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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at the Asylum & Nicole Dunlap

Christmas at the Asylum
If you remember from last year, my Part time job at the Asylum had a Christmas party that bombed.  I had taken my hard earned money and saved for a few weeks $50.00 for the secret Santa gift and took the time to go to Costco and buy a dish.  Yeah, I know, I should have cooked something, but I didn’t.  I waited at that store for an hour and a half with my friend. I called one of the girls who had just left after closing the store and no body, no damn body, showed up.  I was pissed and vowed to never join them in any function again.
Well, they started up with the secret Santa again and decided to have the party at a local park during the day.  I gave in and asked the guy whose name I got from the secret Santa box what he wanted.  I’m not going around trying to find out what to give him.  I asked him to give me a list of five things he would like and I will select one of them to give.  That way, he will be surprised, at least a little.  He asked for a sweat suit, extra small and told me they were on sale.  The other girl heard his request and told me later that those suits were expensive.  Well, I guess he is not getting that from me.  I’ll give $15.00, maybe.  I don’t think I’m going to the party and maybe after next week when I get paid, I will give him the $15.00 then.  I’m still thinking about it and still a bit pissed about last year.  Though I should forgive and move on.  Maybe that’s what I will do, maybe not.
Let’s move one.  I want to ask again if any of you would please provide me some feedback on how I am doing.  Should I blog more?  Should I blog less about the “Asylum” or more about my asylum compatriots?  Should I blog more reviews of books I read, even though I read about 3 to 5 books at a time and sometimes they are not the best, but OK.  Or should I continue to just give you the 411 on the book.  Just trying to get better at this and get more customers on my Amazon blog.  You may not realize it, but I sell this blog on Amazon for one dollar a month.  It’s easy to get the books downloaded onto your Kindle faster.  So, let me know what you think and no, I do not get offended if it’s bad.  I believe you learn when others help you become better.  Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you are having the best Christmas and New Year!!!!! You deserve it!!!
An author, NICOLE DUNLAP – MISS NOBODY (SHAW FAMILY SAGA, BOX 1) - $3.99, contacted me to review her book.  I was honored.  I have received a few requests from authors to post my review on Amazon, my blog and Goodreads.  Boy, I am always, always happy to do that.
Charlene, a young, black 15 year old living in a small town in North Carolina, runs away from home to escape a boring life and to fulfill her dreams of becoming famous.  Oh, well, life has a way of turning the screws.  She misses the bus to take her out of town and hitches a ride with truck driver Roy.  A year later, Otis and Annette find Charlene in a hospital, bruised, badly beaten and has given birth to Raven. 
While Charlene continues to search for fame, Raven is left with Otis and Annette.  Nicole Dunlap goes back and forth in the story from Charlene’s life once she has achieved the fame she wanted; to Raven who has heard for years gossip about her mother and her grandparents, Otis and Annette, who refuses to talk about Charlene, since they are so high and mighty in their Christian beliefs. 
This creates demons for both, Charlene’s guilt and Raven’s wondering who her mother and father are.  Raven becomes good friends with Jonathan, who parents, a neurotic French mother, Elise and a flaccid father.  A friend who has always been there for her thru her demons and who also has always loved her.  Overtime time, it becomes distributing to Elise that Raven and Jonathan’s friendships blossom and there’s a good reason, Raven becomes pregnant, which becomes worse for Jonathan’s father.  What secret is he hiding? 
There are too many secrets and as with any great story, secrets surface.  Don’t they always come out of the dark?  They fling at your face like a hard smack that’s spins your head completely around.  This book, part one, is just the beginning of hidden secrets, love and forgiveness, with a touch of drugs to boot.  I enjoyed the straightforward writing Nicole gives.    She gets to the point with twists and turns without the long wait.  There are some slow moments in the book, but that’s expected in all books.  They cannot give you all of the secrets at the same time, what fun would that be? 
ERICA L. CRUMP – MISCELLANEOUS BLUES - $2.99 - - - It has been nominated book for the 2012 AAMBC (African Americans on the Move Book Club) Literary Award, scheduled for February 13. 
Miscellaneous Blues is a book which some readers are calling the hottest novel since WAITING TO EXHALE by Terry McMillan.  After I read it, I will decide if that statement is true.  Terry’s first few books took the book world by storm and I was one of the ones who got hooked badly.  Sort of miss her.
It's an explosive book about sisterhood, love, and betrayal! Sisterhood is one of the strongest bonds that women can have. The relationship between sisters is a complex, albeit loving one. Even though these sisters can fight hard, they tend to love even harder. In Miscellaneous Blues, you'll get to explore this intricate relationship of sisters - - Cookie, Victoria, Mya, and Lola. They call themselves "The Dexter Divas" and pride themselves on always being there for each other.
Cookie is trying to keep her marriage on track after her husband throws a curve ball in their "perfect marriage.”  Victoria is trying to lose weight off her body as well as dead weight in a slacker live-in boyfriend.  Mya is determined to get her "married boyfriend" to divorce his wife and finally marry her.  Lola, the baby of the family, is finally trying to move past the violent death of her son's father and allow love into her life again.
They don't always see eye to eye but these sisters realize that through all of life's drama, they can always depend on each other for strength. These Dexter Divas know that no matter what, sisterhood is forever. Miscellaneous Blues will give you a chance to live vicariously through The Dexter Divas as these sisters help each other through their relationships, marriages, and careers. You will become so engrossed in the lives of these sisters that it will feel like you are actually part of the Dexter family.  We’ll see, we’ll see!
Hey, just about the publish my blog, when I find a free book:

J. L. CAMPBELL – DON’T GET MAD….GET EVEN – Free - - - You sometimes never know if a free book is good or not.  I say, give it a try and if it’s as good as you like it, you will find other works by the same author.  Let’s just give it a try.
What choices do you have when you are abused, cheated on and left with a trail of broken promises? Don’t Get Mad…Get Even. Take an inside look at Jamaican culture and lifestyle through a collection of award-winning stories. You will laugh, cry and commiserate with a compelling cast of characters, who conquer their challenges in unique ways.