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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the hell are people thinking during Xmas!!

I know it’s me.  I know dog gone well, it’s me.  Let me set the stage.  As you know I work a part time job (Go Dave! Go Michelle! Go Suzy! Get Out Of Debt!!).  I usually work Saturdays and Sundays only.  When I applied for the job, I specifically stated that I only want to work weekends because I have a full time job.  No more, no less.  Well, they asked if I could sometimes work Friday thru Sunday, no problem.  I worked a few times a little bit more, but, no problem with that either.  I received a text from the manager on Wednesday, Dec 21 asking if I could work Xmas Eve for a short time, no problem, I said yes.  A few minutes later another text asked if I was coming to the Xmas party that Saturday, Dec 23 at 8:30 after the store closed.  No, problem, I said yes.  Prior to that, a few weeks ago, a bag was placed on the counter asking everyone to pick a name for secret Santa, no problem, I did and started putting aside money to give to the “secret Santa.”  Since I really don’t know them all that well, I decided to give money.  I figure that would help a whole lot more than some damn Xmas gift that they would be nice and say, “Thank You,” but behind my back go, “What the crap is this.” 
The next text a few minutes later, ask that I bring a dish and my “secret Santa” gift, no problem.  I get up early Saturday morning, go to Costco and get a dish to bake (Yeah, Yeah, I know, no, I’m not cooking) and a card to put the money in that I saved over the course of a few weeks. 
Earlier that evening, I met with the Book Girl Groupies book club to Skype with James W. Lewis, the author of - - A HARD MAN IS GOOD TO FIND – $2.99 - - - We asked the usual questions, what other authors have you read and how long have you been writing, but since I know him from the Houston trip, I asked when is part two of this book.  You left me hanging and wondering what happens after the character marries and lives happily ever after?  Is Michelle still able to “handle” Daryl?  Do you know or researched any of these types of men?  Are you aware what Ave Gardner said about Frank Sinatra in reference to their love making sessions, “He weighs 110 pounds, 100 pounds of cock and 10 pounds everywhere else.”  He just laughed and asked me where I got that info from.  He is not aware that I research my ass off when reading any book.  He is a good looking and very handsome man who was Sky ping with us from his office at his home (I think from the background); with a “wife beater” white T-shirt on.  Looking good with the muscles, looking damn good and I saw the whole package when I met him in Houston a few months ago.  My review of his book is still the same, but now I want more. 
I read this book in two days and I laughed so hard after reading the first ten pages and didn't stop laughing until the end. I kept making comments on face book like, "Who gets their hair done at "El Cajon?" Is that a Mexican drug cartel for black women's hair? Who created "dial-a-dick," and when did "no soap, no deodorant, and no toothpaste become harmful chemicals! Boy, you’re but stinks. These are some of the crazy stuff Michelle goes thru while "dating," as I call then, "hard headed knuckleheads." I'm sure some men have run into the same type of women too! Sick, I say, just sick!!

Michelle, single, beautiful, and black is looking for Mr. Right, well who isn't? She meets some of the craziest, ding dong men I have never run into and hope I don't. One don't use "soap," one is a true freak, which even scared the daylights out of me, and one just huff and puff, but no action, if you know what I mean.

Michelle goes thru these dating tribulations and finally meets an intelligent, good looking Black man who reads, Daryl Jackson. And let me give you a quote from this good looking black man, "I love to read," he said, grunting, especially black fiction, believe it or not. I probably read more than I watch TV. I try to read a new black author every month."

Where in the HELL is he??? Where in the hell is he!! Must I continue with this dramatic arts class call "dating." Why Me!!! (Oh, that's me talking and I'm asking, where is he! not the book. I think I'm still asking!!)

