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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black Kindle is still around


This is sad, pretty damn sad.  My last posting was June 17.  I'm surprise Amazon has not kicked me to the curb.  It seems I still have a few people out there who want me to continue with the blog because they are paying me monthly or in the last three months, posted the hell out of the Facebook page.  Oh, well, don't get your sheets all up in the air, it's not big money, just enough to pay for gas in my car for a week.

I did not expect to earn big money like so many other bloggers, I just wanted my "love of all things books" out into the world, instead of my little world of work, family, library, home and few friends that I keep close.  

I still don't have a TV, so I missed a few things.  As soon as I log into Facebook, it's all over there everywhere - the ALS water challenge, Ferguson, the idiot, stupid and crazy football nut job who hit his girlfriend in the elevator, cops shooting young black men, cops getting shot.  Two were shot recently yesterday, but I don't get the news on TV, so my source is very sketchy.  I would not exactly quote or verified everything I see on Facebook.  Some people are just bored and write crap (at least spelled right), and vent over something they still don't have all of the facts about.  Oh, well, back to my life.

I like it that I don't have TV.  At least here I don't.  When I do go out of town, visit friends of stay in some hotel I usually catch up with my shows: HGTV Property Brothers; Downton Abbey, and Midsomer Murders.  As you can see, I like lots of BBC stuff.  Hey, I know the Queen (well, at least from the Internet.)

Since my last posting (shame, just a ding dong shame), I told you about the opening a bookstore class I took and how much fun and learning I had.  I still have great memories of that week.  It is still one of the best vacations in my life.  

Also since them, I have driven back and forth to Greenville, Seneca, Anderson, Columbia, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Along the way I met some amazing authors and a bookstore owner.  It is ever so close to that dream of mine.  What I did not realize is how much effort, praying, crying, begging, driving, working two jobs, reading and reading more about small businesses and being mentored by some great business people. It ain't easy, but it is so much fun.  As the saying goes, I'm Loving it!!!

Here are a few pictures and I will not go so long again without an update.  Sad, just sad that I have stayed away so long.  It will be worth it.  I'm just trying to fit five thousand things into 24 hours.  You know, it's hell being beautiful, intelligent and running a business at the same time, but you know me, I got SKILLS!!!

Here are the listing of books from the authors I have visited so far, in Carl's version, stalked:

Carl Weber - Choir Director 2 - The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride

Suzanne Palmieri - The Witch of Belladonna Bay: A Novel - The Witch of Belladonna Bay: A Novel

Dwayne Alexander Smith - Forty Acres: A Thriller (I missed his signing, but got his book) - 

Joshilyn Jackson - Someone Else's Love Story: A Novel (P.S.) - It's obvious that I got the early edition because it surely don't look like the cover I got -  Someone Else's Love Story: A Novel (P.S.)

Lydia Netzer - How To Tell Toledo from the Night Sky: A Novel - How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky: A Novel

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