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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who Cares! Thanksgiving is over and I'm done.

Number 36
OK, Thanksgiving is over!!! My daughter and I made our way to two houses for dinner.  The first one was with a friend of mine husband’s family.  They are a nice group of people with family members expecting a new baby and a couple of weddings.  I hear the usual complaints about, “Damn, that turkey was dry as hell,” (but their asses did not cook anything).  “Man, did you see how big she/he has gotten? (Like they have a model’s body, hell, they should look at their own buts).  Uncle, Sister, Daddy, Cousin, etc., etc, got too damn drunk for me.  Who the hell cares what you think!! Your ass did not cook a got damn thing, just showed up and ate and drank ever thing.  
I refuse to complain.  I was invited to someone’s house to eat dinner and have a nice time. I did not have to cook or bring a dish.  I was more than thankful that I had a place to go and since money is so tight, lunch for a few days.  Do these people realize what it is like to come home to no one?  Do they think because I’m single with no kids at home, just a dog, that my life is Heaven!!  Why the hell crap don’t they just sit their tired, no money, no life, don’t read a damn book, wear tight ass jeans that are too tight for them, drink too much, smoke too much, have one night stands and complain that they cannot find a man/women, go to work and do shit but complain, can’t type, can’t write complete sentences with a noun and verb, don’t vote, but complain about the economy and definitely don’t, again, read a book.
I’m pissed and tired.  I have my bad days too, but it could be worse and I could be unhealthy, without a job and more broke than yesterday.  Damn, holidays can piss you off!!  
Let’s get to some books.  Cheap books!
On one of my library volunteering days, I found a damn good book:
WALLACE FORD - THE PRIDE - $5.59.  I also found out that this book comes out on paperback and Kindle on February 1, 2011.  It must be a reprint.  Whatever the deal, it’s damn good.  It begins with a black guy name Sture Jorgenson from Norway, yes I said Norway.  Didn’t think black folks were living that far out in the cold, cold.  We get to know him and his friends who are part of “The Pride.”  A group of rich and very wealthy African Americans with all the of the money in the world, but major problems too. When you read it, you will need a dictionary a few times, but Mr. Ford knows how to tell the tale that will make you want to read more about - - Paul, Deirdre (Paul’s ex-wife), Jerome (too good to be a true good black man), and we have to have a real jackass, Gordon.  That boy had me laughing and wanting to kick his ass myself.  Let me give you a few quotes from the book that I liked.  "Bonita Woolsey was one of those people that you could stand being around for about . . .  ten nanoseconds.  After that she seemed to be the manifestation of all annoyances.  There was her braying laugh, her phony veneer barely covering the nudity of her hypocrisy and her unbridled ambition.  And probably worse of all was her clear disdain for everyone and everything she surveyed.  She was possessed of the unshakable belief that Bonita Woolsey was the undeniable center of the only universe that counted-hers."  
Another quote.  Paul goes on a job interview with then Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, and the first question from Koch is, "Do you have any white friends?"  Now, what the hell would you do if asked that question?  
Click Here - The Pride
Another venue that I use to find out about new books is 3 Chicks on Lit, which you can listen to on blogtalkradio.   They discuss and interview African American authors weekly.  Log into and listen, you will enjoy it.
PAT TUCKER - DADDY BY DEFAULT - $9.99 - - - Quote from Amazon.  A court-system mistake forces a man to pay child support for a child that's not his.  Parker and Roxanne Redman are heading home in sadness after Roxanne's suffered another miscarriage when Parker's pulled over for speeding and arrested for ,000 in delinquent child support for a child that's not his, by a woman he doesn't even know. Meanwhile, Parker's best friend James, who's divorcing his wife, Serena, has just agreed to pay child support for six-year-old Semaj, ill with sickle cell anemia, although James later learns through a blood test that Semaj is not his biological daughter. Tucker's dissection of family law and corruption in the welfare system is both fascinating and horrifying. The men and the women involved, including Parker's distraught wife, Roxy; working-the-system welfare mom Lachez Baker; and out-of-control Serena come vividly to life, along with the innocent children caught in the crossfire of paternity fraud.
Click Here - Daddy by Default

BARBARA GROVNER - WE BELONG TOGETHER - $4.00 - - - It’s hard to imagine the death of a close family member. Especially when it is someone you admire and look up to, and most especially when it is your very own sister.  It’s also hard to imagine why anyone would want your sweet and loving sister dead.
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