National Black Book Festival


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

African American Books on the Kindle

I love books!!! Not just mystery, fiction, history, but everything. I love how they can take you to different worlds even on the worst days. I breathe books, like people breath air. I smell them, feel them, walk with them, and talk with, to and at them. Hardbacks, paperbacks, iPad, Kindle, Nook, PC, you name it--I read it, even a ding dong tube of toothpaste.

Now my problem, as I'm sure is yours, is that I'm out of Damn Money!!! And this ding dong economy is pissing me off. I’ve been limiting my book purchases to used book stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army; Library book sales (even though those can be pretty good, but you know you don't ever find a "Black Book" there).

These publishers are cutting off my air supply. I'm not too happy to see prices of $25 to $30 dollars for a book either. Yes, yes, I know, I still should buy Eric Jerome Dickey and Zane at the hardcover price so that they can at least make some money and I’m all for that, but "I'm Damn Broke" and need to limit my buying purchase of these hardcover books and pay a little bit less for my "air." So I have to find a new solution to this dilemma…

You will find out more and more and more about me later, but for now, let’s find some good books at good prices. Books that you read on the plane, train, or bus that really get you hooked.

But who still takes the bus? That is sooooo 70s

Declaring Spinsterhood by Jamie Lynn Braziel. A cost is 99 cents!!! You can’t beat that. Single girl being pressure to get married by family and friends. Ex-boyfriend, who cheats obviously, wants her back and now she got another man to wants her, help me please.

The Bum Magnet – K.L. Brady. Cost is another 99 cents. Run and get it now!!! A black woman has it all but, of course a man. It’s funny to read how she decides to give up men and start working on herself. For 99cents, you did a good laugh at some of the people she meets. It’s it the best way to read a book, meeting people who make you laugh and people you know.

Hit me with any comments or suggestions on doing this better or if you are looking for something in particular, hook a sister up, and I will find it for you.