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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black Kindle - "The Santuary" rises again and again!

Today I cannot complain and you know after a while, you get tired of complaining.  I just want to stay positive and happy.  I got so many things to be happy and positive for:
A job, two as a matter of fact.  My Dave Ramsey plan and that is freaking hard because I see so much I want to buy:  books and more books, clothes, furniture, trips, but I got to hang in there a bit longer.  The light at the end of the tunnel is there and it’s growing, but man, it’s hard as hell. I also got a great kid, a crazy ass mother, great ex and great friends.  

 I keep my faith in GOD and I think that is what keeps me happy and positive.  There are some days I’m just tired of working all my weekends at “The Sanctuary” (the part time job) and I see the craziness in leaps and bounds.  They don’t realize how blessed they are to be young with so much energy.  That expression is true I guess, “Youth is wasted on the young.”  They aren’t even close to living a decent and fulfilling life, much less a retirement, but I’ve grown to love them.  They listen to me sometimes and other times, the crap even amazes me.
Remember I told you Kat was fired and now she is calling the new manager gossiping about the employees.  Which he has repeated to others and you know by the time the story gets to me, it has changed players, time, space and whatever else they have added.   I’m not surprised.  He is a young man around the same age as the other employees, 20 to 40, so I expected him to be a better manager.  Not!!! The word was that under this new manager, he was going to change work ethics, schedules, people calling out, etc.  Nope, not a damn thing has change that I can see.  
I will give you an example of the stupidity I see and hear.  One of the girls needed a ride home.  (Some have a beat up old car brought from the “mafia” dealers, who I hate with a passion.  Pay $300 to $400 a month for years.  Some of the employees have no car and don’t see one in their future.  Some still get rides from mama).  While driving Te home, she received a phone call from one of the workers (Mia).  Mia told her she was at a party and going to call out the next day.  I could hear people in the background, but mostly ignored the phone call.  Two minutes later, Mia called back to Te and said she changed her mind.  Then she call again another two minutes later and stated she would call the manager in a minute and really call out.  By the time the rest of the conversation was done, I had dropped Te off at home in a very poor neighborhood filled with trailer homes and a one level building with four small apartments, the first which she lived in.  
That apartment building jolted my memory.  It was more run down than the one I grew up in and I stopped for a few seconds and remembered that one bed room apartment on the first floor of a three story building with that old fashioned air conditioner sticking out and being held in by the window bearing down on it to keep it from falling. 
I went on Google Map when I got home to see it and more memories came back.  I miss my grandmother.  I miss her every single day.  I’ll get back to my memory later.  Can't do it now because I'm crying again.  I always do when I think about my grandmother.  She was my life, now let’s get to some books.  How a few free books!!
These are romance, drama and much more, so I hope I’m able to give you a good selection:
FARRAH ROCHON - DELIVERY ME (THE HOLMES BROTHERS) - Free - After being dumped by her boyfriend and passed over for yet another promotion, Monica Gardner moves to New Orleans, determined to make a name for herself as the new attending ER physician at Methodist Memorial Hospital. As for men--she's through with them. (They always say that!) But when given the chance to chair the hospital's annual charity banquet, Monica must elicit the help of gorgeous Ob-gyn Elijah Holmes.  Eli will do anything to thwart his matchmaking Mama's plan to reunite him with his high school girlfriend. So, when the sexy new ER doc asks for his help in planning this year's charity banquet, Eli devises the perfect scheme: He'll help put on the best banquet the hospital has ever seen, if Monica poses as his new girlfriend. But when Eli finds himself falling in love, he realizes convincing Monica of his true feelings may be his greatest delivery yet.  Sounds like a Brenda Jackson book to me?
JAMES W. LEWIS - BLACK PEOPLE CAN'T BE REPUBLICAN and OTHER HOT BUTTONS TOPICS In The AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY - Free - "Now this should be interesting, thank goodness it's free.  I would be a bit put off if I paid for it and it's not worth it."
In the eyes of many, an African American commits the ultimate act of betrayal if he or she dares to express conservative beliefs. Ironically, those before us fought for African Americans to simply vote, not be handcuffed to one particular party.  Still, because approximately ninety percent (90%) of African Americans are registered Democrats, it’s almost as if we have a “negrofied” bible that says, “If you’re black, you’re Democrat”—and that’s it. Period. That closed frame of mind leaves little desire to even acknowledge another viewpoint, let alone try to understand it.  Black People Can’t Be Republican is a collection of short stories based in Any town, USA that explores viewpoints from various angles in a debate format—not only about political party affiliations, but other hot-button topics common in the community, such as the N-word, homosexuality, “thick” versus “fat”, and sagging pants.
K. L. BRADY - WORSE IMPRESSIONS: A TEEN ROMANTIC COMEDY (THE JANE SERIES) - Free - Ever been a stand out who doesn’t fit in?  Ever dream of finding the prince charming who can see beyond your clothes, hair, and shoes, to fall in love with the real you?  Meet Basketball phenom Liz Bennett, a clever tomboy who believes her first impressions are never wrong. She dresses down and lives her life under the radar in the high school social scene to keep her name out of the gossip mill. With two trouble magnet kid sisters and a mother obsessed with protecting her virginity, she's already dealing with more drama than an Emmy-winning daytime soap opera. She’s also unlucky in love…at least until two popular new guys enter her life and the sparks begin to fly.  
Trent Whitman, Liz's hot new admirer, pursues and woos her with his silver tongue and hazel eyes. He turns on the charm, and Liz believes she’s finally met “the one.” Darcell Williams, on the other hand, is a star football player, who sticks his cleats in his mouth from day one. When Liz sizes them up, she decides Trent is a dream and Darcell is a devil reincarnate.  During the Back-to-School dance, Darcell spews an oh-no-he-didn't insult that—in her mind—confirms she’s right about him from the first moment they meet and their feud is on and popping! But when a Bennett family crisis reveals Darcell's and Trent's true colors, will Liz's pride prevent her from accepting each for who he really is? 
R. MERIAL MARTIN - WELFORD STREET MIRACLES - $3.99 - Tragedies of a Black salesman in a White corporate world who is brainwashed by the company president who promises to make him a millionaire. He rises to the top in sales and then is manipulated into losing all. He endures his fight with cancer that is a secret held from everyone, including his family. He strives to right the wrongs of the company president for all others before he falls victim to the illness. But is there a miracle to help him accomplish these things?

