National Black Book Festival


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some stories are too familiar, but we still love them.

Get you a good book and sit outside and read!
You will find your joy!

Number 35
Hey, it's getting close to Christmas.  As a matter of fact, it’s 38 days before Christmas.  But I’m sure you are either ready, getting ready, or too damn broke to care.  I’m a little bit lucky.  I do not decorate my house or buy presents.  My kid is in college and will be working in DC during the holidays while staying with her dad, thank GOD, my money is too damn tight.  My daughter doesn’t want anything for Christmas, she is just glad her Dad and I are paying for her college, she did get come scholarship money, but of course it wasn’t enough, crap, I’m always broke before the end of the month.  Oh, well, at least I got food and a job.
I added to my blog the other day, a video of the Capital BookFest.  I do not think you can view or listen to it on the old version of the Kindle, but maybe the new one.  Go to my blog on the net and check it out.  Yes, I’m in it and looking good.
Let’s get to some books:
32 CANDLES: A NOVEL - $9.99 - - -  One of my book clubs, I’m in so many, The Literary Divas of the Low Country, read this book and we enjoyed it very, very much.  Here’s a write up from Amazon on it.  I think you will like it.  This debut novel of longing for family, love, and acceptance finds some interesting territory before settling too early into inevitability. Davidia Jones, a nerdy child of poverty, is abused by her alcoholic mother and despicable father and is the subject of merciless taunting at her high school. But it's the "Molly Ringwald Ending" that guides this fragile 15-year-old when she bolts town with a lesbian trucker named Mama Jane and lands a gig as a '40s-style chanteuse in L.A. With a little Hollywood stardust, she redefines herself and begins living the life she's dreamed of--until James, the rich golden boy she had a crush on back home, walks into her nightclub. Not knowing their connected past, James promptly goes gaga for the overhauled Davie, whose need for sweet revenge adds a welcome dark edge to an otherwise predictable trajectory toward self-empowerment. 
Click Here - 32 Candles: A Novel
A book that was recommended by Ernessa T.Carter:
WHO FEARS DEATH - $11.99 - - - If you are a sci-fi fan, and I have not read it yet, please tell me what you think.  Quote from Amazon.  Okorafor sets this emotionally fraught tale in post apocalyptic Saharan Africa. The young sorceress Onyesonwu—whose name means Who fears death?—was born Ewu, bearing a mixture of her mother's features and those of the man who raped her mother and left her for dead in the desert. As Onyesonwu grows into her powers, it becomes clear that her fate is mingled with the fate of her people, the oppressed Okeke, and that to achieve her destiny, she must die. Okorafor examines a host of evils in her chillingly realistic tale—gender and racial inequality share top billing, along with female genital mutilation and complacency in the face of destructive tradition—and winds these disparate concepts together into a fantastical, magical blend of grand storytelling.
Click Here - Who Fears Death
For Colored Girls Who Struggle & Pale Girls Who Juggle audio book on CD Kindle Edition - $2.99 - - - It’s a collection of poems of sensual and politically incorrect poems set to the jazz.  
DENZEL’S LIPS - $4.47 - - - I am a member of Audio books.  I download books, podcast and music to my iPod.  I am currently listening to this book as well as brought the kindle version.  So far, I just started, and it’s getting good!!! - - - Quote from Amazon.  Welcome to Hercsville, Long Island, where everyone is young, rich, and beautiful,   Where four women are in search of love, sex, and sanity.  Asha Mitchell Seabrook is hot, young, and married to the very wealthy Nick Seabrook. But as rich as her man is, he just can't seem to satisfy her insatiable appetite for money or sex.  (What else is new.  We all got problems!!!).  Dr. Penelope Brewster is a successful clinical psychologist, who is trying to keep the children of Hercsville's power elite in good mental health and out of trouble. But Dr. Penny has her own demons.  Glamorous, famous, and deeply troubled, Nancy St. Bart might be a successful soap opera actress, but she's also nursing some dangerous obsessions. And Denzel is just one of them.  Shareeka Ellison is as beautiful as the home she perfectly keeps. But her millionaire husband has turned into a man she doesn't know anymore and one who might just destroy everything she's worked so hard for.  As these four ladies struggle with the pressures of being sexy, black, and successful, they're about to discover what living the high life is really all about .  I know I have read this before or either saw some show on TV!  It's too familiar.   Ahhh!
Click Here - Denzel's Lips
WENDY RAVEN McNAIR  - ASLEEP - The price is now $2.99.  I gave you a heads up of this one and now the second one is out, ASLEEP [SECOND HALF] (ASLEEP TRILOGY) 2.99 - - - ASLEEP is a superhero teen love story set in modern day Atlanta that's filled with humor, mystery, romance, and suspense.

I'll be back!!!