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Friday, April 26, 2013

Black Kindle - Needs Feedback!!!


I need a huge favor from all of my paid/unpaid/face book/twitter/tumble subscribers of my blog.  Please, please, please go to Amazon, Google or email me and submit a review of my blog. 

I don’t care if the review is bad or good.  I want to know if I should continue rambling on about books and other crap that you may or may not be interested in.

I want to know what you really think of my blog and writing.  Is the writing getting better or worse?  Do I make too many mistakes?  Am I fooling myself and should just toss this blog thing and find something else to do. 

What am I missing?  Kids or Youth books?  More romance?  More Urban/Street Lit?  Less books by white authors?  Now let me defend myself on that score.  I find many books written by white authors which include African American characters.  Also books by white authors that a just as good as African American authors.  I also like books written by Hispanic and other minorities.  I’m just an “all around book loving woman” who will read anything and everything, but maybe you are not interested.  You are only interested in cheaply priced African American e-books, which I hope I have fulfilled.   

Maybe I talk/write too much (I’ve have been told that I do talk too much, especially about books.) 

The buttom line - - - I do care what you think.  You are reading my blog.  Buying or borrowing books from the library based upon my crazy ass opinion. 

Hey, is it time to chuck it in or continue and try my best to make you laugh and buy a book for yourself or friends. 

Help a sister out and let me know if this ride should close down?   

You can go to google and type in “Black Kindle Blog” and write a comment or go to Amazon, and type Black Kindle – African American Books On The Kindle Blog.  Or you can e-mail me directly at

Maybe even my title is too long and maybe I do talk too much!!

I’ll get to books tomorrow, I promised.  Right now, I want to know what the hell I'm doing right or wrong so I can get it right. 

Thank You A Gazillion Times!!!  (I hope I did not screw this one up!!)