National Black Book Festival


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey, a free book

I’m not trying to dissuade you from looking on Amazon for yourself; my blog is for those old and new authors. Authors who don’t get a chance sometimes to show their stuff and many of them are good. Sometimes going thru page after page after page can get boring. I break it down with simple reviews of the books and I do read them. You may not like my opinion, but hey, such as life!!!!
Do you also know that if you have a kindle and have/or going to get the iPad, you can load the Kindle App and read on it as well as the iPad. To think, you can download a book, blog, etc. Read on you Kindle, iPad, Nook, or whatever you deem easy, and read, read, read and more reading. I’m having a good time playing around with all of these nerd items, but then again I am a serious Black Women Nerd with good taste.

Let's start:

Brenda Jackson – Irresistible Force. – It’s Free. I mean FREE. Like get it now. NOW!!! This woman can make a grown women cry with passion, lust, very sensual and with stories that are not just real, but possible. Granted many people did not like it because it’s predictable and yes, they have lots of sex, and a plot that’s a bit unreal. Bull crap never happens to me, at least not in real life, but I do have some dynamite, get down and dirty with myself dreams. Ohh, my God (You got to get Usher’s latest OMG. That boy has been in my dreams for a long time).

Now, the Westmoreland’s Men, that’s some quick “nookie” reading. I took a whole weekend and read all 14 of them. A friend of mine was asking me to order these books for her and her mother. What the hell is she ordering these books for? Why is there such an obsession with these men? Damn, I found out. Start with the first one, Delaney’ Desert Sheik - $3.60. I know, I know, Harlequin/Silhouette Romance!!! Please, aren’t’ those the old ones where by the time the girl/guy get together, it’s the end of the book and they are just kissing, yuck!!! Get Ms. Jackson (If you’re nasty), she gets to the point from the beginning. Why wait.

Kimberla Lawson Roby – All of her books are on Kindle. She is a Christian writer and in these, “crap is happening all the damn time days” it’s nice to have a few quick reads Instead of a few and too many quick nookie joints which are not good at all. Don’t get me the hell started. Here’s her list. I will bring my own brand of clarification later.
A Deep Dark Secret - $9.99
Be Careful What You Pray for - $10.99
The Best of Everything - $9.99
One in a Million - $9.99
Changing Faces - $9.99
Love and Lies - $9.99
A Taste of Reality - $9.99 (Do you see a pattern)
Sin No More - $9.99