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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Black Kindle - The levels of Stupidity is Unbelievable.

You know there’s many levels of stupidity and I thought I had seen it all, but there’s always one jackass after another to raise that level higher.

Someone set fire to a roll of toilet tissue in the women’s bathroom at the library while a woman was taking care of business in one of the stalls. What the hell was that nut thinking.  There’s millions of books in the library and she chose to set fire in a fireproof room in the library.  Don't ask me why the bathroom is fireproof, I’m sure there are reasons, but that’s not the point.  The point is, have we really reached stupidity level 1 million yet?  Nope, here’s the next one.  

Many libraries around the country have paintings and picture done by local artist and kids.  A homeless man came into our downtown library and stole two paintings and managed to slide thru the iron gate in the basement of the library with them.  That was caught on tape and later the police got him.  What? you going to sell the Rembrandt?  To who? For a dollar? 

Oh, I’m not finished.  It's stupid reaches a new level in this country this week.  Two homeless men were fighting over who was going to sleep in the bush directly behind the library.  The security guard, who could see this altercation in the camera at her desk.  Is much older than the other security guards, but can kick ass.  I’ve seen her do it.  She went down stairs to the basement and instructed the men two or three times to stop fighting and move away from the building or she was going to call the police.  The ignoramus ignored her.  A policeman arrived and also ask two or three times to stop and move away.  The police looked at the security guard with a “are they really that stupid and not listening to me” look on his face.  The police officer begin to looked annoyed and proceeded to tazed one and the other, noticing that he now has the advantage, turned around and continue to hit the man over and over again.  The police officer, still with that confused and annoyed look on his face, tazed him.  A few seconds later other police officers arrived and dragged them both to the station.

It’s me isn't it?  I know and I know you do also, cannot believe the antics people do and you wonder why the country is going to pot.  It is unbelievable and it does not surprise me one bit.

Since I'm on a roll about stupid buffooneries, let me bring you up to date on my part time job at the asylum I call “The Sanctuary”.

In the last episode,  Kat was fired, Jim, a young white guy,  was hired in her place.  It became known to me later that Jim was fired before from another store.  Kat is the one who called and told me that.  She may have been pissed about being fired and just wanted to give up some dirt, but it was confirmed later that he was fired before.  The others working there continue to live life as if there is no future.  At this point, I think I should provide the character’s names so that you can keep up with who is who.  The names have been change to protect the innocent. (Yeah, right, innocent my ass!!)

John - The new young, white pudgy manager.  He thought he could change things, but the staff continues to play loud music (which the customers have complained about), steal food, screw up orders, call out from work whenever, loud talk each other and constantly on their cell phones, sometimes in front of customers waiting to be served.  In essence, nothing has change.  I really should give him some credit though. There have been some minor changes.  Tracking of inventory and displays of items for easy reach.  He has also given everyone a three write up rule.  After three write ups of non performance of work, you will be fired immediately.  He has also written reminder notes on the bulletin board of rules to follow.  He has also hired 7 more people and cut hours of others.  This has upset many of them.  They complain but you know they won't do anything about it.  I should be nicer and say these are good changes and I do wish him well, but my gut is telling me something different.  I don't see it yet, but it’s coming.  Besides, I’m only there one day a week, so I guess I should not care, but I do care.  

I'm writing too much now, let’s move on to the other characters:

Te - A young, very thin, African American woman about 25 or maybe 30 years old.  Lives in a “slum” trailer park apartment with her drug selling, non working boyfriend.  She is also a convicted felon, no children (thank GOD) and on drugs.  Such a sweet, sweet girl and I love working with her.  

Mia - I call her the “Facebook dream queen.”  She is always, always on Facebook cracking and complaining about her friends, especially the one who posted on Facebook the murder of a friend of her’s.  Mia then proceeded to talk loud about it in front of us about the killing and that she was going to remove her friend because she did not want to get involved.  I think I wrote before that she was the one who posted back and forth to a girl who posted on Facebook that she was pregnant with Mia’s current boyfriend at the same time she was pregnant from the same guy.  

I am not making this shit up.  It is “unbelievable” and yet, it’s believe-able.  Mia is another sweet, sweet girl and I see the beauty inside her and I always give her a book to read.  She and Zoe are the only ones that when I give them a book, they actually read it and ask me for more.

Now you know one of the reasons I created this blog.  To earn money, to buy books to give to these kids.  I can’t give up on them, I just can’t. I’ll continue with my TV Series “Working at The Sanctuary - My part time job at the asylum" in my next blog posting.  

Let me bring you up to date on the books I bought at last week's book sale where I volunteered at the John Island Library.  Not many African American books, but I still love to buy books and more books.  I’m just in HEAVEN!!!!  

I got all of these books posted on my blog today at the book sale for $2.00 total, and since I was at the library, I borrowed a DVD and a book. "The Marriage Chronicles

Marriage Chronicles with Persia White of the TV show "Girlfriends", Jazsmin Lewis of "Meet the Browns," Clifton Powell of "Ray," Vivica A. Fox of so many movies and TV shows and Mel Jackson of "The Temptations" and "Soul Food." I never heard of the movie, but after I watched it, I can say you should buy or rent it.  It was really good.  Angela Winters - View Park - $4.30 - - - View Park.  I had heard about this series and thought, well I already have 5 books I'm reading, one more won't hurt.  All of these books on the blog together was brought for the very low price of $2.00  It was one hour before closing the sale when we had a big sale to get rid of the remaining books and I got my $2.00 deal. 

These books may not be your cup of "Irish" tea, but I am betting that if you try one or two, you will like them.  Boy, what I deal I got.  Love it, love it, just love it!!!

Rules of Civility: A Novel
Brava, Valentine: A Novel

Miss Julia Takes Over

The Wedding Planner

Death Walked In (Death on Demand Mysteries, No. 18)

Got to get one in for Black History Year:

A superb historical study of black achievement. – Houston Chronicle. Readers will revel in the stories of barrier-breaking pioneers in all fields-arts, entertainment, business, civil rights, education, government, inventing, journalism, religion, science, sports, and more. And they will rejoice in their triumphs. With hundreds of illustrations and a daily calendar of firsts, this book is the culmination of many hours of work, courage, and perseverance, the exact qualities represented within. A testament to a rich but often overlooked part of history, this chronicle reveals stories of a people overcoming adversity to emerge triumphant and celebrates those who have won personal victories against the forces arrayed against them.

Black Firsts: 4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Historical Events