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Friday, March 18, 2011

Black History Year - Still in March

Number 56

I’m in the mood for some Vampire.  Everyone else is doing it with the Twilight Series.  My girlfriend and I last year went to the Cinebarre theater, where you can eat and drink while watching a movie and sat thru a marathon of the Twilight series, part 1, 2 and 3.  We were so drunk by the time we saw the current movie, Eclipse, that I still don’t remember what happen.  Just got a little horny seeing those two boys, Edward and Jacob.  Why are they so young and white?  Why can’t I have one of them to take home and train the way I want a man?  Why, oh why.  
When the fourth one comes out in November, we are going to do it again.  It’s starts at 6pm thru 3am.  We will be OK, we will drink enough beer and coffee to keep us awake and the bathrooms are close by.  The opening one will be shown outside, which means I will lay my but down and probably fall asleep.  Cannot wait.  I’m on Team Edward Teams.  To bad they are young and white.  I would have like a young and black one.  
When was the last time you did a marathon movie fest?  Come on, you know you did them when you were young, by young I mean under 70 but over 18.  Hey, 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50 and so on.  I have seen enough women and men to know, DAMN!!! I want to look like that when I grow up, well, you can’t have everything, but I’m sure going to damn try! Tina Turner, Diana Carroll, Diana Ross, Victoria Rowell, Iman, Natalie Cole (She really looks good after so much drama with drugs and illness),  Vanessa L. Williams of Ugly Betty and now on that show Desperate Housewives, which is about time they put a serious black women on the show to show them how to really create some drama.  They did have Alfre Woodard and she did look good, but I'm not a fan of the show, so I'm limited as to what is has been or going on now.  These black women have it all and I want some of it, don’t you!
Let’s start our Vampire lust!!!
L. A. BANKS - MINION: A VAMPIRE HUNTRESS LEGEND - $7.99 June 2003 - 1st - - - Damali Richards is a rising star of Warriors of Light Records, -but her fans would never guess that she is also the most important vampire hunter in a millennium. However, unfortunately for the inexperienced young huntress, the vampires and demons have both discovered her existence. An age-old war escalates to unprecedented heights of violence as the dark forces strive to slay Damali before she comes of age and gains her full powers.
Damali is a vampire-killing martial artist, and Minion presents an epic struggle between good and evil, yet the novel neglects to include a climactic battle between Damali and the bad guys (or much of a climax at all; a sequel is obviously forthcoming). Another problem is that Damali's teacher withholds crucial information from not only the huntress, but also her guardians, who should have learned everything many years ago. In contrast, the characters frequently tell each other things they already know.
THE BITTEN (VAMPIRE HUNTRESS LEGEND) - $7.99 January 2005 - 4th- - - The fourth Vampire Huntress book opens with Damali Richards happy and in the arms of her lover, master vampire Carlos Rivera. Their romantic getaway ends with a shocking revelation: Damali is becoming a vampire. Distressed, Carlos takes Damali back to her friends, hoping that the seer Marlene can reverse the process. Carlos is forced to leave Damali to return to the Vampire Council, which greets him with distressing news: a master vampire has stolen a key to a powerful seal that could enable him to destroy the sun. The council wants the key in its keeping and threatens Damali's life to compel Carlos to get the key for it. Carlos turns to a human associate, detective Berkfield, for help in finding the key, while Damali's friends perform a ritual to keep her from becoming a full-fledged vampire. The stakes have never been higher, and the excitement and tension are palpable in this installment of Banks' complex, sexy series.
THE THIRTEENTH (VAMPIRE HUNTRESS LEGENDS) - $7.99 - FINAL IN SERIES - - - Reviewed by Candace Link “C Janine” - The Thirteenth is the twelfth and final story in L. A. Banks' Vampire Huntress Legends series. I know it's fiction (and I must admit that I was hooked from the moment I saw the Sankofa tattooed at the base of Damali'striskaidekaphobia (morbid fear of the number 13.  Some say it’s superstition and related to Friday the 13th) was because the series was ending, not the emotional roller coaster Banks delivered as the team took it to the streets in Jerusalem, dodging daywalkers and zombies. Having become personally attached to every member of the team, I tried unsuccessfully to read slowly, but the fast-paced action was right out of a Roland Emmerich or Jerry Bruckheimer film. Fallon Nuit, Sebastian, Lilith, and Vlad Dracula turn up the heat on the team once they realize Damali is pregnant. Seeking to exploit this perceived weakness, the One Who Shall Remain Nameless, breaks the sixth seal. Ride or die, the Neteru team, tried by the fire, comes out pure gold with the help from the council of Neteru Kings and Queens and Warrior angels. When the dust clears, Banks leaves it to Yaya to bring peace to the steadfast, but mystified adults (and I was one of them), making the words of Isaiah 11:6 ring clear: "and a little child shall lead them." 
OK, that’s enough of vampire for now, I’m only on book three and I got to catch up.
Got to stick on one for Black History Year.  
OMAR TYREE, DONNA HILL, MONICA JACKSON, KEVIN S. BROCKENBROUGH, LINDA ADDISON, and ANGELA C. ALLEN - DARK THIRST - $10.99 - - - I know you are surprised that Omar and Donna are writing vampire, but this is different.  
Psychically commanding vampires, both men and women, both willing and unwilling killers, seduce unwitting humans and lead them to the slaughter. The majority of the stories share themes of beauty, power and the desire for love or approval—themes that Monica Jackson's "The Ultimate Diet" riffs on wonderfully as the obese Keeshia, rather than beginning another diet, figures out how to turn into a vampire so she can be slender and irresistible, just like her beautiful serial-killing neighbor. Donna Hill's "The Touch" follows Selena, a masseuse who uses sensual touch and sex to sate her desire for humans so she will not feed on them, as she begins to lose control of her urge for blood. Kevin S. Brockenbrough's outstanding "The Family Business" mixes vampires and werewolves with the real monsters—wife beaters and uncaring neighbors—as Shelly agrees to become a werewolf like the men in her family to get back at her abusive husband, only to have him return from the dead as a vampire eager for payback. The vampires are all ultimately alone, even as they reach out to the humanity that they themselves lack.