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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little bit of this and that!

Number 31

I’m on vacation. I’m on vacation. Now that’s the beauty of working for the Government. You earn leave each pay period and over time it grows before you know it and you can only take so much into the next year, so you have to use it or lose it, and I do not intend to lose it.

I know my money is tight. Paying a mortgage, electric, cable, which I am about to shut down. It use to cost me about $65.00 a month for both cable and Internet, now it is $120.00 a month and I don’t even look at that much TV. I have basic cable, you know limited TV. No HBO three times. No Showtime three times. No BBC, GREEN, BIO, WE, SOAP, and more sports stations than legs on a caterpillar’s ass. There are over 400 channels, my GOD who looks at that much TV. You mean to tell me you don’t go outside other than work? You don’t play with your kids, spouse or friends?

What do you do with your free time? Read books, right? Read quality stories with some funny ass and serious plots and even funnier characters, so lets get to it:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG - If you still look at TV, she is on the show, The View and she has been in many movies. I don’t catch the TV show, I’m at work usually, but I always see something on the net about her and the other women on their political views, which some like and some don’t. Don’t get me started with this political crap that’s go around, just go out and VOTE.

IS IT JUST ME? - $9.99 - - - Have you noticed that things aren't as civil as they once were? Or that rudeness is no longer an exception but a lifestyle? Sure you have. All you need to do is set foot outside your door to see that bad manners are taking over everywhere. People are yakking on cell phones in restaurants, even at church. Folks in carpools wear enough cologne to make our eyes bleed. Complete strangers think it's OK to rub a pregnant lady's belly. Passengers abuse flight attendants, family outings to the ball park are ruined by rowdy drunks . . . a congressman heckled the President of the United States. This is Whoopi’s version of her observations of why our civility is missing, but with humor. Yes, it is missing.

WENDY RAVEN McNAIR  - ASLEEP - $6.99 - - - I just recently became friends on Facebook with Wendy. I am always, always looking for authors to become friends with me because I may have missed someone while updating this blog and It’s nice to purchase and read their books. I cannot promote a book on this blog and not read it. That would be a waste of time for me and the author. So far, every single book I have promoted, I have brought and in some instances, brought a few for friends. Give it a try, it’s a new way of looking at romance. Here’s an excerpt:

Adisa Summers doesn't know her boyfriend, Micah Alexander, can fly. Micah's odd emotionless behavior, rigid posture, and vacant eyes are mysteries sending mixed messages to Adisa. When a flash of lightning sends a tree crashing down on her, Adisa is shocked to see Micah actually flying to her rescue!

In an instant, Adisa is in his arms, looking up at the sky over his shoulder as they fly parallel to the ground. Micah shifts, shielding her completely with his body. As the tree explodes against Micah's back, Adisa feels him shudder with the impact and the air fills with wood chips and sawdust. Miraculously, they aren't smashed into the ground. They safely continue flying.

Micah finally begins to open up to Adisa about his secret life as a super being and she discovers another shocking secret… Micah burns for her--literally as well as figuratively.  ASLEEP is a superhero teen love story set in modern day Atlanta that's filled with humor, mystery, romance, and suspense.

NTOZAKE SHANGE - FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF - $8.99 - - - You know the movie comes out November 5. See the trailer on   Please support his movie. Please.

BRENDA JACKSON - IN TOO DEEP: HUSBAND MATERIAL/THE SHEIKH’S BARGAINED BRIDE (SILHOUETTE DESIRE) - $3.40 - - - Now, this woman can write romance. I still love my Westmoreland men, Love Them!

MURDER, OH! MY, DID THE BUTLER DO IT? - Black Women Mystery Writers continued:

A FREE MAN OF COLOR (BENJAMIN JANUARY, BOOK 1) - $4.75 (Hardback 1998) - - - This is the first in eight books on Ben January, a mixed blood making a living as a musician because he cannot, in 1833, perform surgery, but he will take the chance to solve murders. It is rare to see a black man in the 18th century solve crimes, but it was a good find.
A Free Man of Color (Benjamin January, Book 1)

FEVER SEASON (BENJAMIN JANUARY, BOOK 2) - $0.01 (Paperback 1999)
Fever Season (Benjamin January, Book 2)

GRAVEYARD DUST (BENJAMIN JANUARY, BOOK 3) - $0.01 (Hardcover 2000)
Graveyard Dust (Benjamin January, Book 3)

Sold Down the River (Benjamin January, Book 4)

Die Upon a Kiss (Benjamin January, Book 5)

Wet Grave (Benjamin January, Book 6)

Days of the Dead (Benjamin January, Book 7)

DEAD WATER (BENJAMIN JANUARY, BOOK 8) - $5.49 Sefton, the two pose as Hannibal's slaves/servants and board a steamboat heading up the Mississippi River. On the boat, they find themselves amid slave runners, abolitionists and a host of interesting, unsavory and downright terrifying individuals. So when their quarry is transformed into a corpse, it's no wonder the trio have no idea who might be trusted.”

MELANIE MCALLESTER - - Melanie is the author of two mysteries book,  none in Kindle, on Elizabeth (Tenny) Mendoza, a half-black, half-Mexican, lesbian cop. Hey, lesbians can kick some ass when needed! And no, this not some crack about lesbians, they are just people too, so stop tripping and getting all politically correct on me!

THE LESSONS - $4.80 (Paperback 1994) - - - Quote from Amazon, “A serial rapist is assaulting Bay Area lesbians, and half-black, half-Mexican homicide investigator ``Tenny'' Mendoza joins with rookie Ashley Johnson and sexual assault detective Steve Carlton to crack the case. Lesbians Tenny and Ashley must confront the homophobic Steve as well as unmask the rapist before he can strike again. The ``lessons'' of the title are those learned by each of the main characters as they become more deeply involved and more vulnerable--as well as those the rapist intends to teach about ``what real love is all about.''

THE SEARCH - $0.96 (Paperback 1996) - Tenny has to find the kid of her former lover. The only woman she has ever loved.