National Black Book Festival


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Black Kindle - Some serious Books


Guess what I got?  
An advance copy of Carl Weber - The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride - $11.99.  Pre-order it now.  It comes out August 19, 2014. I've not started to read it yet because I'm salivating like a big dog and just holding it - "My Precious, my precious." 

Then a friend gave me Francine Rivers - Bridge to Haven - $9.36.    I'm a big fan on hers. Don't have much time to write on my blog today, got to get ready for another road trip. Bridge to Haven

Man, I just saw this on Facebook from DJ Gatsby and now I got to get these books:

The Real McCoys - $3.99
Dead Panties - $3.03 - I may have to think about this one.
Wounded - $2.51
I Am A Concealed Weapon - $11.69 Paperback only

Got to get one in for Black History Year 

And in celebration of James Baldwin's 90th Anniversary year, I'm presenting one of my favorites:

Paperback Used - $3.50 or $10.04 

Tish and Fonny, young, African Americans are trying so very hard to get a decent job, marry and get a home. They are young and in love in the 1970s New York, which was extremely hard for a black man accused of rape. I will always believe to this day that he did not do it, but this book takes you thru the hell both families go thru to get him out of jail. You've heard it before, her family is supportive and his family is sort of supportive, but his black father had his own hard time. This book, which was written in 1974, should still be read today by young African American boys/men to, hopefully, finally, help them realize that no matter what decade it is, being black is still hard without family, but with support, we can pull through any hell. I know I did.