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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black Kindle is Back and still in the Lunatic Asylum


Poor Oprah!! Poor Billionaire Oprah!!! Her OWN network is sinking.  Her interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter and the woman in South Carolina who drowned her two boys by dumping her car, with them in it, in a lake and killing them.  Does Oprah think that is going to help her get more people to sign up for expensive cable to watch OWN?  If she is going to go that far and interview a deranged woman, (I really feel sorry for that woman.  Stories are coming out that the father of the two kids didn’t care or paid any child support; not surprising, and the mother mentally abused her.  You would snap over and over again, too!)  Why don’t Oprah interview Zimmerman and the parents of Trayvon Martin? Why don't she interview me!!  I got some faith driven, loving and hard core stories to tell her!! Why don’t she face the fact and come back to daytime television?  I told that woman to not leave TV, do the OWN cable station on the side.  You got enough money to pay somebody to take care of it until it starts making money.  But no, she did not read my e-mails, letters or accept my phone calls.  I told that woman to listen to me!!  Damn, now it’s plummeting.  Not like BET, oh, no way.  We can’t have booty hootchie girls shaking their buts and rumbling them against young men!!   What are we thinking trying to sink that!!!  (Sarcasm!!!!)  
Oh, I’m just tired.  I know you have wondered where the hell have I’ve been.  I’ll tell you where I’ve been.  From my last posting on March 11, I have worked from 5:30 am until 6 or 9:30 pm and still going.  I was able to take Saturday off from the part time job because I paid $40.00 to attend a dance/fundraiser/Motown function.  It was nice watching people from 18 to 80 years old wearing items they brought or wore in the 60s and 70s.  Watching Soul Train on the monitor.  An older gentlemen wore a plaid pants suit of checkered orange and black, which I know he wore in the 70s and it still fits him.  I won a dance contest.  Nothing much, but fun.  I won a CD, which I proceeded to give away since I don’t have a CD player only a iPod.  Wow, how times have changed.  Then there was the “exposed woman”.  Ms. Exposed wore a long yellow gown with white fringes around the sleeves, with a long, and I mean long, slit up the side.  It was damn high.  You did not have to look hard or salaciously to tell she had no slip or panties on and it was very, very sheer.  “I see London, I see France, I don’t see no underpants!!!”  Hey, what ever bumps you the right way and get the attention you want, who am I to I complain.  
On to the “loony bin” in my world.   As each weekend I worked, I got better at juggling both jobs.  Not as tired and was able to continue getting a good night sleep, eat right and walk the dog, on top of working a full time job.  I have worked part time jobs before, but this was different.  I've worked part time at book stores to buy books for my daughter and I and I taught at a local small tech school.  After a  few weeks into this job, they asked me if I could work Wednesday thru Sunday.  The second manager, Leslie, became ill and would be out for a week.  Man, that week wore me out.”  Julie, the third manager, who I met when I met Jake, helped and started showing me the short cuts in order to get us out 15 minutes after the store closed instead of the usual ½ hour or more when I worked only with Jake.  You see, Jake constantly second guessed himself which caused us to stay longer because he always forgot something.  When I closed with Julie, she didn’t care as much and just wanted to get out fast to go and party. 
I could not blame her.  She was young, about 24 years old, very soft spoken with a sweet personality.  She was also white with a black boyfriend.  Have you noticed so far that some of these women I work with are white with black boyfriend/husband/live-in or whatever?  As I told you, or maybe I haven’t,  the senior manager, Kat, was either married/living with a black guy and they have two kids.  She was always complaining about her “hubby” and the kids.  Each month I would hear a different story about them.  First, the young man was going into the Military.  Then the young lady was in high school and doing well.  Next month, the boy hurt himself while playing baseball and did not pass the military physical.  The girl became sick and dropped out of school.  The ailments, I never figured it out because it changed week by week.  
One early Monday morning around 3am, Kat called the second manager, Leslie, and asked her to come and open the store because she had to take her daughter to the hospital.  By the time I returned to work that Friday, Leslie was still pissed because Kat’s daughter was not sick, but had run away from home.  Jessica, one of the other cashiers, told me the real story.  Kat's daughter did not run away, she just didn't want to come in that day.  I’m telling you each week Kat told me a different story about her family.  Leslie, Jake and Julie would then proceed to tell me differently.  I just never knew what to believe and I just believed.  I didn’t have proof only talk, so I did not judge, just listen.  Until, she lied about having Breast cancer.  That did it for me and I never believed anything that ever came out of her mouth.  You don’t lie about cancer.  At any time.  It just too stupid and you never know what’s in store for you, your family or friends.   Ah! my wonderful world of the "loony bin.”  It only gets crazier as time goes by. 

On to books: 
CHERIS HODGES - RECIPE FOR DESIRE - $4.79 - - - At twenty-seven, Marie Charles is still Charlotte's number one party girl. But when she adds a DWI arrest and a totaled Jaguar to her list of tabloid news-making escapades, her daddy is done bailing her out. Sentenced to five hundred hours of community service at My Sister's Keeper, a homeless shelter for women, Marie won't have much time left for partying. 
Renowned chef and TV star Devon Harris volunteers at My Sister's Keeper. And he's not happy Marie is joining him. He may be single--and she may be gorgeous--but the last thing he's interested in is a superficial southern belle. But as Marie outgrows the selfish girl she was, Devon is turned on by the woman she's becoming.  
VERONICA E.KELLY - DON’T TELL YOUR COUSIN - $2.99 - - - A tale of a twisted and steamy love triangle involving two cousins and a married man, a grisly love affair full of deceit, mayhem, and shameful women. As the mountain of lies come tumbling down and the drama unfolds, Amanda is forced to hold a mirror to herself and come to terms with a reflection she struggles to accept. 

BEVERLY JENKINS - A WISH AND A PRAYER - $9.99 - - - I am a big an of Ms.Jenkins.  She will at the John Dart Library in Charleston, SC in May discuss her books.  If you are in the Charleston area, come celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the first free public library for African-Americans.  They will be having book signing, children shows and many other activities throughout the year.  

Anyone worried that living in a small town could be boring certainly hasn't lived in Henry Adams, Kansas. From the wealthy divorcee who saved this historic town founded by freed slaves to the romantic entanglements that have set tongues wagging and hearts fluttering (and everything in between), there's plenty to keep the lovably eccentric townsfolk busy.
Preston Miles is happy living with his foster parents, but an e-mail from his maternal grandmother is about to change all that.  Riley Curry, the former town mayor, is convinced his pet hog, Cletus, acted in self-defense when he sat on, and killed, a man. Now Riley just has to prove it in a court of law, and as for Rocky, she has already had a lifetime of hurt. Will she risk opening her heart—and her life—to Jack?

Warm, funny, poignant, and unforgettable, Beverly Jenkins's latest excursion to Henry Adams is a true delight—a welcome return to a place that always feels like home.

RASHEED CARTER - SUCKA FOR LOVE - $2.99 - - - Sucka for love is a riveting experience of romance, drama, love gone wrong, friends, loyalty, and one man’s search for meaning. Follow Tommy as his life unfolds right before your eyes. Feel his confusion as he wrestles with loving the woman of his dreams and the struggles that come with it. Tommy is quick witted, on top of his game, and associated with two of the most hardened villains in the streets. Hope is beautiful, savvy, and in love with fun, having a good time, and driving Tommy crazy. Find out why one of the most influential players in the streets is no match for Hope as she makes him a sucka for love every time. 
Got to get one in for Black History Year
Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on one of the twentieth century's most jarring literary events.