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Monday, December 30, 2013

Black Kindle - Another cute book, well, maybe to me only.

I will continue my story, but I forgot a book or two to discuss. 

I must be in a Christian/Christmas/Happy mood because I have been reading all kinds of books that I am picking up from the library.  Don't worry, I also brought a few. Got to keep the independent bookstores open. 

I like Amish stories.  They are warm and not too much hell on wheels with drama and more drama.  Sometimes you just want to sit back and read a soft and heartwarming book (no, I could not think of another word for "heartwarming", so give me a break, will ya!)

There are times I just want to read a simple story and not try to figure out who murdered whom.  Also about drama on boats, houses, church, etc, etc.  I just want to clear my head of anything and be reserve.  While reading this, I found out I was reading book three.  Did not know there were others.  I may try book one and two.  

I can just hear you all now, "what the ding dong are you doing reading Amish stuff.  Get back to the African American books will ya?"  I will, I will.  So bear with me and take a chill pill.

PATRICIA DAVIDS - AN AMISH CHRISTMAS (BRIDES OF AMISH COUNTRY) - $3.74 - - - Karen Imhoff sees a man along the road almost beaten to death while driving her sister and brother to school.  She gets help and while waiting, she is holding his hand, praying and trying to get him to talk to find out what happen.  While she is holding his hand, something in her was moved - her heart.  Of course it was. 

Mr. John Doe, as he is named since his memory is gone, gets help but needs a place to stay.  He cannot stay with Karen and her family.  He is not one of Amish stock, he is a Englisher.  

He does receive some help from the community and eventually stays in one of the houses on Karen's land.  Her father not too happy about it but gives in.  As Christmas draws near, Karen and Mr. John Doe bond.  You know they do.  He gets a job and becomes part of the Amish community.  He is also beginning to have flashbacks of memories.  He finally gets his memory back while falling in love with Karen.  Will he stay or return back to his home. Read it. You know how it ends - Happy.  Ok, I get it.  Move on to another book.
An Amish Christmas (Brides of Amish Country, Book 3)

MARILYNN GRIFFITH - SONGS OF DELIVERANCE - $3.99 - - - I got this book at Mr. K's Used Book store a few weeks ago. It's my "going to bed" book.  You know.  I have a book at work, in my car for doctor/dentist visits, waiting for friends at the restaurant, kitchen, living room and I'm sure I missed some other places as well.  

I got to page 33 and figured out that this is the second book after, RHYTHMS OF GRACE - $3.99. I told you I've been lost and now I know one of the reasons.  Can't keep up with my books.  So far what I have read I see I will need book one to understand the characters better.  

Here's a review by "Inspire Me" on Amazon.  "I did not realize this was a sequel. Read Rhythms of Grace first!!! That being said I was still drawn in and will go back and read the first book to fill in some of the back story of these great characters!

This is some excellent Christian Fiction!! Some said it wasn't Christian enough. I say it is REAL Christian!!! Life isn't always filled with "Hallelujah." This book shows us the struggles of believers as they try to walk with God. The message of God's redemption and forgiveness from HIM and for others without a lengthy sermon or lecture is clearly communicated. It began with a bang and kept rolling. There are lots of characters who are all intermingled which keeps it interesting but easy to follow. I could not put it down. The characters are well written and believable. I laughed, cried, was worried and excited. This is my first time reading this author's work, but most definitely not my last. Great Work!!!"  

Not bad, not bad at all.

Songs of Deliverance