National Black Book Festival


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urban, Romance and a little bit of Church, Amen!!!

I’m heading to Atlanta this weekend for the National Book Club Conference.  To me, it’s another exciting book fair like my experience in Houston, Texas.  A few friends from the book club I’m a member of, The Literary Divas of the Low Country, who I also brought Moses Miller’s book and got it autographed for them while in Houston, will be joining me.  I guess they figure, they better go to this one since it’s close.  It’s going to be fun hanging out with them.  They are some serious, seriously reading DIVAS’s.
Some of the authors I met there will also be in the ATL selling their books.  This time, I think the buyers will be there.  Not going to go into it now, but will post my usual about it when I return.  If you want to stop by or just browse, just out their website - 
Trying to wrap up a few more authors I met and brought their books at Houston, so I won’t go into too many, just want to give you a taste:
DeMONICA D. GLADNEY - IDENTITY THEFT: DISCOVERING THE REAL YOU - $9.99 - - - Is an inspiring and real life, first-hand account of her personal encounter with identity theft. Many years ago, an impostor secretly stole her natural identity by snatching her good name, money and credit. Simultaneously, the enemy began to subtly steal her spiritual identity by attacking her God-given purpose and destiny. Through both challenging and life-altering experiences, which occurred years after her near fatal car accident, Ms. Gladney gained a powerful revelation and insight about the keys to reclaiming one’s real identity. In a unique, thought provoking approach in Identity Theft, she merges natural and spiritual identity theft together from a biblical perspective to give you a step-by-step road map to recover your stolen identity.  We could all use some help.  Read her book and please post a comment for or against buying it.  You never know who will read your review.

E. N. JOY - SHE WHO FINDS A HUSBAND - $11.24 - Paperback - - - What was the pastor of New Day Temple of Faith thinking when approving the creation of the New Day Singles Ministry? Better yet, what were its members thinking when they joined?  Doreen, lovingly known as the Church Mother of New Day, thought that when she presented the idea of the ministry to the pastor, it could serve as a foundation to empower, encourage, and enlighten the church's single members. But when only women join and Doreen learns that all these women want only one thing out of the ministry--help in finding a man--her mission goes astray.  “She Who Finds a Husband” is what you get when you combine some Divine, some Independent, some Virtuous, some Animated, and some Stoic personalities all in one setting--DIVAS! Dig into this soap opera in print as the women of New Day Temple of Faith Singles Ministry set flight to include men in their future, not realizing that the past is what's keeping them bound.
E. N. JOY - BEEN THERE PRAYED THAT - $10.17 Paperback - - - Mother Doreen has left New Day Temple of Faith in Malvonia, Ohio and moved to Kentucky to help her diabetic sister. Her sister's husband, a truck driver, pretty much lives on the road. Mother Doreen feels in her spirit that she's needed to intervene on her sister's behalf, especially when the assistant pastor of her sister's church seems to be there just a little bit too much. Her suspicions really grow when her sister's belly does too. Is it Mother Doreen's spirit of discernment warning her that things in her sister's home and church aren't what they seem, or is Mother Doreen just a busybody church mother sticking her nose where it doesn't belong?  Back in Malvonia, Tamarra and Maeyl's relationship is moving along nicely. She even has a feeling that the man she knows God placed in her life is going to propose to her. But suspicions arise when someone from Maeyl's past shows up at New Day Temple of Faith, unexpected and unwelcome. Will their relationship be able to withstand the strain?

E. N. JOY - LOVE, HONOR, OR STRAY - $7.99 - - - Now that Deborah has finally let go of the past that haunted her for so many years, is she ready to grab hold of love? The handsome Lynox Chase certainly hopes so, as he tries everything to win Deborah's heart. Even though she believes in her heart that Lynox is the husband God has for her, there still seems to be a barrier separating the two.  
The ringing of the wedding bells between Paige and Blake can still be heard echoing, but will the roar of temptation rear its ugly head when Paige begins to find comfort in the least-expected old friend?
Just when Tamarra manages to put out one fire, yet another one sparks. When a relative of the person who committed an unspeakable act against Tamarra tries to strike up a relationship with her, what really strikes up is the largest blaze imaginable. Tamarra doesn't even have faith that God can get this one under control. 
E.J. JOY - TRYING TO STAY SAVED - $10.95 Paperback - - -

