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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Black Kindle - The Asylum folks are back, but first BOOKS.

Well, well, well.  You know I had to keep up with my "Asylum" folks.  Has anything major changed? Oh, yes, a few drama episodes, but that's to be expected.  I may no longer work there, but a few keep me in the loop.  I will update you later, right now I need to get back into the groove to sell and post my reviews of books.

All of my reviews are posted on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads and any other places I can find.

I must be in a "I'm going to fulfill my dream" phase.  The next three books are really about leaving the negative behind, following your dreams, mentoring someone else, and keeping the faith:

MICHAEL BAISDEN - RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU HAVE ISSUES - $9.99 - - - As a fan of his radio/TV show, I did enjoy how he took the mallet and hammered serious issues that not only affected African Americans, but everyone.  I did at times, though, get tired of his show on some sexual issues and nasty comedy stands.  They were OK, but annoying at times.  Then again, I'm not really a radio person.  I listen to my music or pod casts on my iPod and read lots of books.

Baisden's book is a first class, first rate book for all people, especially black folks.  Why we have not learned yet to stop having babies that we cannot take care of, still baffles me.   Baisden also has an issue with men who cheat on their women and the dumb women who take it.  We all have issues, but in 2014, damn, we need to learn and get with the program or something.

How many more "Toxic" people are we going to cling to?  If you have a dream to start a business, you need a mentor and good friend, not a dream killer. Why cheat on each other?  Do you really think you are not going to get caught?  Of course you are, you are stupid. What's wrong with being single?  Isn't it better than being with a nut case.  

Get the book.  Get it now.  This is how we should live, without crazy and unfocused issues and facing the truth. You can be some body. You can raise great children. You can survive an economic downturn.  You will get married to the right person. Stop blaming others and look in the mirror.  You are beautiful and You are smart, especially if you buy this book. Last chapter of the book - Finding Your Purpose.  Find it.
Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues

Let's move on to money.  A HUGE topic:

GWEN RICHARDSON - WHY AFRICAN AMERICANS CAN'T GET AHEAD: AND HOW WE CAN SOLVE IT WITH GROUP ECONOMICS - $2.99 - - Now, once you find out you have issues and how to solve them, then move on to this book.  

As you are aware, we have lost Borders, Waldens and over 200 African American Bookstores in the last 10 years. OK, I got it, you are not a big reader, but if you can shop in Walmart for the basics and also shop at J. Crew or Neiman Marcus for that $200.00 dress.  Pay $500.00 for a weave like Beyonce's and $2,000 for car rims to a car you brought from the high interest rate dealer with a 10 year car note, I think you can take $20 to $50 a month and buy black. 

As Richardson's book states chapter to chapter, we spend more money on things that we don't need and don't last from people who don't care and yet, we don't support our local African American businesses. 

Also, some African American Entrepreneurs should support us by providing excellent customer service.  I went into a small black book store in New York and asked the clerk at the counter, who was painting her nails ever color in the rainbow, about a particular book.  After she stopped for a moment to blow her nails, she did not know the author, but in a minute could look it up for me.  Excuse me?  I left.  Lousy service from a badly weaved, gum smacking women.  You see what I mean.  Where's the excellent customer service.  I'll stop venting now.

The book is 144 pages long, very easy to read and understand without the "economic" jargon that can lose you. She provides a concise history of slavery, civil rights, education or the lack of it.  Political repercussions, land once owned by blacks were stolen, and the Black Church.  All of that and more has an impact, but we can turn the tables and bring back black.  Put first thing first - Education, Development of character, a trade or a business of your own and home ownership.  Most important, as Michael Baisden also stated in his book, stop expecting some one else to do for you.  Do it yourself. When you get to the chapter called, "Wisdom from Nannie Helen Burroughs," you will understand. Great, great and superlative book.  

Why African Americans Can't Get Ahead: And How We Can Solve It With Group Economics

JON ACUFF - START: PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE, ESCAPE AVERAGE AND DO WORK THAT MATTERS - $9.99 - - - Now that we have faced our issues, begun buying black, even a little bit, let's now face the fear that we cannot pull ourselves up and over that mountain and get paid doing it.

As a Dave Ramsey fan, I found his book listening to one of Ramsey's pod casts.  The premise is to just start.  Write down all that you want to do. Do you want to start a business? Have a better relationship with your friends, family and children.  Do you want a better job.  Find what works for you and not some one else.  Find something in your community - coaching little league, dance or piano classes. Become a mentor - Michael Baisden - Mentoring Brothers or General Colin L. Powell Mentoring program.  Get off your issues, solve your issues, buy black and get positive and stay positive.  You just got to start.  I know, I know, this may seem like another "get groovy dude" book, it is.  What do you have to lose - Nothing.

Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters