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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Asylum is at it again!

Back to my home trip to DC.  My daughter and I went to Tyson Corner Mall Friday morning and there was lots of traffic and you wonder where these people get money to pay for some of the most expensive stores in Virginia.  It’s Virginia, I forgot, they got money and big time debt and it’s next door to DC, “the money city.”  I just love the smell of fine food and fine clothing.  Watching these high power women (well, at least in their minds) walking in these high heels with tight skirts and brightly colored shirts with big expensive pocketbooks; men walking with BOSS Hugo and Burberry shoes and suits.   It’s Tyson.  Tyson Galleria with Macy’,s, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Anne Fontaine, Bottega Veneta and much more expensive stores.  That’s the issue many people have, it’s not expensive if you take the time and look at the quality of the item.  They have sales all around.  It does help that the retailers know the paydays of government and contractor employees.  I would do the same thing.  Have sales on and after after payday.  It worked and it’s still working.
Commercial Break:  Last Thursday night I went with some friends to the Coastal Carolina Fair.  It’s held every year around this time and one of the acts, The Village People, did not make it due to Hurricane Sandy.  It’s huge with rides, food, games (you know they are rigged and I could not dissuade my kid to stop playing them a few years ago when I use to take her.  I got a little concerned with it became an obsession with her.  I was just thinking about my kid playing poker or whatever at casinos as if she is part of the Rat Pack.  Only she’s female and black, creepy, just creepy.)    
Over the last few years attending it, I would walk around with friends and get my favorites: candy apples, Italian sausage sub (man they are damn good!!!) and fried mushrooms.  Um!! Um!! Good!!! When I got there Thursday and started walking and eating, there usually is a theme of how the kids would dress.  One year every young African American male wore famous cartoon characters, Donald Duck, etc, big black hoodies.  Another year it was the black women turns with high heels, tight and I mean tight jeans and massive black/brown/blond/green or whatever color long hair.  This year, you could tell not many people attended and no dress up or dress to be seen was happening like the tight jeans and massive fake hair, but very low key.  I saw only one young lady with beautiful blue 4 inch high heels.  Man, I was feeling the hurt she must have endured while walking behind her kids at a petty good clip.  Tight, real tight blue jean.  She was hurting like hell.  This fair is held in a huge area that is normally used as the weekend flea market, so I know that child’s feet hurt.  Looking cute hurts?  Suffice to say, I always have a good time walking, watching and eating my favorite foods while hanging out with friends.  I had not done that in a long time since I’m working 7 days a week, so it was a good break and I’m glad my “Dave Ramsey” budget was able to take care of it.  Back to my HOME!!!!!
Oh, sorry, Another commercial break, “Part Time Job at the Asylum.” My last posting told you about Gail getting fired.  She called back again, after her trip to New Jersey to see the “married” guy, found out she was pregnant and aborted it, asked again for her job back or any job there.  The answer was still no.  But, let’s move on to the last 60 days.  I tell you, every week when I return on Saturday, there’s someone new or some new crap going on.  Can’t blame them sometimes thou.  It’s very frustrating to be stuck in a low paying job, kids hanging on you and no concrete education to better yourself.   It’s just damn hard.  Well, I return and JJ quit.  Her son was dating Gail’s sister, Jamie.  I did not see anything wrong with it, but JJ did and continued to harass Jamie over and over again about not hurting her son.  Now, JJ, as any mother would have a concern, but I think first, she needs to get her life in order.  You see, she’s on drugs.  I love her; I really do because she is first and foremost a hard worker, funny and always nice to the customers.  She’s white and her hubby or live in boyfriend, I can’t tell because the lie changes every week, is black.  I told many of my female friends, they need to hang out where I work part time because there are a lot of good looking single black men hanging around.  
JJ got into a fight with Jamie over the issue and, according to other sources, she quit because she thought Gail, Jamie and their other sisters would jump back on her and kick her ass.  Dumb, Dumb and double dumb.  Those sisters could care less.  They got so many issues themselves and Jamie was not going to fight JJ.  It was not worth it.  So my scheduled changed again and now I’m back to working more hours.  Tomorrow, more drama from my favorite “hood” crew.  They are crazy aren’t they.  I’ll get back to the book fair in DC, I just go some more books from a friend and it’s all romance, all romance,  Yeah!!! I’m loving it. 
Brenda Jackson - Westmoreland Men!!!! I am in love with those good looking, awesome men.  

Donna Hill, Farrah Rochon, Linda Hudson-Smith and Pamela Yale

AlTonya Washington, Simona Taylor, Rochelle Alers and Adrianne Byrd

Gwynne Forster, Ann Christopher, Jacquelin Thomas

Simona Taylor 
Beverly Jenkins, Cheris Hodges and Judy Lynn Hubbard