National Black Book Festival


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh!! Books! Oh!!! Books!!


Oh, isn’t it lovely and glorious!!! A beautiful Saturday morning!! Until about 12pm when it will get hot!! hot!!! and more hot!!!  I was cleaning up this morning, I got guest coming this 4th of July weekend.  My cousin, her husband and their son and nephew, so you know I got to at least make an effort to get any stink out of the house.  
One of my stinks, I unfortunately smoke.  Not pot (Even though there are days and I mean days where I could use a joint at work to deal with some crazy ass people!!), but I mean cigarettes.  Yes, yes, I know it’s bad for your health and I have tried to quit two or three times and will probably continue to try until I get it right.  I actually quit when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and stayed off of it until she was a year and half.  Then my grandmother died and I died along with her and started back smoking.  

As I have told you many times before, my grandmother was my life, my heart, my soul, my love of books.  If I did not have my daughter, I would have died right there with her.  She was the one who walked me to the neighborhood library.  Would read bedtime stories and talk to me about some of the authors she has met like James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison.  I took that love from her and flew with it.  After a while, she let me walk by myself to the library and at the age of 8, I started volunteering there.  
I think they (the librarians) knew I was one hungry child.  Not just for food but books too.  I would go there after school and Saturdays and reshelve books.  For hours I would stay there and just read, touch and smell the books.  Smell the books!  I would just get any book and sit Indian style on the floor and read, smell and feel the books.  It was and still is my supreme bliss!!!! Let’s get to some more books from NBFF - National Black Book Festival, can’t let you miss out on great and cheap books.
Well, it’s now Wednesday and I’m just getting back to my blog.  My family left and I did not get a chance to update my blog.  Will update you later on my weekend, but since I’m behind, way behind in my blogging, I need to get to some books:
OSWALD J. SCOTT - THE PROMISE: A BLACK MAN’S GUIDE TO MONEY, POWER AND RESPECT - $11.05 in Paperback or website, for $12.95 - - - I may not be a “black man” and I may not understand all that they go thru, but I will try to find ways to understand and help them.  One of those ways is to find books that speak to them not preach it.  The book tells the story of a young man seeking answers. Trey Johnson is a 25-year-old black man who upon being released from prison decides he doesn't want to return. Once home he finds that conditions have gotten worse and wonders how he can survive without getting back into the game he left. Determined not to return to prison, Trey begins to see he has few choices. His desire for wanting a different life leads him to a man who seems to have it all. He tells Trey that he too could have the three things every man wants Money, Power and Respect, if he knew the secrets.
The book explores the secret laws and principles, for achieving your dreams and desires. These laws are universal in nature and work as the law of gravity. Gravity is no respecter of color, weight, or religion; you can't see it or feel it but it will cause you to fall every time you jump up. By acquiring the knowledge of these secrets and using them in your life any man or woman can live the life they choose.  I’m not sure if this is another “Secret” book on finding yourself, but I’m willing to give it a try.  Nothing and I mean nothing beats a failure but a try.  Mr. Scott is also a attorney in Houston, Texas.
ISAIAH WASHINGTON - A MAN FROM ANOTHER LAND: HOW FINDING MY ROOTS CHANGED MY LIFE - $11.99 - - - If you are a fan of Mr. Washington and want to learn more about him instead of reading stuff on the Internet, and I’ve seen as you have also, some crazy ass stuff and some big old lies, then I think you will enjoy reading a bit of history about him.  
MICHELLE MCKINNEY  HAMMOND - SASSY, SINGLE, AND SATISFIED: SECRETS TO LOVING THE LIFE YOU’RE LIVING - $8.11 - - - OK, you may not like living alone or you are getting completely fed up with crap in relationships and on top of that, it is getting freakiest and strange out there in “dating land,” give Ms. Hammond some of your time.  She has a variety of books to boosts your spirits up and keep you up.  This is just one of them, here are others.  They may be more on the speed you are looking for.
MICHELLE MCKINNEY  HAMMOND - HOW TO BE FOUND BY THE MAN YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR - $8.35 - - -  Here’s a review from D. Jones, in May 2011 and she seemed impressed, “I bought the Kindle version of this book yesterday and could not put it down - finished it by evening! This was my first time reading this author's works and I love her writing style - clean, crisp, detailed, engaging. She MAKES you want to continue to read and partake of her insights. Add to it that it is SOOOOO relevant for single women - especially women like me, in her 40s - single (never married) and no kids - and almost every other book about dating has so much more info on how to date if you're a single mom or a divorced woman - and the issues they have to deal with. Nothing against my sisters who are (bless you in your strength), but sometimes if feels like people forget about those of us who aren't. Michelle has provided one of the BEST examples of dating for a christian woman - or any woman. The knowledge of Naomi, the image of Boaz protecting and claiming his wife - and Ruth's graciousness and patience in living her life and doing right regardless of her situation - a WONDERFUL example for all women. The bar has been raised again - back where it belongs!"
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
JAMES BALDWIN - IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK Paperback Used - $3.83 or new $7.89 
Tish and Fonny, young African Americans are trying so very hard to get a decent job, marry and get a home. They are young and in love in the 1970s New York, which was extremely hard for a black man when he has been accused of rape. I will always believe to this day that he did not do it, but this book takes you thru the hell both families go thru to get him out of jail. You've heard it before, her family is supportive and his family is sort of supportive and his black father had his own hard time. This book, which was written in 1974, should still be read today by young African American boys/men to, hopefully, finally, help them realize that no matter what decade it is, being black is still hard without strong family support, even if that family is friends or a mentor.  We can pull through any hell. I know I did. 
Did you have a book that still moves your heart and soul?