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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More books, more books, more books

While reading another article about the lack of diversity in publishing, I found the very first African American romance author by Harlequin in 1984 – Sandra Kitt - $4.50 – Adam and Eva.  I read a few of the reviews, some good, some not, but either way, it looks like it would be worth buying it for prosperity. 

I know there is not enough diversity in the publishing business, but I also do not like some of the nasty urban books.  At times the stories go too damn far with the completely offensive stories and some are the same type of stories – Drug dealer, sex crazed woman who only wants a thug and big money.  Come on, I know we got some great stories out there and I know some do reflect what’s real, but when you read so many books about the same “thug” issues, it gets a bit worn.  Hey, that’s just my take, you like those books, go for it and I will promote some of them, but my stomach cannot take them all.

I also don't just read romance fiction. I read everything.  Do you?  

Well Christmas and New Year is over, but I had the best time.  My Kid got too much, being that she is the only child and we have always told her that if she follows our rules, keep away from craziness, no drugs, not even cigarettes; her mommy smokes, Dad never did.  I was on e-cig for a few months and now back to smoking.  Not for long, not for long.  I will stop completely.  If she continue to do all of her school work, get a good job with benefits and stay focus on GOD, she can get anything she wants from us. 

Good GOD, what were we thinking?  That child is spoiled, but has turned out to be a beautiful, intelligent young lady and we are very proud of her.

On to my many adventures.  After my trip to Norfolk, Virginia, I returned happy and filled up to the rim with books to my full and part time jobs.  The full time job helps pay the bills and provide me with great benefits.  Will hate to leave, but eventually I will have to retire.  Kinda of looking forward to that day since it is closer than I think.  The “Part time dream job at an Amazing Bookstore,” is going great as well.  I will give you more details about my adventures there, especially the customer who came into the store with three teeth in her mouth, dirty clothes, country talking slang and hanging out with either her son or boyfriend, I could not tell  Her boyfriend/son looked like one of those Duck Dynasty guys.  He had a very long black beard that was plaited down to his stomach.  I kept my cool, since no one else in the store wanted to be bothered with them.  Walked over and ask if I could help them.  After listening and trying to understand what they were saying, I figured out that this woman, who looked like something in Alligator County that dragged her around, was a very well read woman.  She told me about books she reads on history, presidents, civil wars, and the Romans.  It was freaking amazing how much reading she does and even more freaking amazing that she brought some history books I recommended to her and her Duck Dynasty son. 

After all of that talking, over an hour, they spent $256.00 that day.  I heard later from staff that they usually come into the store and buy big, but no one likes to talk to them because they stink.  Yes, they stink, but hey, I worked as a candy stripper at our local hospital and one homeless woman came in stinking to high heavens.  By the time they cleaned her up, they still could not figure out where the funk was coming from.  When the doctor did an OBGYN exam, that woman had a tampon that had been stuck in there for months.  It took the jaws of life to get it out and clean her body.  Now, that’s funk.  Those people were stinky, but friendly and very nice to talk to.  Oh, let me mention that they are rich.  They own lots of land with horses, cows, etc. and a few apartment buildings.  Who said you have to be clean to be rich.

Let’s get to some books. 

Christian Keys – actor in Perfect Combination, Lord All Men Can’t Be Dogs, Black Coffee (saw that and thought it was cute), Diary of a Man Black Woman, and other movies, has a book out that was published by Carl Weber – LADIES NIGHT: Carl Weber Presents - $8.79.  Was at Barnes & Noble with my friend who works for them Jacqueline Bouvier Lee, promoting his book.  I could not make the Columbia store and tried to make the next day signing at the store in Sumter, but I had to work.  What did I miss, Carl showed up.  Damn, I wanted to kick myself. 

People are always promoting books on my facebook page, African American Books On The Kindle.  Why not give them a shout out.  Now, I have not read many of them and I think I have already posted review.  So buck up and take a look.  You may find something for Christmas on this list:

The Reality Book: Africa: A Caribbean American couple’s 20 years of experiences living & travelling throughout West Africa – by various writers - $3.99.  Here’s a review from William M. Thompson A wonderful book that provides a perspective that is unique in presentation and content. If you have never been to Africa, are thinking of going, or are considering a return trip, this book is a must read.

A Children Book:

Ethan in the Kingdom of the Toothbrushes (Bedtime Stories For Children) (early leaning books) (Twins Stories Book 2) – Yael Manor – Its’ Free.

The Conversation – Kimberly A. LaGrone-DeMarco – 99 Cents - - - The story is about a gossipy woman finding out that being a “good Christian” is indeed a 24 hour job.

Product Details
The Reading Lessons – Carole Lanham - $2.99 - - - Mississippi 1920: Hadley Crump finds himself drawn into a secret world when he is invited to join wealthy Lucinda Browning’s banned book club. No one suspects that the son of the African American cook is anything more to Lucinda than a charitable obligation, but behind closed doors, O! She doth teach the torches to burn bright. What begins as a breathless investigation into the more juicy parts of literature quickly becomes a consuming habit for two people who would not otherwise be together. As lynchings erupt across the South and the serving staff is cut to make way for mechanical conveniences, events are set into action that will leave their mark for three generations. 

 The Reading Lessons