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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Woman Mystery Writers Part II - Pandemonium

From October 7 thru October 10, I volunteered at “That Big Book Sale” given by the Charleston Friends of the Library.  I always, always enjoy doing this.  I get a chance to meet so many people, especially kids.  Our children selection is always huge and this year the Mystery selection had over 1,000 books.  
Now when the Black folks come in, there usually isn’t that many, but when they do, the other board members tell them to see me about any books by black authors.  Since I am part of the set up and take down team (Man, it takes over 100 people to do that and the guys on parole also help), I see the books first.  This year we had lots of Terry, Eric, one or two Carl Weber, Connie Briscoe, and Brenda Jackson (Which I was surprised because many woman will not give up the Westmoreland Men for no one or nothing).  I was in my element.  I am in my world when I work at these book fairs.  I can’t tell you or describe how my whole body just lights up inside and go goodly and just out of my damn mind.  I see a sea of books and more books and want to jump in and have the best fucking orgasm in the world (OK, Ok, that may not be what one would say about  books, but hey, I ain’t got a man and have not had one in quite a while, but I am not lonely either).  I got my books, a good life, a good dog to keep me in shape, a beautiful and intelligent daughter and GOD on my side.  What the hell more do I need?  More books! What else.  
On to more Black Women Mysteries. As I have stated before, some of these books are not on Kindle, but you still may want to read them and they are pretty cheap.  Go ahead, fall into the dark recess of your mind and give the killer a piece of it while you are kicking his/her but.
Now. when you buy a book that costs one cent under “used”, remember that you have to pay for the shipping.  It usually is about $3.00 to $4.00.  It’s still worth it.
ELEANOR TAYLOR BLAND - Eleanor is the creator of the mystery fiction’s first black woman homicide detective, Marti MacAlister.  A former cop and a widowed mother of two, where she moves to the Lincoln Prairie police.
SLOW BURN (MARTI MacALISTER MYSTERY) - $0.01 (Paperback 1994)
GONE QUIET - $3.00 (Paperback 1995) - - - Wishing she could kill her husband of thirty-five years, Gladys Hamilton is surprised when someone else beats her to it, and police detectives Marti MacAlister and Vic Jessenovik search for the truth about a shameful family secret. Gone Quiet
DONE  WRONG - $0.01 (Paperback 1996)
KEEP STILL (MARTI MacALISTER MYSTERIES) - $0.01 (Paperback 1998)
SEE NO EVIL (MARTI MacALISTER MYSTERIES) - $0.01 (Paperback 1999)
DEAD TIME (MARTI MacALISTER MYSTERIES) - $0.01 (Paperback 2001)
FATAL REMAINS - $0.01 (Paperback 2003)
A COLD AND SILENT DYING (MARTI MacALISTER) - $0.01 (Paperback 2004)
CHARLOTTE CARTER - Carter’s detective Nanette Hayes is a young, tall, black, beautiful and defiantly bald and armed with attitude and a master’s degree in French, (crap, I would be afraid of her).  Nanette is, “A Spike Lee heroine in a Woody Allen World.”
COQ AU VIN (NANETTE HAYES MYSTERIES) - $0.01 (Paperback 2000)
DRUMSTICKS (A NANETTE HAYES MYSTERY) - $4.85 (Paperback 2001, but you can get the Hardback for $0.01) - - - African-American sax artist Nanette Hayes, a tough New Yorker, returns for her third gig (following Rhode Island Red and Coq au Vin). Nan is as low as she can go--hitting the booze hard, losing contact with friends and drifting until the gift of a voodoo doll seems to change her luck. An unexpected check and a chance to perform regularly at an upscale jazz club rouse her to seek out the voodoo doll's creator, an older woman named Ida Williams, whom she invites on impulse to hear her play. Her good luck ends in opening-night gunfire that leaves Ida dead. The old woman's checkered past, a vendetta among rap artists and an elaborate scam combine to thrust Nan into a maelstrom of violence. In search of answers, Nan finds that she needs her friends--Aubrey, a beautiful exotic dancer, and Justin, a white, witty drag queen. She also needs the help of both her high school principal father, who left her mother to marry a much younger white woman, and gruff NYPD detective Leman Sweet, who proves to be an unexpected guardian angel. Underneath the street trappings and the jazzy, bold sexuality, Nan seems a nice middle-class gal seeking bohemia who instead finds adventure and romance.
WALKING BONES (HIGH RISK BOOKS) - $0.37 (Paperback 2002)
JACKSON PARK (COOK COUNTY MYSTERY) - $0.01 (Paperback 2003)
TRIP WIRE: A COOK COUNTY MYSTERS - Kindle version $9.99 (2005)
I will have more.  There are so many African American mystery writers, both men and women, who I know you will like.  In the meantime, hit me up on Facebook, Amazon or email me.  Any and all suggestions, comments or if you want me to advertise your book on my blog (Yes, I have received a few requests and they are forthcoming), take me up on my offer.  Have a great week and enjoy your life before it enjoys you to the ground.