and Abatangelo finally meet, she waffles on returning to him, but before he can convince her, a local drug war breaks out and Shel is taken hostage. Abatangelo responds with a daring rescue mission that takes him deep into his former world and ignites a gruesome chain of violence and death. Corbett, a San Francisco private investigator for more than a decade, brings a wealth of real-world detail to his swift, highly atmospheric narrative. His plotting could sometimes use a little more glue, and a few characters particularly newspaperman Bert Waxman border on caricature. But Corbett's prose dazzles, cutting across the page with passionate force, articulating themes of devotion, lost hope and spiritual renewal in an unforgiving world.”