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Saturday, November 12, 2011

More just Books!!! I just love it!!

I do have a Kindle, (Duh!! I wouldn’t be promoting these books on the kindle if I did not have one, but someone actually thought I didn't, duh!!).  I want the new one, the $79.00 one.  I also want to buy about 25 of them to give to the kids who come to the “Bring your child to work day," in April 2012.   I do have a reputation to keep up (These kids think I’m crazy and they have told their brothers and sisters to try to come each year).  The ages are nine to 13, and that's an age to really get kids into reading or before.  Did you know that I made a deal with these kids.  I give a big bag of goodies filled with candy, toys and books, lots of books.  For every book that they read and bring a book report to me, I will give them $5.00 for each book report.  Out of 25 kids, three did it and a year later, the same three.  I was willing to get a second job to keep up, but my hopes were dashed.  Will try again next year.  I also sent an e-mail to Mr. Bezos, owner of Amazon, and ask for a discount if I ordered 25.  Have not heard yet, but nothing beats a failure but a try.  So I may still have to get that part time job and take a little each week to pay for them.
In the meantime, I will buy the new Kindle and sell my old one for some chump change.  Still buy hard and paper back books because I love the smell of new and old books and will continue with this blog.  I got nothing to lose and a million times to gain.  Living in this world during these times is harder than a crack addict looking for a score and since I have to live in this world, I’m going to push, promote, bite, and shove every single book I find into someone’s hand.  That’s my world!!!
I met RICKEY TEEMS in Houston and Atlanta with his friend MOSES MILLER.  You know how you hear and see on the cover of magazines or on TV, good, handsome and smart Black men?  Well, as the Lord says, "here are two of them."  I call Moses my “Coke Cola Smile Man” from the commercial and I call Rickey, “The type of man I want my daughter to marry.”  They are happily married, good, intelligent men with the biggest heart around.  Please Face book them, you will see.  Here are Rickey’s books and I told you about Moses’s books, but it would not hurt to repeat it.
REGRESSION - $2.99 - - - You will find that this story is one you are living in and not just reading along, the ride is something else.  What if you woke up one morning to find Hip Hop banned throughout the country? African-American athletes boycotting U.S Olympic teams? Welfare abruptly cut-off to the public? School classrooms assigned by ethnicity? Black students kicked out of colleges? Secret Hispanic plans to regain control of Southern California? Presidential plans to lock up all members of one culture? Racial restructuring of the entire United States?  

Aeneas Mayes just wants to move on from the troubled streets he was raised on and get his life together to be a better example for his son, Naashon. But when he wakes up late for his African-American History mid-term one morning, he quickly learns that his troubles are just beginning. One by one, racially charged decisions by the U.S. government are seemingly turning back the hands of time on civil rights, and Aeneas and the Black community are soon slapped with a first-hand history lesson of discrimination and injustice. The action is non-stop as Aeneas is now forced to rely on his street savvy and some of the unlikeliest of allies to get his son and loved ones back to freedom. But when local law enforcement receives assistance from the military to handle the riotous uprisings throughout urban America, the stakes rise beyond control. And when his best friend is apprehended and thrown in confinement camp for African-Americans, Aeneas will have to make a decision that will impact every life around him.   Sounds like the Civil War era? The turbulent 60’s? No, it’s 2008, and this is: Regression
KEEP IT 100: REAL TALK ON BEING A REAL MAN with CHARLES COOPER - $3.99 - - - We need our young men to grow up and be strong, but they need YOU!!! Please mentor them!