Welford Street Miracles

PAT SIMMONS - CAMERON JAMIESON (THE GUILTY SERIES PRESENTS A BACK STORY) - 99 cents - Cameron Daniel Jamieson is a wanted man by every woman who lays eyes on the handsome hunk. His chiseled jaw, sculptured muscles and confident swagger are just a few of his attributes. By day, he’s the brainy engineering professor at MIT; all times in between, Cameron is the family’s keen genealogist who can track down any distant relative on the Jamieson family tree.  Among his brothers, Parke VI, Malcolm and his cousins, Kidd and Ace, Cameron is the last bachelor standing. And he plans to keep it that way until his perfect mate crosses his path. 

Cameron Jamieson (The Guilty series presents A Back Story)

Got to get one in for Black History Year

GLORIA NAYLOR - BAILEY'S CAFE - $11.47 Paperback - It has been years since I read this story and I cannot go back to it until I'm able to get into that sad and somber mood.  Don't get me wrong, the character development is awesome and you will laugh as well as cry.  Think Women of Brewster Place in another settling.  Just a damn good book.  You will either like it or don't.  Either way, try the first few chapters and tell me what you think.

Set in a diner where the food isn't very good and the ambiance veers between heaven and hell, this bestselling novel from the author of Mama Day and The Women of Brewster Place is a feast for the senses and the spirit. "A virtuoso orchestration of survival, suffering, courage and humor."

Bailey's Cafe