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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Kindle is on a roll!!

I am aware that I have not mentioned Whitney Houston in my blog so here I go. I’m hearing about  her life, death, and unfortunately a picture of her in the casket (which I refuse to even think or search for anywhere).  What kind of damn fool would do that?  God, I hope it’s not true (Crazy, just freaking crazy!!).  Everyone and their grandmothers are blogging, writing, picture taking, etc.  It’s time to let that woman rest in peace and let her family grieve in peace.  End of story from me.
I have not been able to catch up with my reading.  I’ve even been away from the volunteer work at the library.  I haven’t stalked anyone about books. I’m not hounding, dragging, kicking and screaming, and pushing books like drug dealers on the corner, and it’s unusual for me.  I am messing up my reputation.  I mean my God, what will people think?  I got to get back on track.
As promised from so many e-mailers, I am returning to the “Drama at Part Time Job in Asylum” story.  It may help if you know the characters and, no I am not using their real names.  It won’t help any old way.  You know these people.  You have seen, heard, worked or even lived with them.  The story is always the same and the outcome may be different by person, but really, come on.  When do they get it?  That’s what I’m wondering, when do they get it?  Never, and I really don’t think they want too.  It’s hard to live in the United States and it’s even harder now without decent jobs.  I understand what they are going thru.  I’ve been there and then I listened because I did not want to drown in that life.  They, to me, are trying, but there are days and stories where I just literally, go, “What the hell are you thinking?”
Let’s get to the characters. Kat is a lovely and somewhat heavy set white woman who is either married, divorced or living with black husband and their two children.  Since I met her a year ago, she has always been very kind and nice to me and knows I have a full time job and cannot always be there.  There are many times where she forgets it.  I have heard stories about domestic abuse from the others at the job concerning her husband, but I have no proof, but I will not judge either way.  I have seen him a few times and I do not particularly like him, he looks sneaky, but I have never seem him be disrespectful to her and their kids and he has always been polite to all us.  I just get a creepy feeling when I see him.  Maybe its stories I’m hearing or maybe he’s really creepy.  I’m still thinking on that.  She is not what I would consider a great leader or boss because she has allowed some of the employees to take complete advantage of her and her lack of gumption.  If you came into this place you would want it clean and not see someone sitting there, with their butt on the sugar container or chatting away on the phone.  I know I have no say so, but I do mention it to her many times and obviously, she knows it but won’t do anything about it.  She is the one who texted and texted me over and over again about the Christmas party, but she was admited to hospital and I never really found out why.  She has a tendency to lie about everything.  She even lied about having breast cancer.  Now, that is really sick and stupid.   Will continue over the next few blogs about my peeps at the part time job.  It get's better or maybe you would think worse.  On to books. 

RM JOHNSON - DECEIT AN DEVOTION - $11.99 - - - I have been a fan of RM since his first book, THE HARRIS MEN - The Harris Men, which is out of print at the moment, but while you are shopping around at used book stores or go to your local library and get a copy.  It is not necessary to start from the beginning, this story will catch you up.  And be sure to check out his other books. 
When Nate Kenny convinces Daphanie Coleman to sign over custody of her newborn baby to the father, his ex-wife, Monica, vows to help the young woman. But Monica is still recovering from a gunshot to the head that put her in a coma. Daphanie hires Austin Harris to help win her baby back, but divorced and lonely, Austin falls for Monica and tries to pull her into a relationship, one she is reluctant to start.  Meanwhile, Caleb Harris, Austin’s brother, must pay back a loan shark to save his family from home eviction. But debt isn’t his only problem, his son has fallen deeper and deeper into crime. And as Daphanie struggles to win back her child, she must decide whether or not she will live by the rules of a man she despises in order to stay in her child’s life.