THE HEALING OF LOVE & LAUGHTER - $2.99 - - - Some smiles reflect more than just good times, occasionally they are a mask for pain. Comedian Isaac Golden learns the bright lights of Hollywood may shine for triumph, but in the shadows, drugs, wild women, and the fast life are waiting to take their toll on his soul. With the health of his children's' mother on the brink, a sex-crazed mistress on the side, the criminal woes of his inept younger brother, and increasing stage opportunities, trying to balance ambitions of stardom with reality is no laughing matter. When his faith and obligations are challenged beyond his control, Isaac realizes that overnight success can be tomorrow's biggest failure. He soon finds himself in a deep and dark hole, clueless how it all happened so fast. Will he have any friends and prayer left to help him overcome the guilt and remorse of his ways, or will time run out before he can truly discover: The Healing of Love and Laughter.
LEONARD PITTS JR - BEFORE I FORGET - $7.69 - - - This powerful novel of three generations of black men bound by blood — and by histories of mutual love, fear, and frustration, gives author Leonard Pitts the opportunity to explore the painful truths of black men's lives, especially as they play out in the fraught relations of fathers and sons. As 50-year-old Mo tries to reach out to his increasingly tuned-out son Trey (who himself has become an unwed teen aged father), he realizes that the burden of grief and anger he carries over his own estranged father has everything to do with the struggles he encounters with his son. Part road novel, part character study, and part social critique, and written in compulsively readable prose, Before I Forget is the work of a major new voice in American fiction. Pitts knows inside and out the difficulties facing black men as they grapple with the complexities of their roles as fathers.
ANDREA CLINTON - LIFE KNOWS NO BOUNDS: ONE WHO LOVES YOU MORE - $99 CENTS - - - From Khaleelah, “Very good love story, I'm a sucker for a love story especially a good hood one. Alisa and Omar are your typical urban characters with a uniqueness about them. Andrea (the author) could have done a better job with explaining the Arabic phrases I'm sure most of the readers aren't Muslim. Another flaw with the read were the usage of the different fonts , I wasn't understanding the need for font or typesetting change throughout the entire book. Andrea has great storytelling skills maybe the font changes was part of the characters mental mess, but for readers sake stick to one font next go around. The author is truly having a conversation with her readers, I found myself talking to the characters. I'm looking forward to more of Alisa and Omar Mental Mess!!!”  I guess she knows, because I brought it. 
APRIL SINCLAIR - I LEFT MY BACK DOOR OPEN - $4.81 Paperback  - - - Sometimes, reviewers are honest and I like that, but I will still give the book a try.  Here’s S. Thompson “casual reader” review - I thought this book was so overwhelmingly predictable I just couldn't enjoy it at all. I've read Sinclair's other books, (Coffee will make you black & ain't gonna be the same fool twice - Coffee Will Make You Black: A Novel - $5.25 Paperback) so I really thought I'd enjoy this one. But I found the characters uninteresting and utterly contrived so that the author could just spout her agenda. She moralizes everything, from spanking to teenage pregnancy. Afterwards, I felt as though I'd been cheated out of a good story because the author just wanted to rant about what she didn't like about society today.  If you're a April Sinclair fan, don't expect much. If you're new to this author, read Coffee Will Make You Black. Sooooo! much better.
MARISSA MONTEILH - HOT BOYZ - $6.99 - - - It is not what you are thinking. There are no siblings more charmed than the Wilson brothers of Ladera Heights, California. Fine and famous pro golfer Mason has money, respect, a beautiful, loving wife and two wonderful teenage children. Claude's the most successful realtor in the "Black Beverly Hills." And handsome, carefree "baby boy" Torino, who runs big brother Mason's club, Foreplay, can pick and choose the honeys he wants to share his time and his bed with. But beneath the surface of ideal lives are secrets that could shatter three perfect dreams and shake a family to its core. Legacies of loss and obligation, of tragedy and madness, threaten everything the Wilsons have worked so hard to achieve, exposing deep, raw, and devastating wounds that an outside world cannot see -- wounds that can be healed only through honesty and love. 

Hot Girlz: Hot Boyz Sequel
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  

JESSICA McCANN – ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF FREE - $8.99 - - -  A historical novel, well executed, emotionally engaging, illuminating an important Supreme Court case and the heart of a heroic woman." A free woman of color in the 1830s, Margaret Morgan lived a life full of promise. One frigid night in Pennsylvania, that changed forever. They tore her family apart. They put her in chains. They never expected her to fight back.  In 1837, Margaret Morgan was kidnapped from her home in Pennsylvania and sold into slavery. The state of Pennsylvania charged her kidnapper with the crime, but the conviction was later overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. It was the first time a major branch of the federal government had made a pro-slavery stand, and the ruling in Prigg v. Pennsylvania sewed the bitter seeds of the states' rights battle that eventually would lead to the Civil War.
Yet, the heart of this story is not a historic Supreme Court ruling. It is the remarkable, unforgettable Margaret Morgan. Show More Her life would never be the same. Her family had been torn apart. Uncaring forces abused her body and her heart. But she refused to give up, refused to stop fighting, refused to allow her soul to be enslaved.

NOTE:  When you have the time, would you please do me a favor and go to blog on Amazon and write  a comment.  I don't care if it's bad or good, but tell me if you want more or too much, or not funny enough.  Just want to know what you want.  Thank You - - Black Kindle