National Black Book Festival


Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am thankful for books and more books!!!

I just finished reading, “The Bridge” by Karen Kingsbury - $9.99.  I have never read any of her books, even though I have seen her books throughout my work at the library, books sales and book stores.  Knew she was a Christian writer.  I did miss two bible book club meetings when her books were the discussion.  I just happen to read something in either a magazine or on Amazon and it caught my eye.  A romance book of lost, enduring and found love; weather devastation (thinking Hurricane Sandy!) and what really caught my eye, the closing of a favorite bookstore.  So many of them all over the world have closed and I miss the smell, feel, and atmosphere.  That did it for me and I hunted the book down.

Rich girl (Molly) and not really poor, but not as rich boy (Ryan) meet at college.  They start hanging out at a bookstore named “The Bridge.”  They began a ritual of reading and sighting quotes from Jane Eyre, Gone with the Wind and other famous books.  At first sight they fall in love, but due to circumstances, no go in the romance department.  They hide their feelings and remain friends.  There are lies and assumptions for years until the truth comes forth and they find what they really wanted and needed, either other. 
Charlie and Donna, owners of the book store “The Bridge”, have gone thru more calamities; when you read the book, you would not wish any of it even upon the Devil.  Now that’s saying a lot.  When the bookstore they run is severely damaged due to financial struggles and the wrath of Mother Nature, the death of one’s soul and the awaken of another’s brings all four (Molly, Ryan, Charlie and Donna) to the realization that GOD is always and will always be there.  Just keep praying and have faith. 
I could not stop reading it.  There are a few slow parts and some soapy romance stuff, but some of the lines in the book caught my spirit.  “Charlie, you’re crazy.  No one would loan you money.  You’re not worth anything.  You’re a bookseller, Charlie.  Banks loan money to people with a way to pay it back. Come on.”  I’ve heard those demon voices many times before.  Telling me I’m not worth a dime.  I will never get out of this financial hell beast.  I felt this way in February last year.  I did want to leave this earth and leave funds for my kid.  I felt I was not making any advancement in life.  I’m divorced, broke and not young.  My chances of a promotion are slim and I was not even able to find a part time job, even at McDonald's and Waffle House, to help.  Damn, I felt like crap-o-olla to the core.  I figure my kid would be better off financially than with a mother who climbed down into the black fissure depth.  I prayed and prayed and cried and cried until something grab my head and I looked up and saw my grandmother’s picture.  I heard her, I know I did.  She told me I don’t really know hardship until I lived her, my great grandmother and my mother’s lives.  I don’t know hell!!! But I know GOD is there for me 24/7 and that matters and she reminded me about “BOOKS” and the love she shared with me is giving me the gift of reading.  That is what this book and many others like this (I need to get her others) do for me.  “The Bridge” is the place I want my life 24/7. He’s there and so is my grandmother.   
The next day, I got up on my feet and walked my dog and just talked to GOD over and over again.  That was last year and yes I still have many struggles.  The Dave Ramsey plan is helping and that part time job at the Asylum is also still there.  I am more than blessed and another thing I got from this book, I love, love, love, love, love and love book stores and libraries.  A side note about the book.  You will feel better for reading it.  Give it a chance, especially on days where you are down and out.  Just give it chance. 
Don’t worry; I will get back to my DC trip and the “Asylum” job.  I will also possible have some good news, I may be leaving the "Asylum" job for better pay and a job I could use when I retire.  Give me some blessings and luck!!! .
Got to get one in for Black History Year
I met Mr. BRIAN W. SMITH - DIFFERENCES: SIBLING RIVALRY IS BAD...BUT IT'S WORSE WHEN THERE'S MONEY INVOLVED - $4.99 - - - and I must say, his books are on my large listing of books to get to.  I must have over 500 books on my kindle, but I will get to them don't you worry, I will get to to them all.  Here's his latest, or at least to me, his latest.
Conway Jackson wanted his six adult kids to squash their "beefs" before he died, but he was unable to bring them together. So, in his will he stipulates that the only way each of them can receive their $100,000 inheritance, they must go on a scavenger hunt to find the money. They have 48 hours to find the money or all $600,000 gets donated to charity. But, there is one catch...the siblings with the biggest "differences" must team up to find the money. Will these six malcontents find their inheritance before they kill each other?