Mz. ROBINSON - WHAT WE WON’T DO FOR LOVE  (LOVE, LIES & LUST SERIES) - $2.99 - - - This is a series of books and I have not read it yet, but I am always willing to give any African American author a try.  Hey, I also like romance with a little bit of drama in it.  It keeps the story going.

Octavia Ellis is a sexy and independent woman who plays it safe when it comes down to relationships. She lives by one rule: keep it strictly sexual. Octavia is living her life just the way she wants. No man. No issues. No drama. When she meets the handsome Damon Whitmore, everything changes. Octavia soon finds that Damon has become a part of her world and her heart. However, when temptation comes in the form of a sexy- hardcore thug named, Beau, Octavia finds herself caught in a deadly love triangle. She soon learns in life and love, there are no rules and she’s surprised at what she herself, will not do for love.
Mz. ROBINSON - MARRIED TO HIS LIES (LOVE, LIES & LUST SERIES) - $2.99 - - - Shontay Holloway is as faithful as they come when it comes to her husband, Kenny. For eight years she's been his support system physically and financially. She's managed to overlook the fact that he's a woman chaser and even turned the other cheek when he got another woman pregnant. Shontay would rather work it out with Kenny than start fresh with someone new. She's not satisfied but she is content. Is there really a difference? Shontay doesn't think so, but that soon changes when she meets Savoy Breedwell.
Savoy is charming, successful, and has sex appeal oozing from every inch of his body. Shontay is intrigued and captivated by Savoy. Shontay finds herself torn between her vows and the man she's falling for. When tragedy strikes, Shontay learns that the love she thought her husband had for her is nothing more than a cover up for his true intentions. She becomes a woman on a mission. When she's finished, "Till death do us part" may have a whole new meaning.
Mz. ROBINSON - THE LIES WE TELL FOR LOVE  (LOVE, LIES & LUST SERIES) - $2.99 - - - Damon Whitmore is a true go-getter who will stop at nothing to get what he desires. His wife Octavia was no exception. When Damon first saw Octavia he knew he had to have her. He went through great lengths until his mission was accomplished. Now, two years later, he and Octavia share a wonderful and lavish life together. Damon exceeded all of Octavia’s expectations while managing to keep his secrets of deceit and manipulation hidden but what’s done in the dark eventually comes to light and Damon’s lies are slowly beginning to unravel.
When a face from Damon’s past re-surfaces, Damon finds himself facing a life alerting dilemma that could cause him to lose the very thing he fought so hard to build; his family with Octavia. Damon refuses to lose and he’ll stop at nothing, including murder, to keep his family in tact.
Octavia Ellis-Whitmore never thought she would be a one man woman. Living by a no strings attached policy, she kept her encounters with men strictly sexual. When she met Damon everything in her world changed. Octavia opened her heart and fell hard for Damon. Octavia is now living and loving her life to the fullest. However, history has a way of repeating itself and temptation has a way of finding Octavia. When things at home begin to get rocky, Octavia finds herself struggling between remaining true to the vows she pledged to Damon and exploring her feelings for a new and mysterious stranger, a stranger who has a startling connection to Damon and his past.
As the drama unfolds, lies and secrets will be exposed and lines will be crossed on both ends. How far will Damon and Octavia go to protect each other from the other’s transgressions and how many will fall victim to the lies that have been spun in the name of love?
Got to get one in for Black History Year
I recently partnered with Open Road Media.  Which is a company that connects bloggers, like myself and authors as well as their audiences to get you interested in reading and buying more books (That’s my mantra).  I have a few items to share with you over the next few months.  Some, of course, on Black History Month, and as you are aware, I celebrate Black History all year.  We can never get enough of any history.  When you don’t learn from the past, you will repeat the mistakes again and again and not learn what’s important, really important.  Take a look at my first outting and let me know what you think.  Hey, remember to tell your friends about my blog, it’s great for One Dollar a month on Amazon.  What a Deal!!

Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Alice Walker, Virginia Hamilton, and others speaking about the importance of storytelling in African American history: