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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is it still Christmas Holiday?


Number 40
Now I’m at number 40.  It may not seem to be alot, but I am determined to stick to this blogging business.  Not to just make some money, but to keep my heart, soul, mind and destiny on track with BOOKS, and more BOOKS by us, to help us, and about us.  It keeps me going on days when I’m still trying to figure out what the hell am I suppose to be doing.  Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just having a bad week.  Sometimes people at my job just get on my last, and I mean my ever longing last nerve.  Let’s not talk about those people, lets get to some books.  If I did not have books, I know I would have left this damn, crazy ass planet a long time ago, but I digress.  Here’s today’s listing.  Stay Happy!!!
For you guys in the DC, MD, VA area, go to Busboys and Poets, a restaurant, bookstore, fair trade market and gathering place where people can discuss issues of social justice and peace (Their website description).  I have been to the one on 14th and V street, NW near the U Street Corridor (For you people who know U Street, it use to be all black, now, more white people than I care to number.  Ben’s Chili Bowl is still there and still good food).  They are also located in Arlington, Virginia and on 5th street, NW.  Here’s their’s website  

One of the authors coming is JULIANNE MALVEAUX, an economist, author and commentator as well as Founder of Last Word Productions.  You have seen her on CNN and the special, "Black in America".  Her book, which is not in Kindle format, may still be of interest to you.  SURVIVING AND THRIVING: 365 FACTS IN BLACK ECONOMIC HISTORY - $14.95.  You may purchase her books from her website -
Click Here - Lawd, Mo' Drama
Other books by Ms. McKinney - - 

Click Here - All That Drama

Click Here - Fool, Stop Trippin'

DUBIOUS - $9.99
Click Here - DUBIOUS

DEEP DECEPTION - $6.99 (Paperback)
SNAPPED (URBAN RENAISSANCE) - $7.99 - - -   At the beginning of the story we are introduced to Gina Meadows, a woman that is raising her boyfriend, Ronald’s, twin boys: Gavin and Merlin Mills. Gina is so in love with Ronald that she raises the twins as her own. Ronald and Gina may be considered married by common law but Gina still holds out hope that Ronald will get his act together, no matter how badly he treats her, and marries her. Gina makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of holding on to their relationship. The question is will it backfire and will Gina suffer from the consequences of her actions?
Merlin has always been the ” good twin,” the one to do what he was told, got the good grades, played sports and stayed out of trouble. No matter how good he was though, his twin, Gavin, always found a way to get him into trouble. Merlin is now older and a little wiser, and has separated himself from the only family he has known. He is now happily married and has a good career within the armed services. Things could not be better…that is until Gavin shows up unexpectedly.
Gavin has always disliked his brother, Merlin. Gavin has always been jealous of Merlin’s successes and his relationship with Gina. When Gavin shows up out the clear blue and lays his eyes upon Merlin’s wife, Cojo , he knows he has to have her no matter what the cost.
Click Here - Snapped

STEPHANIE JEAN SMITH - HEALING FOR YOUR SOUL - $.99 - - - A collection of inspirational and thought provoking short stories based upon precious memories of the author.
Click Here - Healing For Your Soul
MARC ABBOTT - A GAMBLE OF FAITH - $3.00 - Quote from Amazon, “When their friend Eddie dies from Cancer, childhood friends Terrence, Alyssa and Marquis go their separate ways to sort out their lives. Alyssa and Marquis are able to come to grips with the loss but Terrence is unable to forgive God for not answering his prayers to spare Eddie’s life. As his own private world around him crumbles, he turns his back on his faith in God and renounces his beliefs. 
Then Terrence meets Lucy, a vibrant and beautiful woman who has it all and is more than willing to share it with him. Her financial guidance and love help him regain his confidence and puts him on the path to recovery. So when he is invited to restart the traditional Friday Night poker game with his old friend’s, he brings her along. 
But that decision sets in motion a chain of events none of them are prepared for. It begins with the arrival of two men from Lucy’s past. As the night goes on, it becomes evident that their there for more than the game. Their persistent questions about Terrence’s faith and outbursts of anger toward Lucy bring emotions to a boiling point. When it all explodes, it does so as a revelation when Alyssa figures out the nature behind the men’s visit and the evil secret Lucy has been keeping from all of them. 
Click Here - A Gamble of Faith