ASHLEY and JAQUAVIS - DIRTY MONEY - - $2.90 Used Paperback - - - This is an urban tale of sex, money, murder, and mayhem and shows the pros and cons of the game, but don’t get fool that it’s just another “urban” book, the writing will speak for itself.  
Anari is the epitome of a good girl turned bad after world is brutally destroyed. Consumed with her desire for revenge, she, along with her best friend Monica, enter a life of drugs, fast money, and betrayal only to adapt the lifestyle that pushed them in the game in the first place. Hiding their true identities, the pair quickly rises to the top of New Jersey s dope game. Using everyone who crosses their paths, nothing, not betrayal or addiction will stop them from dispensing their street justice. Dirty Money is a page turner that will leave you in awe. Never underestimate the power of a woman.
ASHLEY and JAQUAVIS - SUPREME CLIENTELE - $6.64 - - - "Every Hustler's reign ends in one of two ways…prison or death." Refusing to let the prediction become a reality, Julius "Jules" Carter creates new rules to an old game. Strategically, he forms one of the most notorious drug operations Harlem has ever seen. Jules thought the game was his biggest challenge that is until he meets Tish. Young and Ambitious she is determined to escape from Harlem's allure, but her love for Jules has her rooted. She gets tangled in his web of lies and deceit. When she finds out about his past demons and connects them with her own, she soon finds out that there's a thin line between love and hate. You can't turn a bad girl good, but once a good girl turns bad she's gone forever. Julius finds out the hard way that everything done in the dark eventually comes to light. 
DWAYNE S. JOSEPH - HOME WRECKER - - - $6.99 Paperback - - - This is one of the many books I brought in Houston at the NBBF, but its on my wall of books to read.  So many books, so little time and so little money, but I love it any old way!!!
Here’s a review from Priscilla C. Johnson “bookmaniac,”  I feel that way myself about books.  Marlene knows that her husband, Steve, is having an affair with his secretary. After all, according to Marlene, Steve has sex like he invented it and no one can resist him or his manhood. Marlene wants a divorce but there are complications. Her co-worker, Lisette, comes up with a plan. A deal is made and Lisette makes twenty-five thousand dollars. Marlene gets her divorce with some added perks and Lisette embarks on a lucrative career. 
Lisette enjoys her job of helping women get rid of their husbands; until she meets Kyra. Kyra wants to get rid of her husband and out of the prenuptial agreement she signed. There is something about Kyra and the job she wants done that does not appeal to Lisette. When Lisette turns down the offer, Kyra makes threats that Lisette ignores until she is faced with losing all control. 
Home Wrecker is sexy and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out the next move of Lisette and Kyra - two women who refuse to relinquish their control over any situation. Lisette is arrogant and manipulative and is used to having it all on her terms; and Kyra simply wants what everyone has and then some. Joseph has given readers a sexy mystery that will leave them craving for more.

Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
BRENDA JACKSON - IRRESISTIBLE FORCES - It’s Free - - - I mean FREE. Like get it now. NOW!!! This woman can make a grown women cry with passion, lust, very sensual and with stories that are not just real, but possible. Granted many people do not like it because it’s predictable and yes, they have lots of sex, and a plot that’s a bit unreal. Bull crap never happens to me, at least not in real life, but I do have some dynamite, get down and dirty dreams after reading her books. 
Taylor is beautiful and black and she wants a baby, but without a husband.  One of her clients, she is an Asset Manager, is Dominic Saxon, a biracial millionaire (when I read this book I was thinking of David Bowie and Iman.  Maybe not).  Where are these rich biracial men living? 
Getting back to the book.  Taylor sets up a weekend trip for them to “consummate” the deal.  The deal?  No call backs, no baby mama drama, no money, no getting back in touch with each other, just, sex, sex and more sex in order for Taylor to get pregnant.  Well, Mrs. Jackson’s sex scenes will having you dreaming all night, so be careful what you wish for, you ain’t getting it!!!
After the deed and the deal sealed, Taylor and Dominic begin to feel “love” and eventually they realize it’s real and get married.  Don’t bother to try and understand and try to figure it out.  Don't go around saying that you don’t read that “fluffy” stuff, get the book, sit in your favorite chair with a glass of wine, wine cooler, coke, milk and cookies, what every and enjoy the read.  It will relax you. 

I re-read all of Mrs. Jackson' books.  Can't get enough of that good stuff (Yeah, I know it's old school, but what the hey!!! it's good reading!!!)