After weeks of dating, dinner, traveling and everything else a woman likes, Daryl and she have not done "the thing that we do," and she is tripping with demented and deranged ideas in her head as to what's wrong with the guy. She finally confronts Daryl and gets the Biggest and I mean the Biggest surprised of her life. I mean big!!!!!
The story of the freaking up Christmas with my part-timers and My Boy James will continue in the next blog, stay tune!!  Let’s get to some books.
STEPHANIE CASHER – WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH – 99 Cents - - - Since I had the book club meeting with James last Saturday, it made me think of Stephanie’s book.  She is part of The Pantheon Collective (TPC) publishing company, which also publishes James W. Lewis books.  It’s something about that company that I seem to get a fuzzy and ”happoppy” feelings  because their books talk of love, forgiveness and so much pain, not fire hot romance, but reality where you actually begin to think you have a chance to essentially find someone, no matter the color, who fits you and you fit them.  The reality is, when you find someone and then you see another who moves your heart and soul, it’s not always the right thing to leave the other just because it’s not as great as you think and it’s always, always too late to come back.  Damn, love stinks!
Samantha’s second year of college started with heartbreak and betrayal. Lost, lonely, and robbed of all joy, she’d completely given up on ever finding love again when a chance encounter put her in contact with the man who would change her life.  Tony never believed in love at first sight – until he laid eyes on Samantha. But within moments of meeting her, he knew without a doubt that she was the woman he was put on this earth to love. There was only one problem – Angela, his girlfriend of five years.  Tony doesn’t want to hurt Angela, with whom he shares a rich history, but his connection to Samantha is undeniable. Angela, however, is not about to let the love of her life go without a fight.  When desperation takes a tragic turn, a chain of events unfolds that changes the course of all three of their lives forever. It is a heartbreaking tale of true love, terrible timing, impossible choices, and how you find the strength to go on when you discover that, sometimes, love just isn’t enough. 
TIPHANIE THOMAS – HEART STEALER – 99 Cents - - - Review from Krichie of New York, “I am shocked that this is a debut from this author. It was such an entertaining and thoroughly satisfying read from the first to last page. Randall looked out for Kayla when meeting her as a runaway teenager, and of course she has a crush on him that developed later into much more years later when Randall now sees her as a woman. Kayla was extremely proud, and would not take gifts from Randall. Often times I wanted to shake her and say just take the darn gifts! Of course they had their share of conflict, but their love was strong enough in the end to overcome it all. If you buy this book dedicate at least six straight hours to reading it because you will not want to put it down. I can't wait to read more about the people in Summerdale.”
MARIA McKENZIE – THE GOVERNOR’S SONS - - 99 Cents - - - I love me some political and backstabbing nuts story.  Why the hell not, I work in it I might as well have some fun seeing how other “nuts” live.
The Governor’s Sons is a heart thumping account of forbidden love and political ambition in the deep South, a suspenseful tale of romance, deception, racial tension and ultimately, racial reconciliation within the powerful Kroth family.  During the summer of 1936, Ash Kroth, a young law student from a southern family of wealth and political prestige, falls in love with Kitty Wilkes, a beautiful “Negro” girl.  Nearly thirty years later, as a segregationist governor in the midst of civil rights turmoil, Ash is forced to confront the inevitable consequences of his love for her.  In 1965, Harland Hall, a black Civil Rights leader, moves to the capital city in an effort to quell the racial violence occurring not far from his mother's home. But what mysterious link does this young man have to the Governor’s past?
JOEL B. REED – MURDER IN THE CHOIR (THE JAZZ PHILLIPS MYSTERY SERIES) - - 99 Cents - - - I also love me some “murder.”  When a famous black musician is shot down at his eightieth birthday celebration in a small settlement in rural Arkansas, no one can imagine why. Smiley Jones was a living legend, a sweet fatherly soul loved by all, and there is intense political pressure to find his killer. To solve the case the sheriff calls in Jazz Phillips, renowned former head of the Arkansas CID. Unfortunately, the governor calls in the FBI, whose bumbling senior agent almost blows the case.
Despite the incompetence of the senior agent, Jazz quickly discovers a dark side of Smiley Jones that yields a wide field of suspects. Narrowing down the list, Jazz discovers this is no simple murder and he finds himself plunged into the shadow world of national security. Jazz also discovers he is on the trail of an international assassin and finds himself no longer the hunter. He is also the prey of the man never seen; a professional assassin who leaves no loose ends.
DANTE FEENIX – BLACK BUTTERFLY – 99 Cents - - - This is book one of a three and I never heard of him and saw some good and some bad reviews of his books, but for 99 cents, I will at least give it a try.
Set in Baltimore City, I expected Black Butterfly to be just another urban drama. Guns, drugs, and gangsters. Predictable, but entertaining. However, amidst the violence, local slang, and dark backdrop there is an unpredictable, intelligent, and heart wrenching story. A single mother and her extremely intelligent young son share a close relationship built on support. The dynamics of that relationship is tested when the mother becomes a local celebrity on the first all black soap opera, Black Butterfly. She's ultimately sucked into a world of fame and the dirt that comes with it, when art imitates life and she's accused of murder! As she flees to clear her name she encounters bad guys and bad situations she ultimately deals with in an unpredictable fashion.
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
PAMELA SAMUELS YOUNG - THE SETUP - 1.49 cents - - - I call Mrs. Young, the “John Grisham” of black lawyer writers, she got the “Gift” and damn sure using it well.  I will buy anything and everything from this woman, she knows murder.
When a star running back is gunned down by a cop with a questionable history, the city of L.A. is on the verge of a racial explosion. Enter a lawyer who comes to the cop's defense . . . but a desire for justice hasn't nothing to do with it.