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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ok, I'm going to leave Christmas alone - It's too expensive!!!

Me and My Books Go A long Way Home!!!

Number 41
I’m going to leaving Christmas alone for now.  You probably already brought what you need and if you have not, you got some time.  Believe me, the stores are waiting for last minute shoppers.  There’s not enough money and time for the stores to play, “hey, we hold some items until the last minute and then change the prices a little bit higher or lower to get rid of these items.”  Oh, they are thinking of a million ways to get your money, and they will.  I want your money, but only $1.00 a month.  I said, One Dollar a month!! to look around my blog and buys books at really, really cheap prices.  
Hey, why not?  You got nothing to lose and it’s cheap.  Real cheap.  Now, stay with me and look around.  Here’s more bang, bang, get ‘em up and buy books!!!

JACQUELINE E. LUCKETT - SEARCHING FOR TINA TURNER - - $11.99 - - - Lena’s husband, Randall, has been climbing the corporate ladder for years, and Lena has supported him every step of the way, glad to help him and raise their two children. But now she feels as though she has lost herself in the process, and is drowning in luxury. With his goal of becoming the first black CEO of his company in reach, Randall refuses to go to therapy; and with the same determination that has led to his success, he tells Lena to accept the status quo or get a divorce. At 52, Lena well knows how divorce changes everything as friends, and even children, choose sides. Seeking guidance and support, Lena discovers the wisdom of singer and survivor Tina Turner, using Turner’s story as a road map to finding her own happiness and a way back to her dreams. In her debut novel Luckett delivers a strong, likable heroine who comes through her crisis by recognizing her true worth and empowering herself. Luckett’s triumphant tale will rally readers of all backgrounds.
STACEYANN CHIN - THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE: A MEMOIR - $9.99 - - - Quote from Amazon - The Paradise of the title is the slum of Montego Bay, Jamaica, where Chin spent her hardscrabble adolescence, and her remarkable memoir is framed around her mother's rejection of her and her older brother, Delano, and the uncertainty about who Chin's father really was. Born to a young, street-savvy girl with a penchant for distinguished older men with money (in this case, a local Chinese businessman who always insisted he was not Chin's father), Chin spent her early years along with Delano under the care of their stern, God-fearing, illiterate grandmother. Early on, the spirited, defiant youngster learned to lie about her parentage, while the poverty and neediness of the siblings rendered them charity cases for relatives in Bethel Town and Kingston. Once, their mother came to visit them from where she lived in Montreal, Canada, though she quickly foisted them onto other relatives for good, leaving Chin, at age nine, to fend for herself in the shack of her harsh great-aunt whose boys routinely attempted to rape her. Nonetheless, Chin excelled at school, thanks to financial help from the man who refused to acknowledge his paternity, and became an emigrant success story later in New York. Her courage in coming out as a lesbian underscores her intrepidity in making this story her own.

NANA EKUA BREW-HAMMOND - POWDER NECKLACE: A NOVEL (WSP READERS CLUB) - $9.99   Here’s a quote from Book ‘Em Danno ( I guess there are some "Hawaii Five-O fans of the old and new TV Show!!). “ There are so many things that happen in this coming of age story that you'll have to read it yourself to get the full affect. The author has managed to deal with so many issues in one novel - culture, class, divorce, fate, introspection - in a way that will make you laugh, be sad, or make you reminisce if you're past the teenage years. There's a great reading guide for groups as well as a Q & A with the author at the end. I highly recommend you read this novel, it's one you will think about long after you finish.”
Click Here - Powder Necklace

Click Here - Spin Cycle

KIKI SWINSON - WIFEY 4 LIFE (PART 5) - $9.68 - - - If you read Ms. Swinson’s other Wifey series, you are in for more on the “hood or living the fabulous life.”  Ms. Swinson always, always, keeps you reading her books from the first page to the last.  Think of it, you are in the doctor’s office or on the subway reading just to keep yourself busy and then, Damn!!!, you are called by the nurse that the doctor is ready to see you or your stop on the subway has arrived.  You don’t stop reading, you take your clothes off and lay on the table while still holding and reading the book or you step off the platform and walk with the book in your hand, that’s how bad (Good!!), it can get.  
Click Here - Wifey 4 Life

TRACY L. DARITY - LOVE...LIKE SNOW IN FLORIDA ON A HOT SUMMER DAY - $7.99 - - - Romeo and Juliet meets Desperate Housewives with a dose of Girlfriends.  I think you get the picture.