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Friday, December 14, 2012

Warfare at the Asylum

It never fails, it just never fails.  What the hell are they thinking sometimes?  I walked into the “Part Time Job at the Asylum” and was just doing my normal routine in the back, when I heard screaming up front.
Let me first set up the scene.  You enter the front of the store where to the right are the condiments and on the left, a seating area.  Continue to walk a few feet ahead and you will reach the counter where the display of items, prices, cashiers, etc. are.  In the back, supplies, sinks, racks, etc., which is where I was in the back of the store working when I heard loud voices.  I did not pay much attention, since they have been known to get loud and ghetto a few times.  This time, though, the voices became louder and vicious.  I walked to the front and noticed a customer sitting at a table, reading on his computer, and holding his head down.  I knew he heard them because he concentrated further on the screen and push in his ear plugs to drown out the noise.  That’s also when I noticed the four employees, three women and one young man, standing there while two of the four, the older one (about 35) and the youngest (about 23) arguing at the top of their lungs, screaming back and forth.  The other two employees just stood there and said nothing.  I tried to calm them down to no avail, so I grabbed the oldest one with both of my arms and held on, while I dragged her from the front counter, out the door, and into the parking lot.  I talked to her to calm her down because she was on the verge of hitting the other employee. Where was the Assistant manager, you ask? Her but conventionally left out of the back door to smoke a cigarette! She heard it, but did not want any parts of it.
I continued to hold on to her while trying to walk and drag her because she was trying to fight me. Then I said, “Hey, I’m not the enemy and you don’t want to start shit with me. Let’s just keep walking around the back and you can smoke a cigarette until you calm down and talk to me.”  We got around the back of the store and the other girl who witnessed the fight came out to explain her side of the story and I told her to go back into the store and shut the hell up.  She came back out the door and brought the older woman’s purse. 
These are not kids, they are adults.  The older one has worked there from the beginning and the other just started a few months ago.  How did it get started, I don’t know.  I heard various stories and such.  Who the hell cares?  Because I didn’t and it really doesn’t matter what started it. I just could not believe they were fighting in the store and in front of customers.  They also forgot that it was being videotaped.  We are always under surveillance for security purposes.  What the hell were they thinking?!!!  I guess when I get back later this week, either the owners will say or do something or they have enjoyed the thrilled of it.  Who knows!!
Commercial break:  I just heard about all of those young kids and adults killed in Connecticut.  My GOD, what are we doing, what are we doing to ourselves?  Please pray for them.  Please.
Getting back to the Asylum, everything calmed down and the two women went back to talking loudly. The assistant manager continued to ignore them and the rest of us went back to work.  There’s only one way to described this, “Pure Bullshit.”
There are some new books out, and since I'm just drained due to those kids being hurt by a complete jackass, I'm just going to give you a few books to get and review.  I'll be back with two of my own reviews.  Please pray for those families and hug your kids all night if you can. 
BELLA JONES - MEMOIRS OF A TRAPSTAR - $2.99 - - - Memoirs of a TrapStar's Wife takes you on a wild journey into my life. I was just a girl when I first met him, but even at that age I knew he would forever change my life. In the five years we spent together, I learned more about life than I ever would on my own. He changed this young girl into a woman. After his death, I found myself thrown into the lions den of this game called "hustling". At age 19, I made a decision to take over his empire and I did. I managed to do things unheard of in this game as far as a woman is concerned. I did it all.  I made money, I drove the big cars, wore the fancy clothes and then it all came crashing down in a instant. I lost all those close to me in my rise to the top and with out them I could not stay in this game. I made a decision to get out before I suffered the same fate as all those I loved. My story did not end there, I went on to face more trials and tribulations. I am the woman you see today because of all the things I went through yesterday. This is my story, our story, a story of love, money, cars, clothes, greed, and envy. This is my MEMOIRS OF A TRAPSTAR'S WIFE.
This is just too!! too! cute
ReSHONDA TATE BILLINGSLEY - CAUGHT UP IN THE DRAMA - $7.61 - - - For your teenagers and did not know this is the 7th book in the series.  Will have to tell you about the others later.

She’s in the spotlight:

The Good Girlz have always known their girlfriend Camille is a gifted dancer. But when she wins the Search for a Star talent competition, it’s her incredible singing voice that blows them away.  Why didn’t she tell them she could sing like Beyoncé and Ciara rolled into one? And when Camille lands a spot in rap superstar Sisco’s new music video, Jasmine, Angel, and Alexis discover yet another side to their friend—total diva!

Will it get too hot too soon?

With her new hair weave, trendy clothes, and too-cool attitude, Camille is working everyone’s nerves, even her boyfriend Xavier’s. But when a photo of Camille and Sisco causes a tabloid scandal, the wannabe starlet gets a taste of unwanted fame. Meanwhile Alexis, upset over her wealthy parents’ divorce, suddenly disappears. . . . With more than enough drama to go around, what will it take to bring the girlfriends together and keep Camille grounded while reaching for the stars?