National Black Book Festival


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I miss my DC!!!! Home, books, home!!!

Number 110
There are so many issues happening in this world that the politicians are, on purpose in my mind, not really talking about or actually solving.  I do believe there is some kind of plot to distract us from the real issues they aren’t addressing.  Real unemployment, real health care issues, drug crime in Mexico. Then there are US companies continually producing fatty foods and then claiming that they have now produced low-fat, low-cal foods, but it doesn’t’ work.  Did you see the disrespect to the President by sticking your finger in his face as if he is a child?  What the hell was that dirty blond bimbo, craggy looking white woman, the Governor of Arizona thinking?  She looked like a complete reality show slut.  On the other hand, the man was smooth and walked away.  You have to when you run into nuts like that; there is just no point in talking to them. 
I do not like many people at my job and it appears she does not like our President, but I have to work with them, so I have to show some professionalism all the time.  I have slipped a few times and said, “what the hell are you doing,” or “Please go back to your desk, stop fussing, do your job or leave for the day.”  There are also times I want to say “Go to hell and stay there.”  You know you cannot do that on the job, you want to though, but unfortunately you cannot.  It seems the world is getting more and more frustrated at our President, Republicans, and egalitarian nuts, at everyone!  Man, do we need some down time so let’s read some exciting books, go to the movies, and watch the sun come up.  Got Books!!!
ROBYN GANT – THREE SIDES TO EVERY STORY (IN LAWS AND PLAY COUSINS) $2.99 - - - The night Nubia Jamison caught her husband-to-be in a compromising position prompted a rage that knew no boundaries. She shut down and sold the successful movie production company they ran together and fled the country, refusing to hear his excuses. Now she is in hiding, but is she hiding something as well?
Her best friend Tracie has undergone a dramatic transformation in order to elude Angelo Gonsales, head of the Internet Crime Division of the FBI. He has discovered her identity, and tracked her location. Will she be convicted of her alleged crimes?
"In-Laws and Play Cousins: Three Sides to Every Story," reunites four childhood friends, brings closure to the unfortunate circumstances and renders bittersweet justice for the true villains.
Do you like eye-catching and brawny gladiators, hideous and treacherous dragons?  Do you remember the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe?  He played a Roman general out for revenge after his family is murdered? Did you get a thrill while watching the fight scenes in the arena?   How about Terry Crews of American Gladiators?  Did you get a kick out of watching him kick but too? 
Do you need something differently sexually charged, romantic and new, instead of the usual vampires and werewolves?  I think I found it while stalking people at the library.  Well, at least for me it was the cover.  I started to read the back cover of the book and went a little further:
ANYA BAST, KRIS STARR, CHARLOTTE, BOYETT COMPO, LENA MATTHEWS (She is the African American writer in this group), N.J. MUNRO and TIELLE ST. CLARE - ELLORA’S CAVEMEN: DREAMS OF THE OASIS VOLUME 4 - $7.69 - - - I picked number 4 because of the cover, the man look good and since I have never read anything like this, what the hell, I’m going to give it a try.  Let me know if you did too.  The book has been out since 2006 and only 8 reviews on Amazon.  Huh, what does that say?   Read the description on Amazon because it’s long and I’m still trying to figure out who and what.  Ok, ok, so I brought the book because of it’s cover, shame on me, just shame on me.
CHERIL N. CLARKE – THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: NEW ORLEANS -$99 Cents - - I have been to New Orleans and this year, besides the Essence Music Festival, there is also the Bayou Soul Writers & Readers Conference -  two days earlier, and I am a big, huge fan of New Orleans.  Here's the link - - 
In New Orleans, I can get my drink and eat on and on and on.  This is one of many series of stories of a group of friends and their amusing behavior while traveling to different cities to get away from their daily job and labor.  The writer develops the characters right from the beginning and her descriptions of the city before Katrina scene is beautiful.  It’s also a funny.  Hey, I like her style of writing and it was short, endearing, and I’m going back to New Orleans. 
CHERIL N. CLARKE – THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: LAS VEGAS -$99 Cents - - - I just ordered it, so my review will be later.  Here’s an update on the latest “friends who travel.”  The Beautiful People: Las Vegas" returns readers to the lives of four friends whose magnetic personalities and gorgeous good looks rivet our attention. Vanessa, an entrepreneurial executive, reveals shadowed parts of her past and displays talents long ago abandoned; Yen Chu, desperately trying to navigate the waters of self-imposed sobriety, yearns to be disciplined, but doesn't let that prevent her from arranging erotic adventures for her group; party boy Colin, on a quest to have the time of his life, ensures that everyone he meets will have the times of their lives as well; and Donovan, sometimes haughty, and always more conservative than the rest, allows himself to loosen up and succumb to Sin City’s extravagant indulgences.  From glamorous adventures to steamy and sometimes seamy escapades, from the luxury lifestyle to laugh-out-loud humor, Clarke's latest installment of "The Beautiful People" will satisfy the deep cravings of your imagination. (I hope!)
Got to get one in for Black History Year
CONNIE BRISCOE - P. G. COUNTY - $6.99 - - - As someone who grew up in DC and lived in PG County, I grabbed this book and ran when it came out years ago.  There is an upper class, African-American community in PG, Mitchellville, Maryland.  The most affluent and predominantly African American communities in the US.  Yes, I said it, US!!  So, I know when I speak that this book was labled fiction, but the characters, Barbara and her wandering husband (think of the owner of BET, Bob Johnson) and Jolene, a materialist nut and the other woman.  A middle class hair salon owner who lives just outside the fancy community, Pearl, a divorcee, who can’t stand her son’s “white” girlfriend, (think Loretta Devine character and her son in Waiting to Exhale).  Who starts to become attractive to Jolene’s husband, but not on purpose.  As the front cover states, “Peyton Place for the twenty-first century.”  That soap opera did not know that their drama was freaking calm compared to these characters, nothing close.  You know there are secrets and they will surface, they always do and more drama to come.  Reality TV and Lifetime could have used this book instead of some of the crap on TV.  Connie Briscoe is a seriously good story teller and can literally bring the characters to life to the point you start to look around and think, did she write reality TV before it was on TV?  Maybe she saw something we didn’t.  I’m going to bed now to finish reading, KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY - CASTING THE FIRST STONE - $11.90 - Casting The First Stone.  I had to start from the beginning the "Reverend Curtis Black" drama.  Then I’m going back to re-read P. G. County.  I miss my home DC so much, this will help me remember good and drama times.