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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Black Kindle - The Asylum dropped me!!


They're at it again, stupidity running amok in the streets.  A hotel clerk has been accused of using a guest’s credit card to rack up charges on and  Yes sir! there are some quality dating prospects out there in the world of match-making websites.  How dumb and desperate can you get?  I guess you can get very frenetic and brainless when you are horny!  

Well, It’s over.  It’s really over and I have returned from my amazing and fun vacation retreat.  Did not return to my full time job right away, but I did check in with the “Asylum at the Part Time Job.” I remembered I had changed the name to the “Sanctuary”.  That didn’t quite fit any more.  Maybe it never did; I just wanted to be nice.  I just keeping thinking how those people have gone over the edge and they are not returning to reality any time soon or at all.  All in a straight jacket.

Before I left for my vacation, I submitted a letter to the new manager letting him know when I will be returning.  A few days prior to that, the manager of less than three months was fired.  Poor fellow.  He didn’t have a chance.  I kinda of enjoyed working with him.  He gave it his best shot and tried to make some changes, but not much success.  I think the owners were hoping this manager would finally stop the loud music playing, rudeness to customers, stealing and the constant disappearing or not showing up for work.

When I walked into the office, I saw a note with my name on it saying that I was no longer needed.  The letter I had left with the two shift managers was obviously not read by the new manager.  Both shift managers informed me that they told him that they had read the letter and saw me leave it in his inbox. He claimed he did not see it.  So, he let me go.  

The shift managers were upset with the treatment I received, especially since I was one of the best employees there.  That, I must say is true.  Why didn't anyone call me and tell me I was being let go? Because they don't care.  This is just another fast food place where people come and go, are paid minimum wage, uneducated and rude.  Not all of them, but every month the company received reports from customers of the lousy service they received.  None about me, of course. This new manager had also hired 10 more people and cut down everyone’s hours to less than 30 a week.  I wonder why?  Do you hear “OBAMACARE!! in the wind?  

Oh, well, I said, crap happens and I need to move on.  I’m free!!! I picked up my last check, signed my release from jail papers and walked out of the “Asylum” with my head held high and without a straight jacket.  Hallelujah!!!!! There is a God!

Am I disappointed?  No.  I have been blessed.  I took this part time job because of the Dave Ramsey Plan.  That plan enabled me to let that crazy job go.  I’m not saying that I’m debt free.  No way, but the light at the end of that the tunnel is on full blast.  If I continue to keep the same steady and gazelle pace, I’m going to make it before I know it.  I will find another part job.  One at a bookstore or at Amazon.  It won’t be hard and I will continue to stay happy and positive.  

In a way, this was the best thing in the world.  I now have time to want to walk my dog more, read more books, cook better food, volunteer more, watch all of those DVDs that I brought for $5.00.  Have more time to relax at home.  Take up a class on opening up my own business.  Write a book.  Get better at writing my blog.  I think Im just going to enjoy the quiet time and put everything in God’s hand. 

Later, I will bring you up to date on the asylum staff.  Many of them flew over the cuckoo's nest for a long, long time.  For now, let's get to some books:

ERNESSA CARTER - THE AWESOME GIRL'S GUIDE TO DATING EXTRAORDINARY MEN - $4.99 - - - Stop, don't get the wrong idea that this is one of those dating book for black women.  It's one of the best books on how to accept your self, laugh at some of the crazy men out there and how to move your but and have fun, without always, always having a man around.  You will also laugh your but off about the lives and loves of:

Thursday (yes, that's her name) - Most people have one night stands, she has one month stands.  When they get too close or on her nerves, she dumps them.  Then she starts to have this recurring dream about a man with no face and her heart begins to tell her it's time to settle down.

Risa - She wants to be Rock Star, but will not let go of losing and getting back "The One."

Sharita - She is so much like my girlfriends who when they get a man, they disappear.  She has a great career, avoids social gatherings and will dump her best friends in a minute when a man comes crawling.  She returns as usual when the jackass dumps her, crying all the way home.

Tammy - A later bloomer to the group.  A rich girl with a flickle heart.

The first chapter will have you laughing and saying things like, "I got friends just like that or I do remember my girl friends when they were around 30 years old.  Reading this book got me thinking about Waiting to Exhale (Terry McMillan - Waiting to Exhale - $7.99) or Valley of the Dolls (Jacqueline Susann - Valley of the Dolls - $9.39) or The Man in 3B (Carl Weber - The Man in 3B) and so many books on weird relationships, finding and keeping love in girlfriend style.

I laughed at the beginning, but then I got bored.  I read that plot before.  It was reading just like any other book I have read before, but then, I got hit and hit hard.  Was at work reading it and did not move until it was done.  Yeah, I missed a few meetings and such at work, but who the hell cares.  I had to find out what the hell was going to happen next.  Bump the job, I need to finish this book.

You better go out and buy this book.  Buy it for your girlfriends and have a serious party on how so many antics in this book were done or being done by your friends.  It will make you go, "Damn, am I like that or was I like that?  Yes we were and Yes you are.

The Awesome Girl's Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men

MARKUS ZUSAK - THE BOOK THIEF - $3.99 - - - Here's another book you better go out and get now.  If you read, Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows - THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY - $8.99 - then you know you must, must read this. How do you read a book where the narrator is Death.  Slowly and steadily. The story that Death is telling revolves around a young girl, Liesel Meminger, living through World War II Germany during the Nazi's reign and how she endures though finding complete and utter pleasure in stealing and reading books, with the love and support of so many.  

I cried, laughed, learned Germany language, screamed with anger and then fell in love with the perseverance of the young girl.  Liesel was taken from her mother, her brother was the first one Death tells of taking, to live in a middle class community with foster parents.  A neurotic and screaming expletives, mostly in German foster mother; a loving foster father who teaches her how to read; Max, a jew who hides in the basement of her family's home; her best friend Rudy, a germany boy, who sees himself as Jessie Owen (The African American who won four gold medals at the 1036 Olympics. He was also repulse by that evil Hitler); and many others, but especially the reclusive Mayor's wife, who in a strange way provides the book thief the books. 

Through all of that evilness surrounding them, Death is describing his "takes" through the colors of the rainbows. The sky is gray and cold with soft streaks of slim lights, when he picks up a pilot after his plane crashes. He also has a devilish sense of humor.

I have never read a story by narrated by Death.  Creepy.  I also know this book will haunt me for the rest of my life. I read many books on the Holocaust, Jews, slavery and World War II, but never from this end of the spectrum - Death.  Please get this book. Share it with friends and young adults.  It's a slow and hard read a few pages in, but you won't put it down until the end. You got to find out if Death wins.

The Book Thief